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Rent a Boat in Split and Explore the Secluded Beaches of Croatia

Renting a boat in Split is the ideal way to discover Croatia’s stunning beaches, hidden caves and lagoons – its excellent wind conditions making this area one of the premier sailing destinations in Europe.

At its height in May to November, May to November enjoys warm temperatures and ideal sailing conditions. But what are you to do in months when temperatures don’t quite hit these heights?

The Best Time to Go Boating in Split

Split offers an extensive variety of boat trips, ranging from adrenalin-fuelled speedboat tours to multi-day island sojourns featuring overnight accommodation on board. Private boat hires also available with captain-led tours that you can tailor to meet your interests – tours range from EUR90 for five island speedboat tour (incl captain services and itinerary planning) up to over EUR300 for full day excursions that encompass islands like Brac, Solta and Drvenik.

Boat trips from Split are best experienced during spring and autumn when temperatures are still mild but tourist crowds remain slim. At these times, you can enjoy beautiful beaches, charming old towns, and crystal-clear waters without the overwhelming numbers associated with peak summer months.

Discover the stunning Dalmatian coast on a cruise from Split or board a glass-bottomed pirate ship for an action-packed sail. Or for something more relaxing, book a sunset boat tour or relax on an idyllic beach; for an immersive underwater photo and video experience be sure to pack a waterproof phone holder.

The Best Places to Go Boating in Split

Boat trips offer the ideal way to discover Split’s breathtaking coastline and uncover hidden bays, beautiful beaches and idyllic islands. Spend your day discovering rocky and sandy beaches, tasting local wines and cuisine at cozy Konobas (taverns), or sipping cocktails while admiring the sun set over Adriatic Sea.

Motorboats provide an excellent way to see more in less time. Faster than other forms of boat transportation and offering more comfortable sailing experience than their counterparts, these motorboats also help prevent sea sickness from setting in quickly.

Gulets provide an unforgettable sailing experience and are an excellent choice for groups of 10-15 passengers looking to enjoy Croatia’s magnificent islands.

The Best Marinas to Rent a Boat in Split

Split is one of the Mediterranean’s premier sailing destinations with its picturesque bays, natural wilderness areas and incredible turquoise waters attracting boaters from all around the world looking to enjoy an idyllic sailing vacation experience. Its alluring architecture, tranquil beaches and strong nautical traditions have drawn boaters here for years and made their sailing vacation one to remember!

Renting a yacht or sailboat in Split gives you the freedom to discover hidden beaches and island coves, sampling local cuisine at traditional Konobas (taverns), tasting wines from their extensive wine cellars or sipping cocktails from serene beach bars along the way.

Explore secluded beaches and coves on Brac, Hvar, Korcula and Vis islands; witness breathtaking waterfalls at Krka National Park; kayak down Cetina River for an adventure; go rafting in Pakleni Islands if looking for thrills; prices for boat rentals in Split vary depending on time of year, type and size of vessel as well as optional extras you select.

The Best Boats to Rent in Split

Boating in Split is best done between May and September when temperatures are warm and the sea calm; however, months just outside of high season offer equally enjoyable sailing conditions with milder temperatures and smaller crowds.

Renting a skippered sailboat or yacht from an agency in Split is often considered the top choice when visiting Croatia, giving you access to one of its beautiful coastal regions and giving an experienced captain control of boating matters and showing you all of its most picturesque spots.

Charter gulets offer another great choice for large groups and can accommodate up to 15 guests at once. Every morning will bring something new as the group wakes up at different locations! For maximum enjoyment and safety purposes, however, this type of tour requires a valid boat licence and sailing experience of its own – beginners may wish to book guided tours instead for added peace of mind and scenery enjoyment!

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