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Rent a Boat With a Skipper Croatia

rent a boat with skipper Croatia

Skippered yacht charters offer the ideal way to discover the breathtaking islands and Adriatic coastline, including hidden gems such as charming moorings or historic medieval towns.

Croatia’s peak season runs from July to August and offers vibrant coastal towns, vibrant local events and breathtaking natural parks to visit.


An experienced skipper is essential when renting a bareboat charter in Croatia. Skippers possess years and sometimes decades of experience within the yachting industry and frequently navigate Croatian coastline. Their vast knowledge makes them excellent tour guides and local experts able to recommend optimal mooring locations and restaurants in each region, along with logistical support such as marina paperwork assistance as well as sailing lessons or confidence building techniques for passengers onboard their vessel. Lastly, they remain aboard to ensure all nautical regulations are respected during your cruise.

An experienced captain can ensure your safety while cruising sky-blue waters of Croatia’s Adriatic Sea. Weather in Croatia tends to be mild; however, sudden changes can happen quickly during summer when hot temperatures and strong winds combine for a stormy experience on the water.

To maximize a peaceful cruising experience, rent a yacht with skipper during either May to June or September to October shoulder season – ideal sailing conditions with calm winds ideal for swimming and snorkelling, with lower tourist numbers and prices when renting boat rental in Croatia during these periods.

Skippers in Croatia know the most sought-after destinations for boat rental and will help guide your visit accordingly. From island hopping and exploring ancient cities per day to spending most of your time relaxing on beaches – your skipper will ensure your cruise meets exactly your needs and exceeds all expectations!

They can advise on which vessel type would best meet your preferences and the needs of your group, depending on your preferences and size of group. Sailboats offer more traditional sailing experiences while catamarans are ideal for families or larger groups due to their spacious layout and stability – as well as offering easier sailing experiences than sailboats for beginners.


Safety should always come first when renting a boat for Croatia sailing holidays, since the sea can be unpredictable and one wrong move could put both you and those around you at risk. Therefore, renting with a skipper from Croatia is best; these professionals possess years of experience navigating any vessel type; plus can recommend beautiful anchorages and off-the-beaten-path sailing spots that won’t break your budget!

When hiring a skipper, it is also essential to consider insurance. This will protect against damage to the yacht or other incidents during your voyage – particularly important if renting a luxury yacht with multiple guests on board.

Before booking your trip to Croatia, it is also advisable to verify whether or not your sailing license is accepted there; sometimes non-EU licenses won’t be recognized here. Furthermore, travel insurance is highly recommended in case your plans change unexpectedly or should something go amis during your journey.

Last but not least, always remain aware of weather conditions and abide by any guidelines set forth by your rental company to ensure a great sailing adventure! Doing this will ensure your boat is safe while offering you an unforgettable sailing adventure.

Have a Skipper on Board will also help you relax and create an unforgettable experience. Your Skipper is a local expert with knowledge about all of the best places, restaurants, and towns you should visit during your sailing cruise in Croatia. He or she can ensure a carefree and stress-free boat charter experience in Croatia!

Local knowledge

Croatia, known for its lakes, national parks, islands and old towns that have been designated UNESCO World Heritage sites is one of the Mediterranean’s premier sailing destinations. Yacht charter in Croatia promises an unforgettable sailing experience whether you are planning a romantic escape with your partner, family vacation or adventure with friends – so before booking one it is essential that all costs involved and what is included or excluded from your price are understood beforehand.

Renting a boat with skipper in Croatia typically costs between 150 and 180 EUR per day and includes professional skipper familiar with local waters, towns, and islands along the Adriatic coast. His expert local knowledge will prove invaluable in creating an itinerary tailored exactly to your personal taste and expectations.

Your skipper can recommend the best mooring spots, restaurants and attractions unique to Croatia so that you can experience its beauty from a completely new angle during your time on the water. By doing this, they will help maximize your time on board and enhance your time on board.

Your skipper will also have the skills and knowledge needed to adapt to any weather conditions that arise, helping ensure both your safety and enjoyment of the holiday.

Your skipper will be available during your journey to answer any of your inquiries about the boat and its equipment, suggest routes that best suit the conditions, or offer solutions in case of adverse weather.

Renting a boat with skipper in Croatia can be the ideal solution for those without prior sailing experience. Families with young children will especially find this experience enjoyable while aspiring sailors can improve their sailing skills while taking in all that the Adriatic sea offers. You can hire both professional skipper and crew who will handle everything for you from planning excursions to making delicious meals on board!


With a skipper aboard, you can relax and enjoy your yacht charter. Your captain will share their expertise of the area to provide recommendations based on your preferences – island hopping to explore ancient cities or quiet beaches; your skipper can find just the spot for your vacation! Plus they can advise where is best to swim, snorkel and dine.

Dependent upon the time of year, you can either sail in Croatia during its low or high seasons. By sailing during low season you’ll avoid crowds of tourists while benefiting from lower boat rental prices – though weather can still be cooler at this time of year. Or take your chances during summer sailing season when warm waters meet sunny skies for optimal sailing experiences – yet this period remains popular among boat rental services and yacht owners.

After an initial brief introduction, your skipper will discuss an itinerary tailored specifically to you and your preferences, from beautiful secluded anchorages and restaurants to towns and attractions. They are familiar with local weather conditions as well as knowing which boat type you have selected as rental.

Once your route is selected, your skipper will prepare the yacht and anchor it in a peaceful bay. He will also ensure it contains all essential safety equipment and navigational tools for an enjoyable cruise in which you can appreciate the stunning landscapes and islands scattered across the Adriatic.

Experience Croatia’s magnificent coastal allure when you book a boat with Click&Boat! Our experienced skippers guarantee an unforgettable yachting holiday.

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