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Enjoy an Unforgettable Catamaran Charter Croatia

Experience Croatia’s breathtaking coastline and idyllic islands aboard an unforgettable catamaran charter Croatia. This Eastern European nation is an irresistibly charming blend of natural beauty and historical culture; Roman and Venetian ruins dot coastal cities while lush islands with crystal clear waters make a sailing paradise.

Spend your morning exploring the vibrant cultural hub of Split and its iconic Diocletian Palace – both are recognized by UNESCO World Heritage.

Luxury Sailing in Croatia

Croatia is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, magnificent coastline and idyllic coves – drawing thousands of travellers annually to this idyllic sailing destination. Sailing catamaran tours is the ultimate way to explore its islands, UNESCO World Heritage sites and charming coastal towns.

Croatia will enthrall you with its culture, cuisine and natural beauty on a yacht charter holiday. There are so many must-see sites, from Hvar’s Emerald Bays to Diocletian Palace’s Roman ruins in Split; exploring this coastal paradise by private yacht allows for maximum flexibility when touring its many captivating sites.

Love Story yacht charter in Croatia offers guests the ideal sailing vacation, featuring luxurious cabins with en-suite bath and exceptional service. Available during high season from Split for seven-night rentals, Love Story provides guests with the experience they are searching for in Croatian sailing vacation.

This magnificent catamaran can accommodate twelve guests comfortably across its four cabins, each of which boasts a double bed for an incredible sleeping experience. Additionally, guests will appreciate the spacious deck areas and non-natural lighting that create a relaxing environment on board. There are even paddleboards and Jacuzzi tubs so guests can soak up the sun and admire their breathtaking surroundings while on board!

Once settled on board, your crew will prepare a gourmet breakfast of fresh bread and pastries, fruit juices, tea and coffee. After your delicious start to the day, enjoy relaxing on spacious decks or taking advantage of spa-like hot tub. Lunch or dinner could also be offered upon request.

Tipping your crew during your yacht charter is customary; however, tipping is never mandatory and is up to you how much or little you want to give as an expression of appreciation for their hard work aboard. No matter how much or little you give back, your crew will certainly appreciate seeing that their efforts have not gone unappreciated!

The Perfect Destination for a Week of Sailing

Croatia’s stunning waters, thousands of islands and breathtaking coastline make it the ideal setting for an idyllic sailing vacation. Renting a catamaran is ideal for families or groups of friends looking to experience all that Croatia has to offer – spacious cabins, multiple decks and luxurious comfort make a catamaran an excellent way to travel through Croatia while making lasting memories!

No matter your interests or style, Croatia offers something for everyone – from sunbathing on world-renowned Zlatni Rat on Brac Island, to discovering Trogir’s fascinating Old Town or dolphin and turtle watching in Brac and Kornati Islands or visiting Krka waterfalls near Skradin. Yacht charter trips also make an enjoyable way of seeing more than you ever expected during one week!

Croatia is an outstanding sailing destination due to its delicious cuisine and wine, from fresh seafood dishes and hearty meat dishes, to desserts made with freshly harvested produce and locally produced beers and wines. If you want a splurge experience, Restaurant Dalmatinac or Michelin-star Konzum offer some of the best dining in the Balkans.

If you aren’t an experienced sailor, renting a catamaran with a skipper is your best bet when exploring Croatia. A skipper can take over navigation and safety so that you can relax and make the most of your vacation – they also can provide local knowledge, recommend routes and ensure it runs smoothly!

Are you ready to embark on your catamaran charter journey? At Borrow A Boat, we offer a wide variety of catamarans available along the Croatian coastline and throughout Europe. Contact us now and discover your ideal yacht; our experts will assist in every aspect of planning the perfect cruise experience; from choosing your ideal boat to planning an itinerary tailored specifically for you. So sit back, relax, and prepare to embark on an extraordinary sailing vacation experience!

Renting a Catamaran with a Skipper

Crewed catamaran charters provide an effortless way to experience Croatia’s beauty. Ideal for families, couples and friends looking for an extravagant sailing adventure together – crewed catamaran charters can be found throughout Croatia’s Adriatic coast including Trogir, Split and Hvar – or can even be rented weekly to explore destinations such as Kornati Islands, Mljet or Dubrovnik.

Catamarans are larger sailboats that provide more comfort onboard. Furthermore, their faster speed makes reaching your destination quicker while their multihull design makes them a better option for beginners or those with limited sailing experience.

Renting a catamaran with a skipper gives you all of the freedom of sailing on your own, but with added assistance from an experienced skipper. This option is especially suitable for those with limited sailing experience or for families travelling with young children on board; your skipper will guide you safely into port while providing recommendations of where to visit as well as answer any queries that arise during your voyage.

Hiring a skipper also has the added advantage of knowing Croatia’s waters well, helping you avoid any difficulties or suggest the best sightseeing and dining options at each location. This makes your cruise much more relaxing and stress-free!

Cost of crewed catamaran rentals varies based on several variables, including rental period length, number of guests onboard and season of use. Assuming all factors remain equal, typically more people onboard means higher costs.

Renting a catamaran with a skipper may be more costly, but its extra expense could prove worthwhile for those seeking an enjoyable sailing experience.

The Cost of Renting a Catamaran

Renting a catamaran in Croatia can vary according to its duration, the number of travelers on board, the cost of fuel and other onboard services as well as fees charged when docking; additional on-site fees include a tourist tax of 10 Kuna per day plus final cleaning charges which should be added into the charter price when booking.

Catamarans are known for their stability, making them perfect for sailing in the often turbulent waters of the Adriatic Sea. Additionally, their spaciousness and comfort make them a wonderful choice for vacationing with family or friends. If you are new to sailing or suffer from sea sickness, consider hiring a skipper-equipped boat so your safety and comfort is ensured.

Sailing Croatia offers an unforgettable experience, giving visitors an opportunity to discover both historical relics and natural splendors alike. Enjoy exploring Korcula Island or taking in breathtaking views from Dubrovnik’s ancient city walls; there’s something special waiting for everyone aboard a luxury catamaran charter in Croatia!

Hvar offers plenty of opportunities to experience local cuisine, with restaurants and cafes located in some of its most picturesque bays along the coastline. When looking for outdoor activities, Plitvice Lakes National Park or hiking through Hvar’s remote coves are waiting.

Visit Croatia with Click&Boat today and experience its captivating beauty on a catamaran charter with Click&Boat’s user-friendly platform – your cruise will be safe and effortless! Book your dream vacation now!

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