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Sail Croatia 2024 – A Mediterranean Paradise

Discover Croatia’s beautiful coastlines, breathtaking natural wonders and vibrant culture on an intimate small ship cruise. Designed especially for honeymoons and other celebrations alike, a cruise through Croatia will leave lasting memories that you will treasure always.

MS Katarina, a modern top-class yacht offering luxurious cabins with private facilities and a terrace lounge and bar, will join Sail Croatia’s fleet this summer and operate both Explorer and VIP Navigator itineraries.

Discover Croatia’s breathtaking coastlines

Discover the Adriatic coast’s hidden coves, sun-kissed beaches and historic UNESCO heritage cities at your own pace on a luxury sailing trip. Choose between intimate sailboat cabins or top-class catamarans offering comfortable en suite rooms and ample deck space – our trips provide the ideal balance of comfort, adventure and flexibility!

Our sailing trips in Croatia range from leisurely island hopping to more challenging cruising for more experienced sailors. Enjoy swimming in idyllic bays, exploring historic port towns, watching spectacular sunsets or party until dawn aboard our VIP Navigator Cruise!

April through May and September-October are ideal pre/post season sailing months in Croatia, offering warm temperatures and steady winds that allow you to discover historic coastal towns and islands without the crowds of peak season.

Experience Croatia’s rich culture and traditions

Enjoying cocktails on picturesque waterfronts or exploring ancient villages is the ideal combination of relaxation and adventure on a sail Croatia tour. Discover more of this Mediterranean paradise as you gain insights into its diverse culture and traditions.

April, May and June offer mild temperatures with low prices, providing ideal conditions for sailing and sightseeing activities. While the water can still be considered suitable for swimming without wearing a wetsuit, sailing tours offer great sights.

July is peak season in Croatia with higher prices and crowds; yet also when weather conditions are best. Sunny days, ideal sea temperatures for swimming, warm winds and dining like a local are hallmarks of paradise during this month. Savour freshly caught seafood dishes alongside traditional meals of smoked meat, cheese, olives and pickles served alongside bread during meals before relaxing with a beverage while watching the sun cast its colors across the Adriatic – Sail Croatia offers everything from intimate sailboat cabins tucked into coves to modern top-class catamarans equipped with ample on deck space – to provide you with an ultimate luxury cruising experience.

Enjoy a luxurious cruising experience

Are you yearning to relax by picturesque waterfronts or explore ancient villages while learning more about Croatia’s vibrant culture and traditions? Join Stoke Travel and Sail Croatia on their luxury yachts for an unforgettable sailing voyage that takes in sun-kissed beaches, UNESCO heritage cities and spectacular natural wonders – it’s guaranteed to leave an impressionful memory behind!

Dive into unparalleled marine luxury onboard MS Katarina, their latest fleet addition for summer 2024. This beautiful vessel can accommodate 36 travellers comfortably in spacious cabins with private ensuite facilities and offers the jacuzzi or relaxing on spacious decks beneath Mediterranean sun before retreating back to terrace lounge and bar for some drinks while watching sunset transform the sky into colors of orange and purple.

April and September are prime pre and post-season sailing months, with warm water temperatures and reliable winds providing ample opportunity for exploration of historic coastal towns and charming islands with far fewer crowds and reduced costs than during peak season. Prices also drop significantly.

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Croatia is your Mediterranean fantasy: its beautiful beaches, historic port cities steeped in history and breathtaking natural beauty are unmatched anywhere else in Europe. Our Croatia sailing cruises take you to unspoiled coves and dramatic waterfalls; charming villages hidden behind ancient walled towns; vibrant city centers filled with nightlife and local cuisine – the possibilities are truly endless!

Our trips sail year-round, but for maximum experience of Croatia we suggest travelling from April to October, when savings, steady winds and ideal water temperatures make for unforgettable swims. High summer brings with it peak tourist season; however our experienced skippers know exactly how to navigate around all of its main attractions while providing everyone aboard with an authentic yet comfortable cruise experience.

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