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Croatia Yacht Charter – Unforgettable Sailing Paradise

With over a thousand islands and an engaging culture, Croatia yacht charter can offer an unforgettable experience. From quiet beaches and breathtaking waterfalls to the iconic stone architecture of coastal towns – Croatia truly offers something for everyone!

Combine delectable Mediterranean cuisine and its warm hospitality, and you have an unparalleled yachting vacation experience.

Bareboat Charter

Croatia boasts an astounding 1,700km coastline and boasts numerous beautiful islands for exploring. Add in its wealth of historic towns and cities and you have one of the top Mediterranean destinations for sailing yacht charters. Our expert team can assist in finding your perfect sailing vessel or catamaran to discover Croatia’s crystal blue seas, docking daily at one-of-a-kind islands or UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Bareboat charters give you the freedom to plan your own itinerary and explore Croatia at your own pace – creating the ultimate sailing adventure and feeling completely in charge of your voyage! They make for an excellent way of experiencing its wonders from another perspective while being fully in charge of every momentous decision along the way!

To qualify for a bareboat charter you will require a valid sailing license such as an ICC or RYA Day Skipper certificate or equivalent, along with VHF licensing. In addition, there may be certain obligatory extras which vary according to yacht and can be seen on its details page.

Sailing Boat Charter

Croatia is an idyllic sailing yacht charter destination, boasting beautiful beaches, sparkling waters and ancient cultural sights. Boasting over one thousand islands with hundreds of protected coves to discover, Croatia stands as one of the Mediterranean’s premier yacht charter destinations.

Croatia offers something for every sailor. Party in Hvar, tour Korcula and Trogir’s charming old towns or explore Mljet and Skradin’s paradisiacal national parks; choose between an extensive range of gulets, motor sailers and modern yachts for your luxury Croatia yacht charter experience.

A typical week-long yacht charter in Croatia typically spans from Saturday (check-in) to Saturday (check-out). Extra services like transfers, an outboard motor or skipper/hostess/chef can be added upon request; navigation chart/nautical guidebook and early boarding is included with your charter price; however a copy of your sailing license or certificate as well as security deposit equivalent are necessary prior to check-in.

Luxury Yacht Charter

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable sailing adventure in Croatia by chartering a crewed yacht; its fully staffed staff can meet all your needs for a truly enjoyable vacation experience. A skippered yacht allows you to sail freely along Croatia’s sparkling Adriatic waters and discover its picturesque islands and charming coastal towns.

Start your trip off right by exploring Dubrovnik’s historic walled streets filled with boutiques and eateries. After that, head southwards towards Elaphite Islands’ rugged coast dotted with serene beaches and natural reserves or head north toward Sibenik to take in its numerous UNESCO sites and picturesque landscapes.

Sailing Croatia’s lush waters in a luxury charter yacht is an unforgettable experience that gives you access to stunning natural spots, uninhabited and inhabited islands, ancient cultural landmarks and delectable cuisine. Make plans today to charter one and witness this hidden jewel of the Mediterranean!

Crewed Yacht Charter

Crewed yacht charter in Croatia provides the ultimate sailing vacation experience, complete with professional crew on board to oversee all navigational aspects. Your skipper, chef, hostess and security guard will all work to make this sailing vacation in Croatia unforgettable.

Unleash Croatia’s breathtaking natural and cultural wonders on your yacht charter journey! Boasting more than 5,000 kilometers of Adriatic coast, its picture-perfect villages, medieval stone walls and idyllic beaches promise an incredible boating adventure in one of Europe’s most captivating Mediterranean destinations.

Split is an idyllic starting point for crewed yacht charters in Croatia. Here, you can experience its tantalizing gastronomy by dining in local restaurants and sampling traditional wines – don’t miss the Dalmatian speciality called peka; an irresistibly tasty blend of root vegetables and meat (usually lamb or veal) doused in olive oil and sprinkled with herbs before being baked over an open fire in a bell-like dome known as a “peka”.

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