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Rent a Boat in Split Croatia and Sail Along the Adriatic Sea

Split Croatia boat rental

Renting a boat in Split is an ideal way to discover its idyllic islands. Discover secluded beaches, watersports hubs, historic havens and much more on a relaxing cruise through this idyllic Mediterranean destination.

Make the most of your Split Croatia boat rental experience by opting for a yacht equipped with a skipper. A professional will allow you to focus more on exploring than on sailing!

Boats for Rent in Split

Renting a boat in Split is the ideal way to discover this captivating destination and its serene islands, as well as experience various water activities and add some adventure into your getaway by visiting nearby beaches, coves, or iconic attractions such as Diocletian’s Palace or Zlatni Rat.

Choose from an array of boats for rent in Split, such as sailing yachts, catamarans, motorboats and gullets. Many come complete with their own skipper who will handle navigation and sail settings so you can simply relax and enjoy your sailing holiday!

Cost to rent a boat in Split will depend on several factors, including vessel type, season and any optional services or amenities you want included – for instance hiring a skipper or hostess for your charter trip. On average though, private charter costs approximately $160 per day or $560 per week.

Timing your visit and boat rental correctly is also key when visiting Split and renting a boat. June to August marks Split’s high season, making this an ideal time for sightseeing, enjoying outdoor activities and engaging in outdoor recreation. Additionally, during this period the city becomes its liveliest with vibrant events and lively atmosphere to experience.

If you prefer a more serene experience, months just outside the peak season may offer ideal conditions. These months feature similar climate conditions as during the high season but with milder temperatures; perfect for relaxation and taking advantage of all that Split has to offer!

Make the most of your Croatia sailing trip by renting a boat that best meets the size and type requirements for you and your party. Click&Boat makes this easier, giving you plenty of choices to explore before making your decision – including holding onto vessels for up to 24 hours so you have enough time to arrange all of the details with the owner of each vessel!

Boats for Rent with a Skipper

If you want a boating holiday that allows you to fully appreciate Croatia’s sparkling blue waters from a unique viewpoint, renting with a skipper might be just what’s needed. Let someone else handle all the technical details so you can just sit back and relax onboard; or if you prefer independent sailing at your own pace a bareboat charter may also be suitable.

Discovering Dalmatia’s idyllic islands by sailing around with a yacht rental from Split can be an amazing adventure. Along your journey you may come across Brac, with its gorgeous beaches and coves as well as Bisevo’s Blue Cave; Hvar’s charming village; or Marjan National Park where wild landscapes await discovery.

No matter the route you select, your skipper will ensure to point out must-see attractions and hidden gems on your itinerary. Spend a day visiting Diocletian Palace (UNESCO World Heritage Site), or venture deeper into Split itself and its historic city center. A weeklong cruise will provide ample opportunity to discover Krka National Park or any number of natural wonders along its shores.

Nothing beats the excitement and tranquility of watching the sunrise over Split from your yacht’s deck. After spending time relaxing and rejuvenating aboard, return to your cabins for breakfast before preparing to discover some of Croatia’s most stunning spots.

Just beyond its stunning islands and seashores, Croatia boasts some of the most incredible historic cities that make for unforgettable visits on a yacht rental from Split. Be it Dubrovnik with its medieval charms or Korcula with its rich cultural heritage; Croatia will amaze you.

Between May and September is an ideal time for renting a boat in Split. These shoulder seasons will help you to avoid peak crowds while still enjoying comfortable temperatures while exploring Dalmatia’s breathtaking coastline.

Boats for Rent with a Hostess

Unleash your inner adventurer as you sail along Split’s stunning coast, boasting idyllic islands and beaches. Rent a sailboat, catamaran or motor yacht from BednBlue’s fleet and explore enchanting islands and hidden coves just waiting to be discovered! Or ask our travel experts for suggestions so your Croatian boating adventure becomes truly memorable.

If you want to rent a boat in Split during May to September when conditions are favorable for sailing, this would be your optimal time. At this point, the crowds that normally attend peak season have dissipated and you can experience its beautiful Adriatic coast more peacefully and without crowds of people crowding into town.

Consider whether or not you would prefer sailing with a skipper when choosing a vessel for your sailing adventure. Skipper-equipped vessels take much of the stress out of sailing, allowing you to relax and truly enjoy your cruise experience while crew members onboard take care of all technical details while you discover Croatia’s breathtaking coves and beaches.

An ideal option if you hold a valid sailing license and would like to captain your own vessel is bareboat chartering, from sailboats and catamarans with various accommodation options for an enjoyable week-long sailing holiday. Deluxe vessels provide spacious living areas, fully-equipped kitchens and bathrooms and come with additional extras like hostsesses or snorkeling gear if desired.

Once you’ve found a yacht that meets your needs, book it online using Sailo’s convenient platform. Put boats on hold for up to 24 hours so that you can decide if they are ideal before booking them and add extras such as hiring a skipper/hostess, transfers between marinas, etc. to customize your quote further.

Boats for Rent with a Crew

The Adriatic Sea is an idyllic destination to sail through on yacht, and Split Croatia makes for a wonderful starting point for crewed charters with Sailo’s wide variety of weekly yacht charters ranging from bareboat (no skipper included) and captain or hostess-inclusive options. When browsing boat rentals in Split, simply filter by “Crew” to narrow your results so as to include those offering this feature on board.

An amazing Croatian sailing experience awaits with the right yacht and knowledgeable skipper! Secluded beaches to vibrant seaside towns provide endless sights during your Croatia yacht charter trip. Spend your days relaxing on board while taking in breathtaking Mediterranean coastline scenery; when it’s time for a break, explore ancient city of Split with its glorious ruins and charming cobblestone streets!

An ideal way to experience Croatia, boat rentals in Split offer both day trips and week-long sailing adventures alike. Marinas in the region make reaching breathtaking islands such as Hvar, Brac, Korcula and Vis easily accessible – you could also island hop to famous Blue Lagoon or Krka National Park where stunning waterfalls await!

Your ideal charter option depends on three variables: time of year, group size and type of yacht desired. In Split, ideal times for renting a yacht include late spring through early fall when temperatures are moderate yet not scorching and seas remain calm; these months also tend to have fewer tourists so that you can take in all that scenic beauty at your own leisure.

Many boat rentals in Split offer the option to hire a skipper and hostess to make your experience even more comfortable and enjoyable. Although this service comes at an additional cost, its worth considering all you can see and do with the help of this skipper on board – leaving you to focus on simply enjoying company of your guests and scenery instead!

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