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Discover Croatia by Yacht With a Skipper

boat rental Croatia with skipper

Discover Croatia’s stunning islands and ancient villages aboard a yacht with a skipper who can adjust your sailing route according to weather conditions so you can maximize your vacation enjoyment.

Why rent a boat in Croatia with skipper? Because our guests can relax and focus on taking in all of its stunning natural sights and vibrant culture.


Experienced sailors or those holding valid boating licenses can take advantage of bareboat charters in Croatia, taking charge of the vessel themselves without needing a captain. In these instances, it’s up to you to ensure that your license remains valid while sailing in Croatia.

On the other hand, Croatia offers rentals with skipper services for those unsure about their sailing abilities or seeking a stress-free yachting vacation experience.

Skippers can provide guidance on the optimal itinerary based on your personal tastes and desires. Their extensive local knowledge enables them to suggest hidden coves and islands for snorkelling/diving as well as top restaurants.

Your captain is well acquainted with the rules and regulations of the Adriatic sea, enabling him or her to provide you with a safe yachting experience. They’re trained in first aid so that in an emergency they’re there for you if necessary; additionally they can assist with navigation issues and technical matters as needed.

Local knowledge

Croatia offers sailing enthusiasts an abundance of islands and an unbroken coastline spanning more than 1,000 miles, as well as crystal-clear waters to explore. Secluded coves and bays await discovery here as well as jaw-dropping historical sites – there’s something here for everyone.

Skippers are local professionals with intimate knowledge of Croatia. They will offer recommendations regarding restaurants, beaches and towns you should explore during your journey as well as providing insights into its weather conditions.

Are you seeking an escape from the crowds and prices of high season sailing in Croatia? Sailing during its shoulder seasons could be just what you’re looking for; there’s no better way than sailing along Dubrovnik streets which were featured as King’s Landing in Game of Thrones; fans of this series may especially find sailing there exhilarating!


A skipper will ensure your safety, including knowing where the safest places and anchorages are to moor and anchor in Croatia. They can also advise on which destinations will suit you best depending on your personal preferences – for instance if you prefer quiet beaches or traditional cuisine they can recommend destinations to visit.

An experienced Adriatic Sea skipper knows their region inside out, enabling them to accurately predict weather changes. This allows them to safely manage the vessel should wind or waves arise – something only an experienced skipper knows how to do.

Skippers with valid licenses can hire skippers on a bareboat charter; it is important to confirm their certification is accepted in Croatia as the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) is internationally recognised and shows they possess both knowledge and abilities necessary to operate a yacht safely.


Croatia boasts over 1,000 islands, stunning coastline and crystal waters that make for the ideal yachting paradise. Explore secluded coves or tour historic cities such as Dubrovnik (made famous in Game of Thrones), or experience local food and water sports – there is something here for everyone in Croatia!

Our modern sailing yachts and luxury catamarans for charter in Croatia are expertly maintained, featuring experienced crew. Furthermore, each vessel is fitted with all of the safety equipment needed for a pleasant sailing vacation experience.

Sailo offers boat rental prices that depend on season, number of people aboard, size and type of yacht as well as optional extras such as skipper service. If you need help choosing which boat to charter for free on Sailo for 24 hours to find one that’s the right one, and then book it or cancel it without incurring fees or cancellation penalties.

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