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Rent a Boat Rental Croatia With Skipper

Rent a sailing yacht or catamaran in Croatia with skipper for an unforgettable sailing vacation, between May and September during low season travel.

Begin your cruise in Sibenik, one of the oldest Croat cities. Bask in its rich history while discovering stunning nature on Kornati Islands far away from tourist crowds.

Experienced Captains

Croatia offers beautiful beaches, stunning national parks, rich heritage and delicious Mediterranean cuisine; making it a paradise for boaters. Its crystal waters and thousands of islands make Croatia perfect for weekend sailing trips as well as longer sailing adventures – regardless of whether or not you’re an experienced sailor; renting a skippered yacht charter will make your journey truly memorable!

On your Croatia yacht charter, a professional skipper will ensure safe navigation and management of the vessel while you relax and admire the stunning views. These skippers often boast years of experience navigating these charming coastlines; sharing knowledge such as recommended restaurants or hidden treasures as well as answering any queries regarding culture or history of Croatia.

Croatia boasts an enchanting landscape, from Dubrovnik and Hvar to its lesser-known locations such as Kornati Islands. Here you will find quiet coves perfect for swimming and snorkeling; in addition, Vela Luka Fortress allows for hiking up its summit for some stunning island vistas.

Your skipper can recommend activities tailored specifically to the interests of every member of your group, be it kayaking or fishing activities on water or traditional festivals on land – your skipper can create an itinerary tailored specifically for each of you!

Renting a sailboat or catamaran in Croatia is straightforward. Customise your cruise experience by adding extras such as hiring a skipper. Sailo’s online platform enables you to put boats on hold free of charge for up to 24 hours so that you can ensure it meets your trip needs before booking it for a week – including all taxes and fees; while fully crewed yachts cost more, and include captain, stewardess, and chef services in their pricing model.

Local Knowledge

Skippers can make your experience truly unforgettable with their local knowledge of Croatia’s best places to visit. Whether it be exploring hidden coves, sampling traditional Croatian cuisine on idyllic beaches, or taking advantage of historic island towns’ lively nightlife; your skipper will provide advice as to which places are worth exploring according to your personal interests and preferences. Your skipper also knows which mooring spots, marinas and anchorages provide secure mooring as well as top restaurants and taverns in which to dine during a yacht charter in Croatia.

Renting a yacht with skipper is a luxurious way to explore Croatian waters in style on luxurious sailing yachts equipped with captains who ensure safety and provide insight into local culture. Experienced captains provide advice about which destinations best meet your needs as well as providing insights on which excursions are popular among their peers.

Skipper fees should be factored into your overall budget so you can enjoy all that boating Croatia has to offer. While hiring a skipper might seem like an unnecessary extra expense, hiring one can significantly enhance your charter experience. But it is crucial that you understand their rate structure to prevent any surprise charges; be sure that their costs are included so you can maximize the pleasures that Croatia boating provides!

Before booking a charter boat trip in Croatia, it is advisable to speak to your skipper about their expectations and preferences in terms of an itinerary. This will enable them to plan the best sailing route and prepare for your arrival. Likewise, it would be prudent to determine if a non-EU sailing license will be recognized so there are no surprises during your charter experience.

To avoid high-season crowds, sailing during May to June or September-October shoulder season is advised in order to benefit from more favorable weather conditions as well as lower tourist numbers and boat rental prices. You will enjoy a relaxing cruising experience as you discover Croatia’s breathtaking Dalmatian coast while swimming and snorkelling remain safe options.


If you don’t yet possess a valid boating license but still wish to enjoy sailing Croatia’s stunning seashores, renting a catamaran with skipper is an ideal way of experiencing all its splendor. An experienced captain will handle all nautical matters while you relax and take in its breathtaking sights. Furthermore, local knowledge means they can advise where best to visit depending on your preferences – be it sleeping in peaceful coves or dining on traditional Croatian cuisine, they will know where the ideal locations are.

Your skipper will know exactly how to navigate the Adriatic Sea safely in any weather, while always prioritising your safety. In case of adverse weather or sudden changes to sea state, they can assess and adapt sail plans accordingly so as to ensure an enjoyable voyage without complications or unnecessary risks.

Croatia’s peak yacht and catamaran rental season runs from July to August; however, you may also be able to find skipper-driven vessels outside this period for use. This could prove especially advantageous if you prefer avoiding crowds while taking advantage of all that the islands have to offer without experiencing stress caused by peak season rushes.

If you plan to rent a yacht or catamaran with a skipper, it is crucial that you pack appropriate clothing. This includes light summer attire, sunscreen and sunglasses, trainers (not flip flops) and waterproof rainwear just in case unexpected stormy conditions arise. In order to maximize space within lockers aboard vessel, soft luggage that easily fits is strongly suggested so as to leave room for your sailing essentials as well as personal items you might require during your adventure in Croatia.


If you are new to yachting and can’t qualify to rent a bareboat yacht, hiring a skipper for your rental boat is an ideal way to experience Croatia safely. Skippers possess extensive knowledge of the Adriatic sea and will assist in selecting suitable destinations based on your interests – be that exploring secluded coves, sampling delicious seafood in picturesque harbours or visiting ancient cities with lively nightlife scenes; your skipper will know exactly where they need to take you!

Skipper rentals are an ideal solution for novice sailors, groups traveling together who prefer having a dedicated captain throughout their voyage and families with young children or those travelling alone who require safety measures for more enjoyable sailing experience. Incorporating skipper rentals can make your charter safer and more enjoyable – this is particularly important if travelling with young ones or other passengers.

With hundreds of islands, small distances between them and an idyllic maritime atmosphere, Croatia makes an ideal sailing holiday destination. Join a flotilla or simply enjoy your own yacht – either way, hiring a skippered charter is the ideal way to discover this gorgeous country!

Skippers provide invaluable assistance during your time aboard, handling all navigational aspects and leaving you free to soak up the sun on deck while taking in breathtaking Adriatic seascapes. Plus, their local knowledge makes for great recommendations about secluded anchorages or hidden gems not usually covered on tourist itineraries!

If you’re searching for skippered boat rentals, visit Sailo to explore their selection of motorboats, sailboats, catamarans and yachts available to hire. Once you find something that catches your eye, put a hold on it free of charge up to 24 hours so you can decide if it meets your requirements before booking it with one of their experienced skippers!

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