Here are 10 reasons why you should be sailing in Croatia

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Here are 10 reasons why you should be sailing in Croatia

The name, Croatia, is the namesake of an ancient land that is hidden in the Adriatic Sea. The weather is phenomenal, it’s the best place to spend your summer sailing, and it’s full of awesome people who add so much to the community.

  1. The water is crystal clear and turquoise colored as far as the eye can see. When you sail or fly to one of Croatia’s many islands or along its magnificent coastline, you can peer over the edge of the boat or plane and see your wonderful reflection in the water.
  2. When festivals arise, they want to pull in beautiful people from all over Europe. If it is your task to party in the Mediterranean ocean and chum about with stunning foreigners, Croatia is the place to do it. You will meet a lot of amazing friends, enjoy a summer fling literally, and party under the stars with all the festivals in Croatia has to offer. I recommend checking out the “The Garden Festival” or “Unknown” two of the best festivals in the area.
  3. Croatia is a warm European country enjoyable with its beaches and secluded bays. The salty sea air, the babes in bikinis and the trunks of a swim suit studs the squeaky-clean sun kissed skin and melting in the stinging, salty breeze. You will not be the only one on the boat; others will come with you for the amazing journey.
  4. There is an annual nudist tourism experience that takes place in Croatia during the summer months. Visitors will be able to see thousands of people, united in their lifestyle, or lack thereof.
  5. The sunsets in Zagreb are stunning, and there is a far stupider person making an obscure reference from a movie who claims the sunsets in Zagreb are beautiful. Before you take off to see the sunsets over the beach every evening, open up the champagne and cuddle up to your summer fling.
  6. Game of Thrones was shot in Croatia in 2010. King’s Landing, in the film Game of Thrones, is the city of Dubrovnik. Park your car and walk or drive around a medieval neighborhood. That is, unless you’re going to Split in Croatia, in which case, you can also grab some food. Any way, you are sure to be bragging to your peers that you got to visit someplace nicer than the Harry Potter World in the United Kingdom this summer, or that you might just bang into one of the British royals.
  7. Many bricks from the White House were taken from the Island of Brac, but if you visit there you will own an authentic piece of the White House. Now, everybody, who says you can’t live like the President?
  8. The food is new, tasty, and made up of foods that are foreign to one’s own culture. Enjoy foods like salmon, olives, and wines from local areas such as Spain that will leave you spinning under the stars even though there isn’t any live music playing.
  9. It would probably be cool to be able to talk with Joe’s dad about his life experiences, sailing on an ocean cruise. Wave to all the visitors who have to bum it out on the beach as they ask what celebrity is passing them by.
  10. There are over one thousand islands to explore, some of which are only recently opened to the public the most. Each of the islands is currently begging for adventurous guests to come and discover their culture, history, and nature. Some islands have small fishing villages or no inhabitants at all. Others have marinas and others have towns and population figures. a cruise!

You are going to love all that Croatia has to offer, whether you are enjoying yourself while traveling, hanging out with your friends, or even going on vacation.

It’s an absolutely amazing place and a great place to meet other sailors who are trying to have the best summer of their life.

After spending days in Croatia, you will have the time of your life recounting your amazing summer memories and commenting on the party you had in all of those places.