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Rent a Boat With Skipper Croatia

Renting a boat in Croatia is an ideal way to discover its breathtaking coastline and islands, offering both sailboats and motor yachts depending on your preference and budget.

Croatia offers excellent sailing conditions during its high season from July to August, making this an excellent time to rent a yacht with skipper services. Here are some compelling arguments in favor of hiring one.


Croatia, nestled on the stunning waters of the Adriatic Sea, provides a gorgeous canvas of nautical allure and captivating cultural mosaics. Boasting over 1000 islands of coastline with crystal blue waters – Croatia is truly a yachting enthusiast’s dream destination!

Experienced skippers know just the places for you! Your yachting itinerary will be tailor-made specifically to your interests – be that exploring hidden coves and beaches, dining at coastal restaurants or simply taking in Croatia’s rich history – your skipper is there to guide and show you around.

Your skipper will share their passion for Croatia with you and teach sailing tips and techniques if desired. Additionally, your skipper is an invaluable source for information regarding mooring spots, restaurants and other destinations you shouldn’t miss during your yacht charter in Croatia. A skipper fee typically ranges between 150EUR to 300EUR per day with their own cabin onboard included in this charge.

Local knowledge

Assuming you’ve hired an experienced skipper to lead your yacht in Croatian waters, sailing experiences will become truly tailor-made and unforgettable. Explore some islands over a weekend trip or embark on an extended sailing experience, an experienced skipper will ensure a safe and fun sailing journey!

Skippers in Croatia possess extensive knowledge of the Adriatic region, making them adept at suggesting mooring buoys, restaurants and sights worth seeing during your yacht charter experience. Should the weather conditions alter during your voyage they can also adjust your itinerary accordingly.

Skippers tend to rise early and will be ready with breakfast before your arrival on board. Furthermore, as professionals they have experience dealing with various social situations on board; so they will know how best to interact with your group based on its preferences.


Renting a boat in Croatia allows you to experience some of the most breathtaking landscapes in Europe, but it is imperative that safety precautions be taken so your sailing trip remains enjoyable and safe.

An experienced skipper knows his way around Croatian waters and can quickly assess the situation in the sea. He will keep an eye on weather predictions, alter the sail plan if necessary and know alternate places where you can spend the night if conditions become unfavorable.

Skippers will also be able to offer advice about the best restaurants and taverns on each island, along with scenic sailing routes that you should consider taking. They know all of the rules and regulations associated with maritime activities so they will ensure that your charter remains legal and compliant with laws.


Renting a yacht with skipper Croatia is one of the best ways to explore its stunning Adriatic coast. From hundreds of islands and breathtaking beaches, to historic medieval towns and vibrant ports – sailing is the way to see everything on offer here!

Your skipper will provide advice on the ideal sailing destinations based on your personal preferences. From private coves to exploring ancient cities every day, he or she can suggest suitable spots for your yacht charter experience.

Skilled skipper knowledge of Croatia’s weather allows them to adjust your itinerary as necessary, taking into account seabed features such as currents and winds when suggesting where and when to anchor. They ensure your sailing holiday goes exactly according to plan!

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