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Sail Croatia 2024 – A New Summer Fly/Cruise/Tour Package

sail croatia 2024

Sail Croatia has unveiled a 19-night summer fly/cruise/tour package encompassing both Croatia and Greece’s stunning islands and breathtaking landscapes. This journey features both an overland tour and Ponant cruise for maximum sightseeing experiences.

2024 will see Katarina join our fleet, an intimate luxury yacht designed to host up to 36 privileged guests on Explorer and VIP Navigator itineraries.

The programme

An unforgettable yachting holiday awaits in Croatia with its sun-drenched landscapes, picturesque islands and rich cultural heritage. Spend your days soaking up rays on idyllic beaches while diving off cliffs and subterranean bays or exploring historic port cities – sipping cocktails at yacht bars along the way with newfound friends!

Our new cruises aboard the luxurious MS Katarina and MV Tempera provide the ideal luxury yachting lifestyle, whether taking part in our Wine of Croatia trip or exploring Korcula and Hvar island gems. Both vessels boast spacious decks, luxurious cabins, and sophisticated interiors for an enjoyable yachting experience.

Early May is an excellent pre-season sailing period in Croatia, offering savings and warm temperatures with steady winds for an authentic coastal cruising experience. September and October offer shorter days but still warm waters temperatures with steady winds.


Katarina Du Couteau was raised to become one of Noxus’s most skilled assassins by Marcus Du Couteau. She often sought his approval and challenged herself during each mission she undertook, leading her into Schemean army service as one of its premier warriors.

Katarina is part of the PROJECT Collection along with Sylas, Vi, Irelia, Katarina, Lucian and Fiora – giving you an unstoppable team against any enemy! Collect all six and unleash them all for ultimate victory.

Katarina wears this skin while sporting the referee outfit from FIFA World Cup 2018, complete with extra short shorts and striped shirt, her hair bleached white and extra short shorts – this makes an excellent way to commemorate and add variety to your roster! A must-have if you love soccer World Cup & its characters!


Tempera is an artistic medium created by hand-grinding dry pigment into a binder or binding agent such as egg yolk, milk or plant gums. Once thinned out it resembles acrylic paints but has more of a matte and powdery finish more akin to pastels than modern acrylics. Tempera paint is an exceptionally durable, water-resistant medium that’s not particularly affected by changes in temperature or humidity, making it suitable for creating both transparent and opaque effects. Drying time can also be reduced using a mister sprayer. Tempera can be used to produce large-scale preparatory cartoons for tapestries and murals, and to retouch damaged drawings. Tempera also makes an excellent varnish for paintings as its low odor and non-toxicity make for easier cleanup when water alone is used instead of solvents which would damage canvas or wood panels.

Night Sky

Sailing Croatia’s beautiful coast is the ultimate way to discover its medieval walled cities, stunning natural wonders and tiny islands dotted across its crystal clear waters. Gain insight into its rich history and culture on a luxury small ship cruise with Stoke Afloat.

May and September offer ideal pre/post season cruising conditions with warm water temperatures, steady winds and reduced crowds than during peak season.

+ BILLIONS OF STARS (+ Feature) – Experience the night sky like never before with over 1.7 billion stars streaming through the cloud, using super deep zoom to reveal celestial events such as Moon shadows and eclipses.

June marks the beginning of Croatia’s high season with warmer temperatures, busyer waters and higher prices for yacht rentals. Our local skippers know exactly how to navigate the most popular ports without crowding them out; making it possible for unforgettable swims in idyllic waters and relaxing on board your luxury catamaran.

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