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Rent a Boat With a Skipper in Croatia

Croatia is a breathtaking country replete with Mediterranean cuisine, lush forests, and breathtaking beaches. To experience all that this stunning destination has to offer, Click&Boat provides boat rentals with skipper services that allow travelers to rent boats in Croatia with their own skipper.

Choose between sailing yacht, motorboat or RIB charter to discover Croatia’s breathtaking coasts. Prices depend on boat type and duration.

Bareboat charters

A bareboat charter offers active sailing vacationers an unforgettable sailing vacation in Croatia on their terms. Ideal for experienced sailors navigating their yacht on their own without needing a skipper or captain as these charters tend to be cheaper. While bareboat charters may seem appealing as cheaper vacation options, it is important to be mindful of any risks involved with such charters and be wary of taking one on for yourself.

Bareboat yachts come in a range of sizes, from 2-cabin sailboats to larger 40-foot catamarans. Additionally, you may opt to add on the services of a skipper to make your voyage even more relaxing and enjoyable – though this will increase the rental costs slightly.

Croatia’s coast offers sailors an idyllic sailing adventure. Sandy beaches, national parks, Mediterranean cuisine and historic cities await your voyage of discovery on Croatian waters. On your next cruising excursion visit Dubrovnik (King’s Landing in Game of Thrones) or explore one of its islands or towns.

Crewed charters

Croatia offers stunning shorelines, picturesque islands and rich history – making it a prime boat rental destination. Boasting over 1,000 islands and long coastline, exploring Croatia by private yacht charter is endlessly fascinating!

Crewed yacht charter is an ideal way for those who seek luxury in their sailing holiday experience. An experienced crew will attend to every detail of your adventure while offering top-of-the-line cuisine and first-rate service on board the yacht.

Dock at lesser-visited islands to experience authentic Croatian culture, wine tastings and other excursions on land; then when it’s time to return, be welcomed home by an incredible sunset and delicious meal in a different spot each evening – an unforgettable way to explore Croatia as one of Europe’s top boating destinations!


Croatia is an idyllic sailing destination in Europe, thanks to its breathtaking natural landscape and delicious cuisine. Exploring Croatia’s Adriatic coast aboard either a bareboat charter or crewed yacht charter is an exciting journey filled with exciting moments and breathtaking sights.

Rent a sailboat, catamaran, motor yacht or cruiser according to your needs and budget. A small sailboat with two cabins costs approximately 2,000 Euro per week while a new 40-foot catamaran can accommodate eight-10 people comfortably. Large steel or wooden vessels may cost 4,000 – 6,000 Euro weekly for rentals.

Consider your trip’s length and whether or not it involves multiple ports before choosing your boat. A cruiser is often an ideal option, offering plenty of space and accommodating multiple guests comfortably; alternatively, consider motorboat or RIB options which provide faster transport with greater flexibility.

High season

Planning a sailing trip in Croatia involves many considerations. From rental prices and food expenses, to yacht purchase costs and all-inclusive packages that help reduce spending.

All-inclusive yacht charters are ideal for travelers who wish to relax while taking in Croatia’s natural scenery. Packages typically include the price of the yacht as well as fuel, tender boat with outboard engine, crew members, food, and beverages. Packages are generally more costly during high season; warm waters make this possible but crowds at tourist spots make your cruise an exciting adventure nonetheless – our expert skippers have local knowledge that enables them to navigate past peak traffic times for optimal enjoyment on every voyage!

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