Exciting Yacht Charter in Croatia

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Exciting Yacht Charter in Croatia

Yacht Charter Croatia has been an unforgettable experience, this is what many here has a wonderful feedback from previous guests when embarking on their vacation. SkipperCity charter has the best luxury yachts for hire available in the Mediterranean area. Charter a professionally approved mega yacht or super yacht in Croatia or Montenegro and get ready to guaranteed unforgettable sailing vacation with a sophisticated five-star treatment. Choose a sailing excursion that starts in the breathtaking Adriatic coastline of Croatia and heads towards the magnificent Adriatic islands like Hvar and Vis.

SkipperCity Yacht Charter Croatia has been an incredible experience for many yacht charter Croatia guests. The stunning Adriatic coastline is the perfect setting for cruising yachts with its mesmerizing Adriatic coastline line and magnificent Adriatic marinas. All of the sailing activities are taken care of by expert skippers who have plenty of experience in the region. Enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Adriatic Coastline along with the thrill and enjoyment of some of the most thrilling sailing activities available in the region. Charter one of the luxurious yachts like the Sun Reef 50 or the Saba 50 and sail off on a fabulous adventure filled with all kinds of sporting activities and breathtaking scenery.

If you are looking for a luxurious yacht charter Croatia, then you have got to head over to the island of Vis. You can see the spectacular sunset from the deck of the Catamaran.

Most of the yacht charter Croatia cruises come equipped with sails and a well trained crewed with sailing experience. It is also essential to check that the crew is certified before sailing to your destination. You can relax while sailing to beautiful Croatia islands and enjoy the scenic seascape of the Adriatic seabed. The crews of the motor yachts are very friendly and they treat their passengers with great care.

You can enjoy the lovely Adriatic coastline on a motor yacht charter in Croatia. The first stop after arriving at Dubrovnik is the famous Dalmatian Islands. Here you can visit Korčula, Mljet and Lastovo. You can enjoy sailing to these wonderful islands and savor the serenity. The Dalmatians are world famous for their extraordinary beaches and the lovely lakes. The most important landmark in Croatian Adriatic tourism is the Blue River – one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe.

The Adriatic coast is home to many luxury yachts and catamarans sailing to and from the numerous islands in the region. The most important island is Hvar and is home of Hvar Fort which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The other islands are home to beautiful beaches like Hvar, Kornati, Brač, Bol, and Korčula. These are popular sailing destinations in Croatia and you can enjoy sailing, swimming and fishing in your luxurious motor yachts.

You can rent a yacht charter in Croatia and take pleasure in the beautiful scenery as you sail to the many islands. The motor yachts provide you excellent facilities like wine cellars, flat screen TVs, mini bars with private bathrooms. The crews of the yachts are trained specially for sailing and provide you with the best service and accommodation. Many sailing boats are also accompanied by water skis for skiers.

Many people choose a vacation in Croatia for weddings or honeymoons, as it has all the elements needed for a romantic escape. There are plenty of options for luxury yachts. This is an ideal place for a wedding because the venue is ideal for holding a wedding and then relaxing after the celebrations. If you prefer sailing to sailing boats, then there are many charter yachts in Dubrovnik, Split and Šibenik that cater to this requirement. A yacht charter in Croatia is the perfect way to discover the Adriatic, relax and have fun.