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Enjoy a Yacht Charter in Croatia

Experience Croatia in style on one of our carefully selected luxury sailing yachts with crewed yacht charter. Island hop and dine at stunning locations while our professional staff takes care of everything for you.

Discover Europe’s sunniest coastline and be immersed in its vibrant melange of culture, history and natural beauty. Head out onto Europe’s sunniest coastline for a thrilling trip along Europe’s sunniest coast and experience Kornati, Krk, Cres and Pag islands for an unparalleled blend of natural wonders and cultural riches that await.

The Adriatic Sea

Croatia offers an idyllic luxury vacation experience on a yacht charter, from shimmering turquoise waters to ancient ruins – this Mediterranean nation offers untold treasures waiting to be explored on your Mediterranean voyage.

Croatia offers an abundance of charming islands and mesmerizing anchorages, making for an array of incredible yacht charter destinations in the Adriatic Sea. No matter what your interests may be–be they shipwreck exploration or art history- there is sure to be something here that satisfies them both during an Adriatic Sea yacht charter vacation.

Soak in the sun and take a swim in Croatia’s clear aqua waters or dive beneath its surface on a scuba dive to see the rich marine life that thrives there. A Croatia yacht charter offers visitors a chance to explore an area shaped over time by Illyrians, Romans and Venetians who all left their mark on its coastline, countryside and architecture.

Croatia’s lush green landscapes are equally captivating, providing yacht charter guests a peaceful refuge from bustling European cities. Mljet National Park on Mljet island feels like an undiscovered wilderness with an abundance of lush vegetation and clear waters – offering yacht charter guests an idyllic escape.

Vis and Brac islands in Croatia are ideal spots for beach lovers, boasting fine pebble beaches perfect for lounging in the sun, clear waters for swimming and diving, charming villages to discover and golden-hued Zlatni Rat beach on Brac as a top spot for idyllic tanning sessions and watersports activities.

Spend a day exploring Dubrovnik and its historic walls and picturesque streets during your yacht charter in the Adriatic, then head off to Hvar for some waterfront resort relaxation. Hvar also features a majestic Fortress which towers over its harbor entrance while cobblestone alleyways boast boutique shops, restaurants, and bars serving exquisite cuisine and wines.

Croatia’s National Parks

Croatia offers stunning coastlines of pristine waters, gorgeous beaches and an abundance of unique natural spots that will take your breath away. Explore this Mediterranean hotspot on a luxury yacht charter to uncover a host of attractions ranging from gastronomy and UNESCO World Heritage sites to impressive designer shopping and lively nightlife – there is truly something here for everyone to appreciate!

Croatia is one of the premier yacht charter destinations in Europe, known for its beautiful landscape and idyllic coastlines. From Krk, Cres and Pag’s idyllic bays to Vela Luka’s rugged cliffs – Croatia has something special in store for every yacht charter enthusiast.

Croatia boasts not only breathtaking natural beauty, but an equally rich cultural legacy. Over centuries of exchange between Illyrian, Roman, Venetian, and Austrian empires has led to an extraordinary mix of influences which can be found everywhere from its main cities and villages – like Dubrovnik’s Venetian palaces to Hvar’s Benedictine architecture.

Cruising through the Adriatic Sea will introduce you to many picturesque and remote islands rich with culture. Island-hopping is a favorite activity among our clients, providing opportunities to dine at unique restaurants while experiencing authentic Croatian culture every time they stop off somewhere new – for instance your skipper can bring you to lesser visited islands like Solta which has retained much of their authentic feel by remaining free from mass tourism.

Your yacht charter trip to Croatia should also take in several national parks and nature reserves that are worth seeing, such as Plitvice Lakes National Park with its waterfalls and crystal-clear waters. Arrive as early as possible to avoid crowds and capture stunning photographs!

Croatia offers ideal cruising conditions between May and September; during these months, temperatures are warm and sunny with gentle mistral winds – only downside being these months are less popular with cruise passengers than summer months.

Croatia’s Stunning Coastlines

No matter what experience level you possess when it comes to yacht chartering, Croatia offers something special to all kinds of sailors – be they experts or novices. From sandy beaches and national parks to Mediterranean cuisine and forested mountains – Croatia provides everything a charter captain needs for weekend adventures or longer sailing excursions alike.

On board a luxury yacht, you’ll discover all that makes Croatia so captivating. Start off in Dubrovnik – the crowning glory of southern Dalmatian coast. This UNESCO-listed medieval walled city’s beauty can only be appreciated from above or when viewed from sea or river level – especially from Dubrovnik’s cobblestone streets, Renaissance parks, flower gardens, and medieval stone buildings that will delight your senses!

Once you have spent time exploring this picturesque port, sail away for the idyllic islands of Mljet and Hvar. Your yacht charter may also include visiting Mljet National Park with its vast lakes and ancient forests.

Hvar is another must-see yacht charter destination, boasting lively clubbing scenes under the stars or taking in its captivating history at the Fortress of Hvar. Here you can sample exquisite cuisine and wines while strolling through its baroque-style harbor lined with shops and restaurants.

Croatia’s crystal waters offer ideal swimming, snorkeling and diving conditions. When it’s time for relaxation, enjoy the warm sands of Pristine Bay or plunge into Sveti Dvostruko’s mineral-rich waters for a dip.

Attracting over one hundred marinas and ports along its lush shore, Croatia yacht charter provides you with ample opportunity for island hopping. Your private yacht allows you to dine atop medieval walls, dance until dawn under a canopy of stars, tour wineries to press olives, tour 15th-century cathedrals or simply linger. Whatever activity you engage in on your Croatia yacht charter journey you are certain to be amazed by its natural beauty, charming attractions, rich history and compelling natural wonders; leaving you wanting more! This yachting destination unlike any other.

Croatia’s Authenticity

Croatia is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, making it an alluring yacht charter destination. Explore Dubrovnik’s Renaissance architecture and marble streets or discover Split’s medieval ruins and vibrant atmosphere – yacht charter guests can immerse themselves in Croatia’s fascinating past!

An experience yacht charter is also the ideal way to discover Croatia’s vibrant cuisine, featuring its distinct mix of Mediterranean and continental influences for an irresistibly tantalising culinary journey. Enjoy succulent meat dishes grilled over charcoal grills, lavish pasta drizzled in olive oil, sea-fresh seafood dishes and much more while sailing the Adriatic seas on board a luxury yacht charter in Croatia!

Croatia offers more than just delicious cuisine; its distinctive culture is also an attraction. Croatia’s beautiful coastal cities provide a glimpse into this history through renowned art galleries and live music performances; exploring them aboard your private yacht charter experience will create lasting memories!

Croatia’s idyllic secluded landscapes are one of the defining characteristics of its charming charter region. Discover peaceful stillness on Korcula’s idyllic islands or anchor in Mljet’s remarkable national park of unspoilt natural beauty; or spend a relaxing day at Brac’s golden-hued Zlatni Rat beach for sunbathing and watersports activities.

Sailing around Croatia’s idyllic island gems is a dream come true, offering sparkling blue waters and hidden coves perfect for sailing adventures. Hiring either a crewed or skippered yacht allows you to customize your itinerary according to your personal preferences; our Charter Experts are happy to suggest itineraries that meet all budgets and tastes.

Catamarans are an ideal option when it comes to yacht chartering in Croatia, due to their stability, increased space and ability to access areas other vessels cannot. Our staff can help match you with a boat tailored specifically for your needs; crewed or skippered catamaran charter are both options available here; for an estimate on costs please use our Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) calculator; this handy tool estimates total expenses so as to avoid any unpleasant surprises when checking-out.

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