Croatia Yacht Charter With Skipper

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Croatia Yacht Charter With Skipper

There are many reasons for getting a Croatia yacht charter with skipper. Way too often, sailing beginners think of skipping a boat on a sailing holiday themselves, seeking to acquire experience and information feverishly and then waiting until they think they have enough.

But there is a much better idea given the non-breathable properties of water! If you’re a professional sailor or new to sailing holidays, hiring a skipper for your next sailing holiday has many benefits.

The advantages of taking a Croatia yacht charter with skipper over a regular bareboat sailing vacation are pretty much endless. The biggest advantage is the total freedom that sailing with skipper offers. If bareboat yacht cruising is what you plan to do, then go ahead, but if you prefer to spend more time on activities then a private skippered yacht charter is a more viable option.


  • A skipper is acquainted with your destination for a charter. Based on your wishes, he/she will know the best places to go, so you can certainly count on his/her local knowledge.
  • It allows you time to relax and enjoy the company of your friends and family as opposed to always running the boat or always being at the helm.
    Learn sailing, at your own rate, if you like. Your skipper will be a helpful mentor if you want to take the helm or assist with moorings or running equipment, or if you are doing well, they will know when to get out of the way.
  • To ensure that you have a nice time on your holiday, a skipper is educated. They can vanish at will, or they can tell old stories right there.

We come across this client conundrum as charter agents all the time: “Do I hire a skipper or not?”

If this is your first time chartering a sailing holiday and if you are challenging your knowledge the answer is straightforward.

But what if you’ve got some knowledge of sailing? Based on input from charter companies and accident review, SkipperCity set a simple threshold to follow:

You should have at least 50 days of practice in your history of sailing.

  1. At least 50% of the days must be as the ship’s captain.
  2. Any of the 50 days is expected to be 20 feet (6.1m) or longer on ship.
  3. A vessel must be 28 ft (8.4m) or longer for at least 50 percent of its experience.

If you are this skilled, it is contrary to expert recommendations to charter without a skipper. Too many variables remain. Stuff arises and your inexperience puts your family and friends’ safety at risk.

  • Prop shafts slip from the stuffing box that floods the engine room and boat.
  • When not expected, winds do ascend to gail power
  • A smidge that places you on a reef will disable navigation.
  • There are also mechanical harts out by 100 meters
  • In the night, mooring ball cables break, placing you on the rocks at night with a swell.
  • Chainplates rip off, creating a dismasting process
  • Rudders are coming off or being stuck
  • Keels dropped off and caused an instant capsize
  • With massive breaking waves from a lateral surge, harbor entrances are always complicated
  • In the night, winds move and anchors will drag and release
  • The boat unintentionally gybes and wakes a family member on the head, inadvertently launching them overboard
  • Members of the crew fell overboard at sea
  • An override on the furling headsail drum stops you from furling the headsail when it gets dark and approaches a small harbor
  • You can have fire on the boat

All this stuff has happened to charterers. And even though you are eligible by the hair on your chinny-chin-chin by the charter corporation, the cost and duty of liability is just too high.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is it going to be weird for a week to have an outsider on board? No!! Many skippers are nice people who just want you to have a memorable sailing holiday. They will know when to communicate with you and your guest, and how to interact.
  • Where’s the Captain going to sleep? Many charter companies allow a captain to sleep in a forepeak; others need an interior cabin for a captain. In any case, plan for a cabin for your skipper.
  • What/how is the skipper going to eat? Generally, when you provide, prepare, and eat on the boat, you treat the skipper as any charter guest, including him/her. Your skipper will help himself on board, or you will treat the skipper to dinner with you if you wish to eat ashore. Do not expect the skipper to pay for his own meal.
  • Who’s determining the itinerary? You are. It is your charter; your guide is the skipper. Although a skipper is likely to make an itinerary dependent on local information, you are responsible for the final decision on where to go. But make sure you listen to your skipper if he/she is telling you that the weather is bad.
  • How much would it cost to hire a captain? Depending on location, skippers range from $ 175-$ 200 / day. Tipping – you usually tip 10-15% of their charge to the skipper. If you are a large group of friends you can all tip 100 EUR per person in your group.
  • If I have any skills, can I also have a skipper? Absolutely! See all the advantages above.

If you plan for a bareboat yacht charter in Croatia, as long as you possess sailing skills of some level you will be fine. Croatia is well placed geographically to allow for easy access to the islands which make up the Adriatic. If you do not have sailing experience, however, there are plenty of options available.

Croatia is also home to professional and experienced sailing companies that can provide you with charter services. Alternatively, you could take your own skipper – just make sure he is capable of steering your vessel.

As the primary reason for anyone not wanting to travel by private yacht, the cost is always a consideration. However, don’t let this put you off.

Most people are attracted to the opportunity to skipper a catamaran charter or a Croatia yacht charter because these charters allow for great flexibility. You are free to set your own timetable, leaving you time to relax whilst sailing around the Adriatic.

There’s no need to worry about packing your clothes or luggage when taking a yacht holiday – most yachts have spacious staterooms that are furnished with a comfortable bed, private toilet, and shower. Many even come equipped with a TV so that you can relax in comfort.

Another advantage of taking a Croatia yacht charter with skipper or a catamaran charter with skipper in Croatia is that the skipper has an in-depth knowledge of the region’s weather conditions and wind conditions. He will know what conditions to expect on your sailing trip and how to prepare his crew and boat for these conditions.

If there is bad weather, then the skipper can make quick decisions about changing course or increasing the speed of the vessel in order to avoid incurring too much wind damage. OR even suggest that sailing a certain day is not recommended.

Similarly, he will know the best way to position the boat in relation to the prevailing wind. This means that he can sail the yacht either directly into the wind or to the left or right depending on the weather conditions.

Skippered Yacht charter in Croatia program is designed for group sailing with family or friends who wish to go sailing for a holiday but don’t have the experience for managing the boat or the sailing area. A yacht charter with a skipper is a great choice as you can enjoy sailing. There is plenty of reasons to enjoy yourselves. You will be able to share the fun of sailing the Croatia Sea with your friends and family.

Croatia is a good destination for sailing. There are plenty of boats available including catamarans, sailboats, and powerboats, so you can be assured of finding a suitable yacht for your group. Just like any other charter, a Croatia yacht charter with skipper will be in high demand, so it is recommended that you book early.

Make sure that you tell us the number of people sailing so that he can offer the right boat for your group and prepare equipment properly. Also, remember to inform us about the destination you would like to reach.

If you are still thinking of chartering a yacht in Croatia with skipper and you have not decided yet …. take a look at this video and see how stunning sailing in Croatia is.