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Rent a Boat With Skipper Croatia

rent a boat with skipper Croatia

Experience Croatia’s coast on a bareboat charter with professional skipper! A yacht provides an ideal way to witness some of Adriatic’s breathtaking landscape.

Experience Croatia like never before on a 7-day live-on-board sailing voyage, sailing along Europe’s sunniest coastline while immersing yourself in its unique combination of culture, history, and cuisine.


Experienced captains are key in maintaining safety onboard. They oversee navigation and perform extra duties so the rest of the crew doesn’t need to.

Skippers can also assist in planning your voyage. They can recommend routes and sites of interest both on the islands and mainland. Furthermore, their knowledge of the region means they will know of restaurants, moorings and more that could make your voyage memorable.

For skipper-equipped boat rentals in Croatia, a valid licence that corresponds with your yacht size must be presented before taking delivery of it from a charter company. Without such documentation in hand, charter companies may refuse delivery – although such cases are rare – it would be prudent to double-check before booking via either the Coastal Skipper Licence or International Certificate of Competence (ICC). Finally, always remember travel insurance!

Sailing skills

Expert sailing skills are critical to having an enjoyable sailing trip, yet not everyone knows how to navigate a boat or adapt to different conditions such as weather changes or rocky shores. That is where hiring a skipper comes into play – they provide invaluable expertise that makes your voyage stress-free!

Your skipper can help ensure a safe and relaxing journey, showing you amazing natural sights as you sail. They may also guide you towards hidden treasures.

Croatian law mandates that those steering boats have a valid licence or certification, such as an International Certificate of Competence (ICC), to prove they possess sufficient sailing experience and demonstrate proficiency. You can obtain this document at any training school in your home country. Furthermore, travel insurance provides protection in case anything unexpected should happen while sailing.

Knowledge of the area

Croatia offers one of the largest selections of rental boats in the Mediterranean along its Adriatic coast, where one can rent sailboats and catamarans without skipper for anywhere between $150-500 per day on average; motor yachts tend to be easier for most people to handle and can typically be rented out for as little as $2,000 per week on average.

Whether exploring Dubrovnik or Kornati archipelago, hiring a boat with an experienced skipper is ideal. Skippers know where to moor, offer tips about local culture and activities, and can ensure a memorable and safe journey through Croatia’s many hidden treasures. Mooring buoys are perfect for longer voyages while marinas provide amenities like restaurants, cafes, showers & toilets. Ideally visiting Croatia during July-August for boat rentals would provide ideal conditions.


If you don’t possess a sailing license and would prefer someone else to manage all aspects of navigation for you, consider renting a skippered yacht in Croatia. A professional skipper will manage every detail while you relax on deck and soak up some sun.

Skippers are Croatian experts with extensive knowledge of Croatia’s islands and coastal towns, and can recommend restaurants or book excursions for you. Furthermore, they’re an invaluable source of information about its history, culture and lifestyle.

Croatia offers many beautiful bays and islands for exploring, with warm temperatures making these months ideal for renting a boat. But booking ahead can help ensure a hassle-free experience – our helpful booking agents can find a yacht that best fits your group size and preferences – sailboats are best suited to couples while catamaran yachts make for more accommodating groups like families.

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