Mljet – Nature’s Work of Art

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Mljet – Nature’s Work of Art

Sailing is a fun and exciting adventure to embark on if you have the perfect location in mind. Apart from choosing the perfect yacht, you have to know that magical place to visit with family and friends.

The Mljet island, Croatia

The Mljet island pronounced as mliète is a forested haven’t located in the southern Adriatic Sea, Croatia. It’s true Croatia is home to many beautiful islands, but the Mljet island is unique because located in the northwestern part of the island is a national park and two salt water lakes; Malo Jezero (the small lake) and Veliko Jezero (the great lake) amazing isn’t it?

If you’re a fan of snorkeling, you’ll definitely find this untouched nature pretty enjoyable because fishing of any kinds is prohibited.

St Mary’s Islet

Located in the Mljet island is a smaller island, called the St Mary’s islet. Therein, you find a Benedictine monastery, beautiful gardens and the church of St Mary.

You can go for an exhilarating bike ride or a walk around the 10km track around the lake leading to the national park, you don’t need to own a bike as you can easily rent one at Pomena or Polace.

Entrance into the park are through the purchase of tickets which are available at a price of 70kn for adults and 30kn for elders, students and children above 7 years.

Mythological connections

Among all of Mljet islands myths, the Odysseus tales are most popular. The Odysseus cave, said to be the place where Odysseus lingered can be reached by land or boat.

But will be more enjoyable by boat.

The island boasts of a rich history since admirers can’t help but leave their marks on its architecture. It is home to the third largest, well preserved Roman monument on the Croatian coast which are the ruins of an impressive Roman villa.

The Mljet island is perfect for both plants and animal life enthusiasts, with it being the home of some endemic species like Centaurea Ragusina and non-domestic species, the mongoose.

The Mljet is neighbors to other attractive locations like the Pelješac peninsula, the islands Korčula, Šipan and Lokrum as well as the city of Dubrovnik.