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Explore the Natural Beauty of Croatia on a Yacht Charter

yacht charter Croatia

Explore Croatia on a crewed yacht charter, bypassing summer crowds for an idyllic private vacation experience. Sail past medieval island towns and the breathtaking Mljet National Park to uncover all its marvels.

Croatia’s primary charter hub, Central Dalmatia pulsates with gourmet restaurants and thrilling watersports activities. Dubrovnik and Korcula boast captivating histories that mesmerize visitors who visit.


Biograd na Moru offers the ideal setting for an unforgettable yacht charter Croatia experience, offering numerous national parks and stunning stretches of coastline that provide ample opportunity for exploration of Adriatic nature’s splendor. From exploring Kornati Islands to touring Lovers Island’s nature reserves, you will discover an array of activities that make a yacht charter unforgettable!

Biograd na Moru marina offers yacht rentals to accommodate most vessels, with one of their largest and most sought-after options being the Sun Odyssey 50, capable of housing eight guests comfortably. Featuring a spacious salon, four cozy bedrooms, custom above-sea seats for two individuals and full amenities for self-sufficient cruise such as galley, extra cockpit fridge and outside grill, this vessel provides the ideal conditions for relaxing cruising odysseys.

If you’re planning to rent a boat in Biograd, we suggest visiting its marina website prior to making arrangements so you can gain a clearer sense of what lies in store for you. In addition, yacht owners are always available should any issues arise that need addressing directly.

Biograd offers an abundance of dining options, so finding something delicious to eat won’t be an issue when docking your boat here. After saying farewell to your skipper (if opting for crewed yacht charter) and making arrangements for departure, prepare yourself to experience Biograd’s vibrant coastal city life by indulging in some delicious cuisine from Biograd’s many eateries!

Biograd is a sought-after yachting destination due to its proximity to other Croatian gems like Pula and Rovinj, its clear waters and vibrant marine life of Biograd na Moru are some of the reasons it remains such an attractive sailing location. Kornati and Sangulin marinas draw sailors from around the globe; Kornati islands National Park (including their stunning Kornati islands) mountains such as Velebit Paklenica as well as rivers and nature parks add even more enjoyment during your yacht charter experience from Biograd.

Central Dalmatia

The central Dalmatian coast of Croatia offers yachters a charming sailing destination. Traditional fishing villages dot its coastline, while larger ports boast bustling nightlife scenes and impressive restaurants offering delicious fresh seafood dishes.

This region’s coastline is marked by dramatic mountains and crystal clear waters, offering sailing destinations like Hvar, Vis and Kornati with stunning beaches, secret coves and dramatic rock formations – three popular sailing spots boasting vibrant cultural sites like Franciscan Monastery on Hvar and Renaissance Cathedral on Vis as well as Komiza Blue Cave – or visit Kornati National Park with its rugged archipelago of islands featuring clear seawater and private coves – perfect for snorkeling or swimming with dolphins!

Sailing Croatia’s coast can be done throughout the year; however, summer (June to August) is its peak time for charters. Temperatures are mild and sunny, offering beautiful waters. Also during this period Hvar town’s quays become filled with yachts and visitors.

Spring and autumn are excellent times to explore Croatia’s coastline, as the climate is milder, there are fewer tourists, and daytime temperatures range between 15degC to 25degC.

North Dalmatia is home to Zadar, a historic port city full of Roman monuments and modern art galleries. You can sail along its gorgeous Adriatic coast towards its numerous islands or explore Kornati National Park’s towering limestone mountains and rocky islets jutting out into the sea or visit Krka waterfalls with their impressive canyons for an unforgettable journey.

Dubrovnik is an essential stop on any yachting holiday to Croatia, with its beautiful walls, cobblestone streets and grand promenades steeped in history and breathtaking architecture. Trogir, founded by Greeks over 3,000 years ago and now designated a UNESCO World Heritage Open-Air Museum is another must-visit place. Discover a fusion of cultures here including Roman ruins as well as sites from Venetian and Ottoman periods – making for an incredible cultural journey!

North Dalmatia

North Dalmatia provides an ideal showcase of Adriatic travel. Along the coast are quaint medieval towns perched high above some of Europe’s clearest waters; and offshore lie islands boasting ancient stone villages and inviting coves. Additionally, North Dalmatia serves as a vibrant hub of activity, boasting numerous festivals that complement its captivating scenery and relaxing beaches.

Split is also an ideal starting point for sailing trips throughout Croatia, offering the best of both urban life and marina living – explore historic streets, feast on delectable cuisine and walk along its seafront promenade!

From here, the alluring islands of Krk, Cres and Pag will reveal their captivating charm, while Rab’s idyllic beaches will capture your heart. These will all come together as part of your yacht charter adventure along with Kornati and Brac archipelagos that provide unique cultural experiences as well as natural marvels.

No matter if it is an end-to-end charter or one-way itinerary, Croatia offers plenty of wonder. Board a luxury crewed yacht to experience the breathtaking Adriatic from exclusive locations while taking pleasure in first-class service and waking up every morning in a stunning new locale.

On a crewed yacht charter, you can relax in complete privacy as your captain and crew take care of every aspect of your sailing trip through Eastern Mediterranean islands. Feel free to select your own route while trusting in their expertise as your captain guides the voyage.

As part of your yacht charter experience, you have an array of vessels to select from according to your preferences and budget. Catamarans offer an unforgettable sailing experience with stability, space, speed and speed while motorsailers combine engines and sails for an unforgettable trip around Croatia. To enhance comfort further, try renting out a Gulet charter – Turkish-designed boats which range between 14 meters to 35 meters offering up to 20 berths for optimal sailing pleasure!


Take an unforgettable yacht charter Croatia adventure and discover the crystal-clear waters of National Park Kornati Archipelago’s crystal-clear waters, featuring 89 mesmerizing islands! This tranquil paradise provides the ideal setting to escape reality while discovering fjord-like landscapes and impressive cliffs as you sail through these crystal waters, hidden coves, and secluded beaches – whether an experienced sailor or new to yachting, you will be mesmerized by what this archipelago has in store!

This beautiful archipelago boasts two breath-taking natural parks: an outer island chain featuring idyllic beaches for relaxation and sunbathing, picturesque forests, charming small towns exuding classic Mediterranean charm, as well as rustic inner islands that remain free from tourists.

Nautal offers private yacht charters at attractive destinations across the Adriatic Sea. Their experienced skipper will guide you safely through your voyage while keeping safety as their top priority for an enjoyable journey.

Navigating the tranquil waters of Kornati will reward you with refreshing dips into its hypnotic turquoise water. Admire stunning cliffs, dry wall-dotted greens and dry wall-dotted greens from your yacht before exploring charming villages and incredible churches on land. Additionally, National Park Kornati boasts numerous caves, grottoes, and tender rides; in Opat bay there’s even a restaurant where you can try delicious local cuisine while watching the beautiful islands pass by at sunset!

Kornat Island boasts the beautiful Magazinova Skrila ravine, formed over time when limestone fell rapidly to the seabed and created its ravine. Today it features shimmering white cliffs that glow ominously while its sparkling waters form an eye-catching spectacle below your feet.

Experience Kornati at its finest with an unforgettable yachting holiday on Kornati island in Croatia, soaking up sun and sea air and creating lasting memories with loved ones aboard your rental yacht in Croatia.

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