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Rent a Boat With a Skipper in Croatia

Let an experienced skipper take charge of your boat and enjoy an unforgettable sailing adventure. Skippers in Croatia are available by the day, making sure that every aspect of your vacation runs smoothly from start to finish.

No matter if you prefer tranquil coves or visiting well-known cities such as Dubrovnik or Split, your skipper can advise on the ideal destinations based on your wishes.


Experienced skippers can help make your experience much more pleasurable and satisfying, from navigation and mooring duties, to offering advice about where you should visit depending on your personal tastes.

Skilled skippers understand local weather patterns and will be able to tailor your itinerary according. Additionally, they may suggest alternative places where it would be safer for you to spend the night if they believe sailing at your intended destination is unsafe.

Croatia offers an abundance of yachts available for rental with professional skippers to provide you with a memorable sailing vacation experience. No matter if it is romantic getaway or group boat tour you are after; there is sure to be one suitable.


Croatia offers endless islands, coves and ancient cities that provide the ideal setting for a sailing holiday. But if you don’t possess a sailing license or would prefer chartering without taking on responsibility of yacht handling yourself, renting a boat with skipper is the perfect solution!

Skippers are professional sailors and understand all of the rules and regulations involved with boating, so that your vacation can go off without a hitch and focus on creating unforgettable moments! Additionally, they will monitor weather forecasts to know where to head should conditions change; recommend restaurants/taverns as well as scenic sailing routes – making your Croatian cruise everything it could possibly be!

Local knowledge

Skippers possess more than just sailing experience; they possess in-depth knowledge of the islands and areas you will visit, making them the ideal guides to recommend the ideal destinations based on your tastes – be it quiet coves for swimming and snorkelling, lively nightlife in ancient cities, or scenic coves perfect for relaxation and solitude. Skippers know exactly where they should take you on their sailing experience journey!

Skippers also possess local expertise that will enable them to secure attractive offers and discounts at restaurants and party spots, helping ensure you experience all the Croatian gems on your list.

Renting a boat with Skipper Croatia can be both safe and effortless for novice or experienced sailors alike, with professional captains taking great care in keeping you secure while enjoying its gorgeous islands, breathtaking scenery, and vibrant culture. They will help make sure that your yachting experience truly unforgettable!


An experienced skipper will handle navigation while you and your guests take pleasure in Croatia’s breathtaking coastline. They can assist with creating your itinerary to suit your preferences – be it quiet coves, traditional dishes or lively nightlife scenes – as well as provide advice about where best to visit from their years of experience in this field.

Skippers typically cost $150-200 euros per day and must be provided with accommodation onboard and food throughout the journey. Some people also opt to invite their skipper on land for meals – however, tipping is optional and highly appreciated should their service meet expectations.

No matter your sailing expertise or lack thereof, renting a skippered boat rental is a fantastic idea for saving both time and increasing safety and peace of mind.

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