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Rent a Boat in Croatia With Skipper

boat rental Croatia with skipper

Croatia offers an unforgettable sailing adventure. Venture across its vibrant waters to uncover stunning national parks, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and picturesque coastal towns that promise an extraordinary sailing adventure.

Skippers know their local areas well and can advise on the best places for you to visit based on your interests and preferences. They can take you to quiet coves or recommend the top eatery on the island offering traditional regional cuisine.

Experienced Skipper

Experience Croatia’s incredible coastline at your own pace by renting a boat with skipper. This option is ideal for those without boating licenses who still wish to explore its stunning islands and picturesque coves.

Skippy’s professional sailing knowledge means he/she will know the optimal routes based on your desired destination, such as remote beaches or snorkelling spots. They can also suggest when is best time for you to visit each location depending on weather conditions and other considerations.

Skippers who are local experts have an advantage: they know all of Croatia and can suggest the most captivating locations and restaurants for visitors. In particular, skippers with local knowledge can introduce hidden gems that tourists might overlook and can provide tips about delicious dining spots across Croatia.

If you want to hone your sailing skills, skippers are eager to share their expertise with aspiring sailors. They offer advice and support while helping hone nautical abilities during a yachting holiday on the stunning Adriatic Sea.

Skippers are paid on a per day basis, so when setting aside funds for your trip it is essential that this factor be factored into your budget. Sailo offers 24-hour hold capabilities on any boat you might like so that you have time to decide whether a rental with skipper is appropriate for you.

Croatia’s peak boat rental season falls between July and August when temperatures are hot and sunny; however, you can still find great yacht and catamaran rentals with skippers outside this timeframe. This is particularly helpful for those hoping to avoid crowds while still experiencing all that Croatia has to offer on the water – relaxing on beaches, attending local festivals, or experiencing its vibrant nightlife without dealing with large amounts of tourists in high season.

Local Knowledge

An experienced skipper is a crucial asset on any sailing trip, providing expert knowledge of their region as well as advice for choosing suitable charter regions, yachts and times for visiting certain destinations. Their expert guidance will ensure your sailing adventure goes off without a hitch and ensures maximum enjoyment onboard!

Renting a boat in Croatia is an excellent way to discover its beautiful coast and islands, from relaxing on beautiful beaches and swimming in crystal-clear waters to visiting coastal towns with rich histories and cultures – as well as finding peaceful coves and quiet beaches away from crowds!

No matter if you are an experienced or novice sailor, hiring a skipper for your Croatian charter trip is always recommended. A skipper will handle all navigation duties so you can relax while enjoying yourself aboard; additionally they have local knowledge that can recommend places of interest, dining establishments and activities to do while on board.

When renting a boat with a skipper, their services must be paid for separately – usually an extra 150 Euro daily will be added onto your charter price; however this figure can differ depending on the type of yacht and duration of your voyage.

If you want to save some money when renting a yacht in Croatia, try chartering during its shoulder seasons from May through June and September through October. Weather remains pleasant during these times so you can experience all of Croatia’s natural wonders without crowds; these months offer incredible scenery!

Peace of Mind

No matter if you are an experienced sailor or new to sailing, renting a boat in Croatia with a skipper can provide peace of mind. Skippers are highly-skilled sailors who take care in handling navigation and mooring while you relax, handling any unexpected situations and emergencies as needed so that your safety remains top of mind.

Your skipper has extensive knowledge of Croatia’s coast and will take you to hidden gems, picturesque anchorages, and unique natural attractions that you would otherwise miss. He or she can make recommendations based on your interests to ensure you see as much of it in your available time as possible.

Croatian skippers generally charge approximately 150EUR per day as part of your charter package, meeting you at the marina where your yacht will be waiting.

If you need assistance selecting or understanding sailing in general, your skipper can be invaluable. They know all their boats intimately and will recommend one which best meets your needs and also assist in creating an itinerary to maximize what Croatia has to offer – be it peaceful anchorages, breathtaking national parks or vibrant party islands.

Rest assured that your skipper will treat you and your group with the utmost respect, privacy and discretion. As professionals they understand different social dynamics on board and know how to read situations that arise during your charter – the level of interaction is completely up to you, though they will gladly share their expertise and passion for the region with you!

Silver Sail takes great care when selecting their captains, basing their selection on local knowledge, sailing ability and an avid desire to create unforgettable experiences for guests. Their captains understand the crucial role their position can play in providing memorable adventures to guests and work diligently toward that end goal.


Without an official boating license or sufficient sailing skills, renting a skippered boat is your only viable solution for exploring Croatia’s stunning coast. Skippers possess extensive local knowledge and can advise you on where best to visit depending on your preferences; whether that means peaceful coves or vibrant nightlife and local cuisine they know the way!

Apart from safely navigating your boat, a skipper will also constantly assess weather conditions and adapt your itinerary accordingly. This is important, as the Adriatic Sea can be notorious for sudden changes of weather; being surrounded by bulks of land makes storms form quickly that may damage vessels on the sea’s surface. Experienced skippers know exactly how to anticipate these shifts in conditions and alter your route to keep everyone safe.

On top of this, your skipper should also be familiar with all safety regulations and procedures specific to your boat, such as how to secure your belongings on board and prepare for journey at sea as well as maintaining its overall condition. They’ll be able to explain all necessary terminology related to boating such as terms and phrases as well as operating your sailboat or catamaran safely.

Hired skipper is the key to enjoying a stress-free and relaxing sailing holiday, whether you are newcomer or experienced sailor. Rent a yacht in Croatia for seven days with skipper included for maximum enjoyment; prices are lower during shoulder season between May to June and September to October so it will be easier to appreciate its stunning landscapes and unspoilt beaches!

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