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Experience Croatia on a Catamaran Charter

Catamarans provide an ideal blend of comfort, stability and space for families and groups alike. More stable than sailing boats with spacious social areas perfect for group happy hours or meals, catamarans offer the ideal travel experience.

Catamarans offer you access to remote beaches, coves and villages allowing for more memorable experiences during your Croatia catamaran charter trip.

Experience the Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea is an oarsman’s delight, boasting clear waters amidst breathtaking islands and coastlines to discover. A catamaran charter Croatia is an excellent way to discover all this enthralling region has to offer – charming villages, ports and breathtaking beaches all are part of its charming atmosphere.

Catamarans are renowned for their stability, making them ideal for sailing in the sometimes-choppy waters of the Adriatic. Additionally, their spaciousness and comfort offer ample room to unwind while taking in the scenic vistas.

Consider whether or not renting with a skipper will meet your needs and budget best. A skipper ensures your safety on the water, but may be more costly; ultimately it is up to you and your needs and budget to decide which option is most suitable.

Explore the Dalmatian Coast

Croatia’s stunning coastline offers something for every taste. Explore breathtaking islands with unspoiled beaches, peaceful coves and picturesque port towns steeped in history along the Central Adriatic and Kornati stretches of coast. Or venture inland for tours of historic old cities like Dubrovnik, Split or Trogir!

Catamarans’ spacious cabins and versatile living areas make them an ideal choice for families or groups of friends; some models can even accommodate up to 12 passengers! Catamarans also sail more efficiently, cruising faster at some points of sail than monohulls – giving you more time on board relaxing, exploring Croatia’s coastal sites, making memories, and creating memories with family and friends.

Visit the Elaphiti Islands

Elaphiti Islands, also known as “little Dubrovnik,” offer an unforgettable sailing adventure for anyone regardless of age or sailing skill. Take this tour to escape from crowds while exploring lesser-known beaches, quaint villages, snorkelling opportunities, and delicious foods!

Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan Islands offer the perfect setting for an idyllic and restful vacation. Enjoy relaxing on sandy beaches, strolling leisurely trails through pine forests or discovering charming historical buildings – there’s something special here that awaits everyone.

Catamarans offer the ideal vessel for family holidays or group getaways, accommodating 8+ passengers in spacious cabins. Plus, with 360 degree window views available from most boats’ saloons and decks, there is ample dining and socializing space aboard each vessel – perfect for socializing and dining!

Comfort on board these multihulls is only rivaled by their exceptional performance under sail. A private catamaran offers you an idyllic environment for relaxation and rejuvenation with spacious cabins equipped with private en suite bathrooms and ample natural light – offering the ideal setting for peaceful nights of restful slumber.

Visit Dubrovnik

Discover Croatia with a catamaran charter, an elegant yacht renowned for providing plenty of space and comfort. Boasting open living areas, spacious cabins and luxurious en-suite bathrooms – designed specifically to create luxury – catamarans allow access to coves and beaches that larger boats simply cannot reach.

Dubrovnik is a charming medieval city that transports you back in time. Stroll through its pedestrian maze of limestone streets to view sights such as Loggia Square, Onofrio Fountain and Rector’s Palace; for Game of Thrones fans a short ferry ride will bring them directly to Lokrum Island where the Iron Throne scene was shot!

When renting a catamaran, it is also necessary to decide whether or not you would like a skipper. A qualified professional who handles navigation, safety and boat duties so you can enjoy your voyage is known as a skipper; however, this option will cost more than renting it without one; its costs depend on how long your rental term lasts.

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