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Rent a Boat With a Skipper Croatia

rent a boat with skipper Croatia

Rent a boat with Skipper Croatia to experience an unforgettable adventure. Whether it be a sailing yacht or catamaran, our experts can assist in selecting the ideal vessel to meet your specific needs.

Skippers who have long sailed Croatia’s Adriatic sea have first-hand knowledge of all of its most exciting spots. From sandy beaches and island-hopping adventures to historic cities and landmarks, their skippers know all of them and will recommend only those they believe would meet your travel preferences.


Skippers provide safety and navigation, leaving you to take in Croatia’s stunning islands in peace. Their local knowledge allows them to show you hidden gems off-the-beaten-path and create an itinerary tailored specifically for your group’s needs.

Skilled skippers will be able to adapt your sailing trip based on changing weather conditions; they can recommend restaurants/taverns and scenic routes, making your sailing vacation less stressful and enjoyable!

Sailing Croatia can be an unforgettable experience. From vibrant coastal towns to tranquil coves and ancient monasteries, Croatia provides stunning destinations that await discovery! If you prefer less-crowded sailing adventures with lower prices, consider renting your boat between May-June or September-October for optimal sailing adventures!


Safety should always come first when renting a boat with a skipper in Croatia, and every vessel must pass an annual inspection to meet all regulatory standards. You can be certain that your skipper is familiar with local marine life and can lead you to all the best ocean stops across Croatia.

Your skipper can also assist in meeting local regulations by making sure that your vessel is equipped with fire and navigation equipment as well as providing safety training to both yourself and guests.

Renting a yacht with a skipper in Croatia is the perfect way to experience its beautiful waters, from Dubrovnik and Kornati archipelago all the way out to Split and beyond. Your skipper will provide invaluable knowledge and insight.

Local knowledge

Experienced skippers know their way around Croatia’s islands and Adriatic Sea like the back of their hand, from cruise routes and restaurants to attractions and places worth seeing. Their knowledge will add great value to your holiday.

Their experience of the weather in Croatia allows them to accurately forecast its behavior, helping you plan ahead and avoid unexpected situations. Furthermore, they know all the safe mooring locations and anchorages around which they operate.

Skippers provide expert advice on the best sailing routes to take, manage all marina paperwork and provide valuable advice related to your trip (e.g. restaurants or taverns), while staying aboard during your charter to ensure safety and comfort – they may even teach new sailing techniques or help rediscover confidence at the helm! Plus they will take responsibility for keeping all nautical rules abided by as part of their job!


As part of your Croatia yacht trip, make sure to ask your skipper for suggestions of local spots to visit – they know all of the most scenic natural sites, historical buildings and restaurants!

Skippers also possess great expertise when it comes to catamarans, which offer more stability than monohull sailing boats and greater comfort onboard. Relax on the deck while reading or brush up on your sailing skills – your skipper is available with helpful tips!

Additionally, they take on several extra responsibilities beyond guest safety such as maintenance, cleaning and check-in/check-out duties. With such physically-demanding work comes the inevitable weariness that results from all these duties; when encountered in such a state it’s understandable they may become short tempered; offering kindness (such as providing them a cold beverage) can quickly transform their mood into someone better to interact with.

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