Rent a Boat in Croatia

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Rent a Boat in Croatia

The beautiful Adriatic shoreline is one of the prime tourist destinations of Croatia. The Croatian Adriatic coast is 1,777 km long. From the south most central to the north point it’s only 526 kilometers long but it’s among the longest shorelines on earth. This signifies that counting all the islands’ shorelines alone Croatia has an area of nearly 5,000 square kilometers. And this doesn’t even include the smaller islands.

If you are interested in visiting a piece of real beach paradise on earth then you should definitely be thinking about Croatia. It’s not surprising if you find yourself thinking about Croatia as one of the best places in the world to enjoy a nice vacation. But first, let’s discuss the Croatian Adriatic coast.

Croatian islands such as Hvar, Vis, Brac, Solta all have their own unique charm. The islands also offer some of the best cruising and fishing in Europe. When it comes to Croatian islands, you can expect nothing less than top-quality and friendly service.

As a sailboat and catamaran captain who likes to visit all the possible ports of call in order to maximize my clients’ travel value, I’ve always preferred a yacht cruise over other alternatives. Yacht charters in Croatia usually last for two weeks or more depending on the length of your sailing event and weather conditions.

All you need is a sailing license and a Croatian boat with an adequate crew and you’re ready to set sail.

The Croatian Adriatic sea has much to offer even to the novice sailors. You can choose between a wide range of sailing holidays based on your preferences such as a traditional trip or one using modern features.

The most popular sailing holiday in the Adriatic is sailing in Split or Sibenik area. A typical family will love this trip since the kids (and adults, for that matter) will have a great time learning about local traditions and visiting interesting sites such as wine estates and the medieval towers.

Another choice for those looking for a Croatia yacht charter would be a crewed catamaran. There are several charter companies in Croatia that can offer crewed catamaran charters which are available throughout the year.

One of the most popular destinations for Croatian crewed yacht charters is the Splita and Sibenik area. Next to Sibenik there is an Island Zlarin, also best known as the “gold” island in Croatian and is also home to some fine art and architecture.

A typical crewed yacht charter in Croatia includes an experienced captain and a complement of professional sailors who will take care of the needs of your guests while you relax. These charters are very popular with families, couples, and groups because they provide the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature and not have to mingle with local people.

Private luxury yachts in Croatia offer the ultimate family vacation experience. The majority of private yachts in Croatia can accommodate up to eight passengers.

These boats cruise the Croatia Sea on their own and provide magnificent views of the area. Many of the private yachts in Croatia have impressive interiors that include large swimming pools, a kitchenette, a dining room, and a suite. Private charters allow the family to enjoy the beauty of nature at their own pace and at their own leisure.

If you prefer to rent a boat, Croatia offers you many options. You can rent a boat for the entire family or just a couple or a group of friends. A group of five or more can enjoy the beautiful waters of the Adriatic Sea along with the scenery of Croatia.

It is not surprising that the popularity of Croatia has grown tremendously over the last decade because of the charm of sailing the sea. So whether you decide to rent a boat or simply rent a yacht charter in Croatia, you are sure to have an enjoyable vacation.