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Croatia Yacht Charter – The Perfect Mix of Adventure, Serenity, Culture and Gastronomy

Croatia yacht charter

Explore an extraordinary mix of adventure, serenity, culture and cuisine on board a luxury yacht charter Croatia. Sail Europe’s sunniest coast to uncover beautiful natural scenery: bays, islands and coastal towns that will capture your attention along the way.

Experience the pinnacle of crewed yacht charter with a luxury cruise in Croatia. Discover top-tier service, comfortable accommodation and delectable dining aboard a hand-selected yacht.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Croatia is home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites that showcase its longstanding cultural legacy, from medieval architecture and design, Romanesque-Gothic structures, as well as beautiful natural spots protected by this prestigious organization.

Enjoy exploring Trogir’s historic castle and towers, strolling Zadar’s picturesque streets to marvel at its belle epoque mansions, or visiting Krka National Park’s waterfalls for a peaceful adventure. Alternatively, charter a boat and sail south Dalmatian islands such as Brac, Hvar and Vis.

Crewed yacht chartering in Croatia provides the ultimate cruising experience, featuring top-tier service, luxurious accommodations and gourmet dining aboard an amazing vessel. Choose from catamarans, monohulls and motorsailers which can host up to 42 guests across double or triple cabins; each yacht comes equipped with its own set of amenities to meet individual tastes – making Sailo rental yachts the ideal way to discover Croatia and explore its many stunning islands!

A Taste of Vibrant Culture

Croatia offers an unforgettable yacht charter experience, boasting beautiful beaches, clear blue waters and ancient cultural landmarks that span from Dubrovnik’s stunning architecture and breathtaking Adriatic coast views to island hopping along its stunning Adriatic coastline or taking you inland for exploration of Split’s Roman Diocletian Palace.

Skim the coastline for an abundance of Illyrian, Roman, Byzantine, Croatian and Venetian influences that have left their mark on this stunning country. Savor this diverse blend of cultures while dining at lively local restaurants or exploring charming towns or historic sites.

Burgess is pleased to partner with Croatia Yachting as our yacht charter provider in Croatia. Croatia Yachting is an official dealer for Hanse, Dehler, Sealine yachts and Bali catamaran brands – providing their guests with access to an unrivalled selection of luxury yachts. Their team always strives for perfection which has led them to numerous awards over time.

An Unforgettable Sailing Experience

Croatia yacht charter offers stunning coastlines, ancient villages brimming with culture, and delicious cuisine – no surprise it ranks among Europe’s paradises! Learn to sail, regain your confidence at the helm, or just enjoy more time relaxing on deck – an experienced skipper will be with you every step of the way!

An experienced, commercially certified captain can also offer invaluable local knowledge that will ensure a stress-free, enjoyable vacation experience.

Add early boarding as a pre-paid extra to avoid waiting around for your yacht, available only on specific yachts and can be arranged through your Vacation Planner. Please refer to each yacht page’s obligatory extras for more details.

A Unique Vacation

Yacht chartering in Croatia provides an idyllic combination of relaxing comfort and vibrant culture, thanks to its long season and uncrowded beaches. Enjoy Mediterranean bliss during peak months such as July and August or cosy up beside its alluring coast in spring and autumn; every experience awaits you here.

Explore a variety of premium yachting destinations throughout Croatia, from idyllic islands and coves to charming coastal towns. Enjoy delicious Mediterranean classics prepared by local chefs served onboard your crewed yacht.

Choose from an impressive selection of carefully curated crewed yachts tailored specifically to meet your individual needs, ranging from spacious catamarans and gulets to luxury motor yachts – we’re confident we have just the yacht for your cruise along the Adriatic coast! Obligatory extras will vary by yacht; for more information please review each yacht detail page before reaching out so we can create an personalized proposal tailored to you.

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