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Rent a Yacht in Croatia – A Yachter’s Paradise

Croatia’s stunning island-studded coastline and sparkling blue waters leave visitors breathless, as do its incredible cultural attractions such as Venetian palaces, glamorous designer shops and walled cities with Italian influence listed as UNESCO heritage sites.

Croatia offers ideal sailing conditions from July through mid-September for yacht rentals, when temperatures are warm with gentle breezes. Prices can range depending on yacht size and any optional extras such as catering services.


Croatia stands out among Europe’s yacht charter destinations for its idyllic coves, scenic national parks, and medieval towns. Boasting gorgeous waters, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, and incredible sailing adventures to make for an unforgettable trip – Croatia should be visited by any yachting enthusiast!

Cost of yacht charter in Croatia depends on a range of factors, from size and type of boat, season and location to motorboat versus sail/catamaran type and luxury yacht options available for renting. Motorboats are great for day trips exploring coastline while sail boats/catamarans provide ideal island hopping/long voyage experiences; luxury yachts provide more opulent experiences.

Mooring buoys and marinas in Croatia make for excellent yacht charter options, with the latter often offering more privacy and cost savings. Mooring buoys tend to offer greater privacy while marinas often include facilities like cafes, restaurants, showers & toilets – with additional mandatory extras (final cleaning fee/local tax included in rental price.). Final cleaning fees/local tax can also vary from vessel-to-vessel.


Croatia yacht rental provides an unforgettable sailing experience, from its over 1,000 islands, crystalline waters and historic coastal cities to Venetian palaces in Dubrovnik’s vibrant atmosphere and Benedictine charm in Hvar; yachters’ paradise!

Cost of Croatia Yacht Charters Dependent upon Season & Type, enjoy sailing aboard a sailboat for as little as $560/Day or opt for motor boats with up to 440 HP per Day; alternatively rent an RIB and cruise along its coastline!

For an easier sailing experience, try visiting Croatia during its shoulder seasons of May to June or September to October. Not only will the climate be pleasant and dry; you’ll also experience less crowding on beaches and national parks. But don’t worry: activities such as trying local cuisine or admiring its sights still await!


Croatia is an idyllic sailing experience. Boasting picturesque beaches, stunning national parks and delicious Mediterranean cuisine – Croatia provides an exceptional sailing adventure. Beyond its natural charm lies an array of history and culture to experience here.

Before embarking on your yacht charter journey, take care to research the area you intend to cruise and choose your dates carefully. Prices can quickly escalate during peak seasons such as July and August; to lower costs consider travelling during shoulder months like May, June, September or October instead.

No sailing experience necessary! Enjoying a yacht charter in Croatia doesn’t require having any prior sailing experience by hiring a skipper. They will take care in helping create an itinerary, suggest restaurants and towns to visit as well as providing safety equipment like first-aid kits and flares.


Croatia, known for its rich history of Illyrian, Roman, Christian and Venetian empires is a captivating island oasis. Home to sandy beaches, national parks, Mediterranean cuisine and charming towns; renting a yacht for either a weekend or week-long sailing expedition is the best way to fully appreciate all that Croatia offers.

Prices of yacht chartering vary in Croatia depending on vessel size, duration of cruise, additional services/amenities requested and all-inclusive charter packages that provide less expensive solutions.

Insurance policies for yachts in Croatia typically provide liability protection that protects people or objects on board the vessel as well as damage to itself, depending on its policy. Third-party damage and personal accident coverage is commonly included; additional coverage options such as cancellation or deposit insurance may also be offered by some companies.

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