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Rent a Catamaran or Sail Boat in Croatia

Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast offers sailing experiences suitable for beginners as well as more experienced sailors alike, from relaxing coastal cruising and island hopping, to more adventurous forms of sailing such as regatta racing.

Discover ancient ruins and historical cities along the coast! Seek out Diocletian’s Palace in Split or Trogir’s medieval town, designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Croatia’s breathtaking coastline makes it the ideal location to rent a catamaran for an exciting cruising experience. Boasting ancient cities, magnificent beaches, and idyllic islands that will leave you spellbound, Croatia offers sailing enthusiasts plenty of beautiful destinations and warm Mediterranean temperatures to discover by boat. There are also dozens of charming ports and marinas where you can moor your catamaran – such as Dubrovnik’s Old Town Harbor which sits within its ancient fortification walls and boasts plenty of restaurants and bars – offering sailing enthusiasts paradise!

Renting a catamaran in Croatia varies depending on several factors, such as boat type, location and length of stay. Catamarans generally cost more than monohulls but offer an unparalleled sailing experience while remaining spacious and comfortable enough for relaxing and taking in views along the coast. You can select from various sized catamarans ranging from motorboats to large luxury yachts.

If you’re seeking an exclusive sailing vacation, hiring a catamaran with a skipper might be just what the doctor ordered. These yachts were built for comfort with spacious cabins, well-equipped kitchens and stunning outdoor spaces – they make an excellent choice for families as they provide plenty of room to stretch out and unwind!

All-inclusive sailing packages offer travelers an easier travel experience, including yacht rental, food and beverage packages and the services of a captain throughout their voyage. These can be found online or through travel agencies.

Croatia offers ideal catamaran charter conditions from May through October, when temperatures are warmer and the waters are pristinely clear. In these months, you can experience all of its magnificent beauty without being jostled around by crowds of tourists.

Beginners would do well to hire a skipper for their trip. A skipper can assist in safely navigating Croatian waters and ensure your journey is enjoyable; additionally, they may provide advice regarding which route best fits your preferences.

Skipper or not

Croatia is one of Europe’s premier sailing destinations, featuring breathtaking coastlines, coves and centuries-old coastal towns. With its Mediterranean-esque climate and diverse landscape, Croatia makes a wonderful backdrop for catamaran yacht charter. Island hopping or long voyages out at sea; Croatia provides something special for every type of sailor!

Catamarans offer an enjoyable sailing experience in even rough conditions, offering stable navigation with spacious cabins and decks to provide plenty of room for you and your guests to unwind and relax. Catamarans also make a good option for sea sickness sufferers and are ideal for families with young children as their more spacious designs provide plenty of room for them to move about freely onboard.

Your catamaran rental experience in Croatia can vary according to your personal needs and sailing skills, from selecting one with or without a skipper based on your preferences and knowledge, but if you’re new to sailing it would be wise to go with one that comes equipped with one; that way you’re assured of safe passage while being freed up to take in all that Croatia offers! A skipper will take care of navigation, safety and operations leaving you free to appreciate its beauty while unburden yourself of responsibility when onboard – leaving both hands at work while leaving you freed up to focus on enjoying its attractions and delights while your skipper takes over responsibility of navigation, safety and operations leaving you freed up to enjoy Croatia!

Skippy will help you discover more of the islands and bays that may otherwise be difficult to access, while taking advantage of his local knowledge and expertise – making your trip all the more unforgettable. Alternatively, for experienced sailors looking to save money, opt for a bareboat charter option to save on rental costs.

Booking your charter well ahead of the summer season in Croatia is highly advised, particularly during its popular tourist seasons. Due to limited accommodation, popular islands can quickly fill up, making reservations wise. Furthermore, hotels should be reserved as soon as possible in order to guarantee accommodations.

From June to August is the peak sailing season in Croatia, so it’s wise to plan your voyage well ahead. Always consult weather forecasts when making plans, and organize an itinerary early so you can locate an appropriate boat for all.

Length of the trip

Croatia offers the ideal combination of warm Mediterranean weather and gentle sea breezes for an ideal yacht charter vacation experience. From stunning beaches to historic cities, this Eastern European country provides plenty of adventure. Explore idyllic islands surrounded by crystal-clear water; visit national parks; and uncover ancient relics along its charming coastline – Croatia truly provides something for everyone on this Eastern European vacation destination!

Before renting a catamaran or sailboat with a skipper, it is essential to consider the length of your trip. Longer trips typically require advance booking and may cost more; however, last-minute yacht charter deals often provide great value.

Consider price fluctuations between high and low seasons when selecting the duration of your charter. While June through September are traditionally popular months for yacht chartering, these can also be among the more costly times to book your boat – booking it at least eight months in advance can save up to 40% on actual costs!

Consider also how many guests will be in your group when chartering. Some yachts can accommodate up to 14 guests while others may have less. Typically, more guests mean higher costs; however, certain companies offer discounts for smaller parties.

If you want a truly all-inclusive yachting experience, check if your vessel offers trained hostess/chef services – this will save both time and money, especially if traveling with children or being susceptible to seasickness.

As well as bringing along a crew, yacht charter in Croatia requires basic provisions. Make sure you pack enough food, beverages and other supplies. In some instances, boat rental companies can purchase these supplies before your trip – making the experience much more convenient and stress-free than going shopping yourself on site.

Boat type

Croatia’s island-strewn coastline and crystal clear waters make it an idyllic sailing paradise, with Roman and Venetian relics dotting coastal cities’ historic past and stunning Dinaric Alps providing the backdrop to lush islands like Dubrovnik’s iconic terracotta roofs, hiking in Krka National Park or exploring ancient walled city Korcula providing ample opportunity to learn more about local culture.

Before choosing a catamaran charter for your trip, carefully consider the number of people and amenities important to you. Catamarans are known for providing ample space and comfort, ideal for relaxing during family outings or groups of friends getting together. Furthermore, their stability makes them the perfect vessel for sailing in choppy waters like those found in Adriatic Sea – whether with or without skipper.

Catamarans tend to be faster than monohulls, making them an excellent option for sailors who enjoy a challenging sailing experience. Catamarans are also ideal for exploring Croatia’s many stunning beaches and hidden coves.

Skippercity offers a selection of catamaran rentals designed to make your experience safe and pleasant, perfect for both relaxing and exploring national parks in Australia. Their simple platform connects users directly with boat owners in their area for a smooth and hassle-free sailing adventure.

Get planning now, and prepare yourself for an amazing adventure in Croatia! From beautiful scenery to gorgeous beaches, your vacation memories will live long after it ends. More and more people are turning to catamaran charters as a means of making their holiday truly enjoyable; choose one that fits both your needs and budget, and you are certain to have an incredible sailing adventure! Wishing you lots of success sailing!

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