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Rent a Yacht Croatia

rent a yacht croatia

Sailing yacht charters provide an unmatched combination of comfort and mobility, plus can be tailored to meet the individual needs of guests.

Start off your holiday right and experience light and healthy Mediterranean cuisine, explore forested mountains or visit Krka National Park’s waterfalls with a week-long yacht rental in Croatia – it promises an unforgettable journey with its coastal charm and vibrant hues! Don’t miss this European gem that promises an incredible voyage experience.

Choosing a boat

Croatia’s shimmering waters and stunning coastline provide plenty of opportunities for yacht chartering, from private yacht charters to luxurious experiences. No matter what your desired level is, you are sure to find the right boat. Prices of yacht rentals depend upon size, type, optional extras (final cleaning etc) as well as any local taxes due when renting one out in Croatia.

If you’re planning a Croatia yacht trip, be sure to book both accommodations and vessels well in advance. Summer months tend to be peak seasons for yacht rentals, and many boats fill up quickly.

To avoid disappointment, book your charter in late spring or fall when temperatures are warmer and less crowded than the peak summer season. These months also allow you to visit more remote beaches while seeing more coastal towns in Croatia. Many Croatia yachts feature powerful engines that make them easier for newcomers than sailboats; power catamarans offer additional efficiency with two narrow hulls instead of a wide one, thus reducing wave impact while simultaneously increasing efficiency.


Croatia offers stunning landscapes, culinary treats and vibrant culture for anyone visiting. Boasting over 1,000 islands to discover, this top European sailing destination will leave you breathless.

Cost of Yacht Rental can Vary Widely (by size and type of vessel, length of rental period and location). Furthermore, additional expenses such as crewing costs, fuel consumption and provisioning (Advanced Provision Allowance on luxury motor yachts) could have an effect on overall yacht rental cost.

Croatia is an ideal location to rent a yacht during its peak season of July-August. At this time of year, coastal towns come alive with events and festivals while you experience vibrant coastal towns first-hand. But keep in mind that this time is also peak season – more tourists than usual arrive and prices for boat rentals spike as a result of higher demand. To avoid crowds entirely, renting your yacht during shoulder seasons such as May-June or September-October might be more suitable.


Croatia is an ideal yacht charter destination, boasting stunning coastlines, historic towns and breathtaking national parks. Explore ancient Roman palaces, monasteries and ruins; or go scuba diving in crystal-clear waters. There are also many excellent restaurants serving local wines that await.

Croatia offers ideal sailing conditions between June and September; expect warm temperatures but less crowds than during July and August.

Croatia’s verdant landscapes are an absolute joy to behold, featuring jagged cliffs and fine pebble beaches. Relax on Kornati’s tranquil islands or Brac’s golden-hued Zlatni Rat beach for some peace and relaxation. Or visit historic Zadar with its marbled streets and pine-scented marinas; don’t forget historic Zadar with its marbled streets and pine-scented marinas for some history-rich strolling – enjoy marbled streets lined with pine needles for walking tours of marbled streets or stroll along marbled streets – rich culturally speaking. Illyrian, Roman, Venetian and Christian rule has left an incredible amount of cultural heritage which manifested in vibrant cuisine, glittering designer boutiques & nightlife which makes this authentic setting makes this country one of Europe’s premier yachting destinations!


A skipper is a yacht professional who will take care of all navigational aspects of sailing for you, making sure that you remain safe while taking you along an itinerary tailored specifically to meet your needs. He may suggest anchorage spots that offer ideal sea beds suitable for your boat type while offering shelter from local winds; plus they can assist with booking restaurants and activities locally.

Skippers are available on most of our catamarans, sailboats and gullets for your yacht charter experience. They will join you during embarkation and remain by your side throughout your yacht rental experience to advise you on which islands to visit, mooring/anchoring needs as well as teaching how to sail.

Skippers aren’t cleaners or maids – they have extensive knowledge about Croatian sailing and its surroundings and will make sure your holiday on board goes without a hitch. Furthermore, they’ll take great care to ensure it remains an enjoyable experience!

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