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Discover Croatia With a Yacht Rental

An amazing yacht rental experience in Croatia’s tranquil waters and its captivating cities awaits you, including hidden beaches, stunning cities and more. Combine days at sea with peaceful walks on land or experience its vibrant traditions!

From July to August, boating in Croatia reaches its pinnacle. Enjoy warm temperatures and calm waters accompanied by numerous events and festivals in coastal towns.

Bareboat Charters

A bareboat charter is an ideal way to discover Croatia and its islands, providing access to everything this region has to offer: crystal-clear waters, beautiful beaches, traditional villages, ancient ruins and mouth-watering cuisine. From family holidays to adventure sailing adventures – our yacht experts can develop a tailor-made proposal just for you.

Croatia offers ideal sailing conditions for beginners and experienced sailors alike. The waters are warm and clear, navigation is straightforward with line of sight navigation available everywhere, winds are reliable but not too strong and there is an abundance of large marinas. Kornati Island provides ideal conditions for beginner sailors: its islands provide shelter with anchorages near tranquil bays close to tucked-away tavernas; evenings can be spent exploring historic towns and stunning cities nearby.

It is recommended to book a yacht well in advance during July and August as many of the top boats tend to book up quickly; however there may still be availability throughout summer.

One of the great advantages of chartering a bareboat yacht is having complete freedom over your itinerary. Sail slowly along hidden beaches and bays or explore more popular islands, ports, and cities; just remember that sailing takes teamwork from everyone onboard; each member should fulfill an important role to ensure a smooth trip. Also keep in mind that Croatian law requires you to present valid sailing licenses – check here for an accepted list.

Daily Charters

Daily yacht chartering can be the ideal way to experience Croatia’s beautiful coast on an ongoing basis. By visiting different destinations and making use of Croatia’s beautiful coastal allure, which combines rich traditions and cultural heritage. Roman and Venetian ruins leave coastal cities historically timeworn while luscious islands framed by crystal clear waters create absolute paradise.

With a day charter, you’ll experience everything Croatia has to offer with the freedom and flexibility of sailing on your own or with friends and family. Additionally, you have the option of renting with or without a skipper; novice sailors should opt for renting with one; they will ensure safety on board and navigate the yacht while you simply relax and unwind.

Costs associated with yacht chartering depend on several factors, including vessel type, season and extras like restaurant money, fuel costs, provisioning (Advanced Provision Allowance or APA for luxury motor yachts) and insurance premiums. When planning on chartering for more than one week it’s essential that you are aware of expected costs so that you can make an informed choice that works with your budget.

To make the most of your cruising adventure, we advise visiting Croatia in summer when temperatures are warm and dry with limited rainfall. However, take note of high tourist season which could result in overcrowded beaches and higher prices for charters; to avoid this experience we advise visiting at the tail end of season such as May or September for a more serene journey without crowds and increased costs.

Weekly Charters

Croatia has long been one of the premier sailing destinations in Europe for good reason, from its exquisite cuisine to its crystal clear waters – there’s something here for everyone! A weekly yacht charter is a fantastic way to explore this gorgeous nation at their own pace while taking advantage of all that comes with enjoying life on the Adriatic Sea.

Price for weekly charters in Croatia depends on several factors, including type of boat, size and time of year. Charter prices can differ by up to 40% between high season and low season; for best value we advise visiting Croatia during late spring from April-June or early fall (September-October), when temperatures remain warm with lower crowd levels than during peak summer months.

For those with minimal sailing experience, renting a yacht with a skipper is the safe and reliable solution to fully enjoying Croatia without worrying about navigation or docking issues. Plus, our skippers have extensive local knowledge that will enable us to tailor the itinerary precisely according to your desires and those of your group.

As well as local fees for each passenger on board your vessel, end cleaning and security deposits (similar to what would be needed when renting a car) must also be left at the marina upon check-in. Fuel for the week, restaurant money, beverages and mooring fees may also incur extra expenses.

Croatia yacht charters provide plenty of land-based activities beyond sailing, such as indulging in light, healthy local cuisine or exploring its stunning national parks. From island hopping to exploring historic towns, you are bound to experience unforgettable adventures during your yacht charter experience here!


Catamarans offer more space than traditional sailboats, making them the perfect choice for families or groups looking to experience Croatia’s breathtaking coastline and idyllic islands. Cruise the shaded coves of Hvar or admire Dubrovnik’s ancient city walls in style aboard your catamaran and discover how wonderful life can be on an escape!

Catamarans are well-known for their stability, making them the ideal choice for novice and seasoned sailors alike. Unlike monohulls that tend to roll in waves when sailing conditions are less than ideal, catamarans provide a smooth sailing experience even under less-than-ideal conditions. Furthermore, having both an engine and sail option means you can use either when necessary.

Click&Boat makes renting luxury catamaran in Croatia effortless! Our simple platform connects you with local boat owners, offering a selection of premium yachts. Choose between Bareboat, Crewed or Skippered charters; each option delivers its own distinct yachting experience.

Booking a charter with a skipper provides peace of mind that a professional will lead the sailing experience, ideal for those with limited sailing experience or wanting a carefree vacation. A skipper also can provide local knowledge and recommendations, adding another dimension of quality sailing experiences in Croatia.

Cost of charters vary based on season and size/type of yacht chosen; on average however, an average weekly catamaran charter in Croatia costs 460 Euros per person including accommodation, food and beverage expenses as well as amenities. Other factors that influence pricing of trips include make and model of your boat as well as number of people aboard and any optional services or amenities purchased.


Spending your vacation sailing around Croatia’s stunning landscape, exquisite cuisine, and lively lifestyle on board a luxury yacht charter is an amazing way to experience its beautiful beauty, exquisite food, and vibrant lifestyle. From historic cities such as Dubrovnik and Split to unspoilt islands with crystal-clear waters for snorkeling – Croatia will amaze you with all its offerings.

Croatia offers a range of boat types for luxury yacht charter, such as sailboats, motor boats, RIBs and gulets that you can choose from for your luxury yacht charter vacation experience. Sailboats provide the traditional sailing experience and can access shallow coves and bays that larger vessels cannot. Motor yachts provide comfortable cruising experiences while RIBs and gulets offer fun on the water with families or groups of friends looking for adventure on the seas.

With a skipper aboard, you can leave all of the sailing to professionals while simply relaxing and enjoying your vacation. Plus, they’ll know where all the hidden beaches and lesser-known attractions are! Plus they can adjust your itinerary as necessary so that you get maximum value from your cruise experience.

Click&Boat offers boat rentals Croatia with skipper included as standard; alternatively, an add-on skipper option is also available at an additional cost if desired – giving you peace of mind knowing someone else will handle technical aspects while you enjoy exploring Croatia’s stunning coast and islands!

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