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Rent a Boat With a Skipper Croatia

Sailing with a skipper is the ideal way to explore Croatia, from exploring Dubrovnik’s old walled city and partying on Hvar, to partying at Capo Umberto II’s resort on Vis. A week long sailing tour provides unforgettable adventure.

Croatia, known for its sandy beaches, delicious Mediterranean cuisine and lush mountains is the ideal place for relaxing and unwinding. July and August are particularly popular months for renting a boat in Croatia.

Knowledge of the area

With an experienced captain on board, your yacht adventure will be both relaxing and fulfilling. Your skipper knows the area well, recommending routes based on your interests – be they peaceful coves or delicious dining spots. They also possess extensive knowledge of local history and culture which they are happy to share. Silver Sail carefully selects their skippers based on both professional sailing knowledge and an inherently passionate desire to create unforgettable experiences for their guests.

When renting a boat with Skipper Croatia, they will accompany you from embarkation until the conclusion of your voyage, managing navigation and any issues that may arise such as mooring. So that you can focus on enjoying yourself without worry!

Experienced skippers understand how to respond in unexpected situations and emergencies onboard, taking care of everything so that both you and your passengers can relax. In addition, they may suggest mooring buoys, marinas and restaurants you should visit during your cruise in Croatia.

On a charter boat tour in Croatia’s crystal-clear waters, you will have the opportunity to discover national parks, UNESCO World Heritage sites, picturesque coastal towns and many other breathtaking destinations. Experience its beauty at your own pace with your skipper at your side – you won’t regret it!

Croatian islands can become overrun with tourists during July and August; however, May to June and September provide the ideal time to experience them without the crowds. With milder temperatures yet beautiful natural sights – like Kornati Islands – on display, shoulder seasons such as May to June can offer an opportunity to discover this region without all of its tourists.


Yacht chartering can be an unforgettable way to experience Croatia, but can be risky without experience in sailing. To stay safe while experiencing its stunning shorelines, hire a skipper as this will allow for optimal navigation of the sea and experience of its beauty all while experiencing all that Croatia has to offer!

Skippers are expert professionals familiar with their region. They can advise on the most captivating routes and destinations based on your personal preferences; in addition, they have extensive knowledge of anchorage spots, anchorages with top restaurants/taverns/other amenities along the coast; plus local weather conditions that they can adapt the itinerary according to.

Safety is of utmost importance on board, along with complying with maritime rules and adhering to speed limits. Skippers will remind passengers to do the same, safeguarding everyone’s wellbeing.

Before renting a yacht, be sure to secure enough insurance coverage. This will protect you in case something unexpected goes amiss or damages the vessel itself; typically this coverage can be obtained through your charter company; otherwise it is up to you as an independent buyer to obtain enough coverage in order to avoid unexpected expenses.

No matter your level of sailing experience, renting a yacht in Croatia will still allow you to appreciate its beautiful Adriatic coast. But in order to do so, an International Certificate of Competence (ICC) from your country of origin is necessary – this certificate confirms your knowledge and ability when operating a vessel – this licence must be obtained before renting any bareboat rental; you can easily obtain one by taking a course and passing an exam.

Croatia’s peak season for yacht rentals is between July and August, when temperatures are warm and sunny and waters remain calm and clear. This makes the ideal time for experiencing Croatia’s vibrant coastal towns and islands as well as attending local festivals or taking advantage of all that Croatia has to offer.


Renting a yacht with Skipper Croatia means your local skipper takes care of all the navigational aspects on board to make your sailing vacation truly relaxing and enjoyable. He will advise on which moorings, islands and ports would make a good visit as well as making sure that your yacht charter remains memorable experience.

Skippered yachts provide custom itinerary itineraries tailored specifically to your personal preferences. Your skipper is happy to share tips on popular popular sailing locations, beautiful anchorage spots, and secret bays as well as recommend and book island restaurants where you can dine on fresh seafood dishes at reasonable prices.

Employing the services of an experienced skipper is particularly helpful for beginners in nautical navigation who possess only theoretical knowledge gained during license courses. Navigating under their instructions will enable them to develop practical sailing knowledge while honing sailing skills.

Many sailors find the Croatian coast is best experienced via boat. With its crystal-clear waters, diverse natural beauty, and historic island villages – making Croatia an unparalleled boating destination. July and August are typically popular months for renting a yacht; therefore it’s wise to reserve your vessel early.

Skippers are experts at navigating boats, with knowledge and experience of Croatia’s coastline. He or she will share information about its hidden spots while showing you its most breathtaking vistas.

If you’re interested in renting a yacht with skipper in Croatia, Click&Boat would be delighted to assist. With an array of luxury motorboats and catamarans as well as comfortable sailboats seating up to 10 people available to select from, we will match you up with the ideal yacht to meet your specific needs – not forgetting our helpful customer service team who will assist with booking the reservation process and even arrange early boarding* so that you can begin exploring Croatia as quickly as possible!

Personal attention

One of the hallmarks of yacht rental Croatia is personal attention from your skipper. He or she will ensure all details of your holiday can be enjoyed fully, from taking care of the vessel itself and its safety during bad weather to helping plan an itinerary based on your individual needs and preferences – for instance if you’re keen on exploring secluded coves or tasting traditional Croatian cuisine, your skipper can suggest some amazing destinations; similarly if island hopping or nightlife are what appeal to you most they know exactly where to find these activities too!

By hiring a skipper, you won’t have to worry about things such as navigating around rocks and reefs, finding safe anchorages, or planning the route between destinations. Instead, you can focus on simply relaxing and enjoying your sailing trip with family or friends; any unexpected issues will be taken care of quickly by the skipper.

If you’re new to sailing or just beginning, hiring a skipper could be your best bet. A skipper can teach the basics of sailing while making you a better sailor over time. While paying more may come with its own set of worries, hiring one is worth every extra cent spent for peace of mind.

Croatia’s peak boat rental season runs from July to August, however prices tend to be more expensive and beaches become overcrowded during this period. If you prefer lower crowds and prices, consider renting your vessel between May and September instead.

Bareboat rentals provide an ideal way to explore Croatia’s picturesque waters at an economical cost, providing ample room for you and your family to relax and unwind. Please be aware that bareboat rentals require you to have at least one person who is competent enough to sail the vessel competently – and in addition a safety deposit will need to be paid should there be any damage done during the duration of your trip.

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