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Croatia Yacht Charter – The Best Way to Experience Croatia at Your Own Pace

Croatia yacht charter

Croatia yacht charter offers stunning coastal beauty, endless island wonders to discover, breathtaking national parks to discover and stunning sailing weather – making it an unparalleled sailing adventure destination.

No matter which yacht or catamaran charter you decide upon, our Croatia Charter Experts will customize an itinerary specifically to your boating preferences, dates, cruising experience and desired culinary adventures.

ACI Marina Dubrovnik

ACI Marina Dubrovnik provides yachts a safe berthing location within six kilometres of Dubrovnik’s iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site. Additionally, this marina provides many facilities designed for comfort and convenience such as showers, toilets, electricity connections and water connections; in addition to several restaurants/bars/swimming pool to unwind after an exciting day on Adriatic waters.

Peppers offers exquisite cuisine and drinks in an unforgettable ambience, complete with an outdoor terrace where guests can take in breathtaking scenery. For something more casual and affordable, consider Monte’s more affordable seafood and local produce dining experience – both venues feature delicious options!

Dubrovnik yacht charters provide an unmissable chance to explore one of Europe’s most picturesque and historically significant cities. As you stroll its majestic walls, take in Rector’s Palace’s breathtaking grandeur as well as limestone-paved streets; climb to the top for mesmerising panoramic vistas that span across its azure-blue seascapes!

Dubrovnik comes alive after dark with vibrant party scenes that draw celebrities and jetsetters from all around the globe. Head to Carpe Diem Beach Club & Lounge Bar – famed for its celebrity clientele and upmarket vibe – for an unforgettable night out on a luxury Croatia yacht charter.

If you’re ready to escape the bustle of city living, a boutique hotel will provide a luxurious escape. Their lavish rooms and exceptional service will satisfy your every desire.

Instead, why not head west from ACI Marina Dubrovnik and spend some time exploring Slano. Slano features an idyllic marina situated within a sheltered bay that’s the ideal place for peaceful sailing time or even taking a refreshing swim in its crystal blue sea water – guaranteed to leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed!

Don’t miss the stunningly beautiful island of Korcula during your time in Croatia – known as ‘Little Dubrovnik,’ it features honey-coloured walls with winding streets and stunning Venetian-style architecture. Korcula is widely believed to be Marco Polo’s birthplace, so touring through his legacy will provide insight into local traditions like Moreska sword dancing. Be sure to reserve transport as traffic on Friday afternoon can be very busy!

Dubrovnik Boutique Hotel

An Croatia yacht charter is an excellent way to discover this gorgeous country at your own pace, offering complete privacy and luxurious living spaces. Additionally, yacht chartering provides the opportunity for island hopping or visiting less popular places; dock at beautiful beaches; snorkel or scuba dive in crystal blue waters; dine on different islands each night!

Croatia is a great place to charter a yacht during summer months when temperatures are warmest and tourist crowds are at their height. But you can rent one even outside this peak season for a more serene sailing experience.

Dubrovnik is an ideal starting point for your Croatia yacht charter journey, boasting ancient walls designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site that provide stunning views of the Adriatic Sea and Elaphite Islands. Additionally, Dubrovnik hosts its annual Summer Festival featuring music and theatre performances; plus you can visit Lopud or Sipan to explore beautiful ruins or stroll through charming streets in Old Town.

Once your yacht has docked in ACI Marina, it’s time to discover Croatia’s breathtaking coastline. Sheltered bays and golden beaches provide ample opportunity for swimming, relaxing and rejuvenation; and its crystal clear water offers fantastic opportunities for kayaking or scuba diving activities.

Spend your day discovering uninhabited islands’ hidden coves and beaches teeming with vibrant coral reefs that provide perfect snorkelling conditions, as well as their array of fauna and flora.

Your Croatia yacht charter allows you to visit Hvar Island’s glamorous resorts or Vis Island’s hidden caverns; or head to Budva village with its gorgeous seaside restaurants and bars – don’t forget about splurging on some chocolate souffle for dessert!

Your Croatia yacht charter offers you an incredible dining experience, featuring fresh seafood and Mediterranean fare made with locally-sourced ingredients prepared by your yacht’s chef. Additionally, enjoy some of Croatia’s finest wines – book a private wine tasting session with their resident sommelier to explore the exquisite tastes and aromas that define each region’s wines – this experience cannot be found at any hotel!


Yacht chartering in Split provides an incredible insight into Croatia’s popular coastal destination. This city exudes timeless beauty while still remaining modern, with ancient history seamlessly merging into modern-day city life to form an harmonious coexistence that few other places can match.

On your Croatia yacht charter, experience its elite culture while receiving unparalleled levels of personalized service. Unwind in glamorous bars and restaurants or visit its famed museums and art galleries before taking a guided tour through historic city or exploring surrounding islands and coves with your yacht charter.

Get indulged with delicious cuisine while admiring sparkling marinas or swimming in crystal clear waters on unspoiled beaches. Explore cobbled streets of old town or spend your evenings sipping cocktails along waterfront promenade – either way a yacht charter in Split will provide an unforgettable experience.

Croatia’s stunning southern coast boasts an exquisite 233 miles of clear blue coastline, punctuated by ancient towns, tranquil islands and national parks that must be seen. Book a Croatia yacht charter to sail around medieval Split, trendy Hvar and breathtaking Korcula!

Croatia is an ideal sailing destination for people of all ages, thanks to its easy line-of-sight navigation and calm seas. Additionally, its close-packed offshore islands make island hopping and onshore sightseeing extremely straightforward from a yacht charter.

Croatia is an epitome of culinary adventure and wine appreciation, boasting vibrant cuisine as beautiful as its coast. Enjoy dining on local specialities while gazing upon glittering marinas or indulge in an exquisite multi-course dinner at one of Croatia’s top restaurants.

Split is the capital of Dalmatia and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering both ancient and contemporary charms. Take a stroll through its timeworn center to discover an array of restaurants, boutiques and grand palaces; or explore one of many museums or art galleries dedicated to uncovering its historical past.

Enjoy an easier yachting experience by sailing your charter around Croatia’s stunning coast and its idyllic coves and bays on your yacht charter from Split. Discover another side of this country as you make memories that will last a lifetime!

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