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Sail Croatia 2024 – Discover Croatia on a Luxury Yacht Charter

sail croatia 2024

Imagine sailing Croatia’s sparkling azure waters aboard a luxurious yacht – Sail Croatia 2024 makes this dream come true, offering cruises starting from only EUR819 per person!

Experience sun-kissed beaches, medieval walled cities and breathtaking natural wonders on these amazing small ship voyages – book now with us to make it part of your itinerary!

The Perfect Time to Sailing in Croatia

Yacht chartering is the perfect way to experience Croatia, and Sail Croatia has announced that Katarina – a luxurious super yacht with an elegant design – will join their fleet for summer 2024 and operate their Explorer and VIP Navigator itineraries.

Sail Croatia’s luxurious vessel can accommodate up to 36 privileged guests at any one time and comes equipped with kitchen facilities and ample lounge areas. Their experienced skippers will work around busier parts of their cruise, ensuring everyone has an amazing experience!

September is an ideal month for sailing as it marks the start of post-season pricing and less crowds at marinas and beaches. Weather remains pleasant enough for swimming and there is usually reliable winds.

April – October

An April cruise offers the ideal opportunity for those seeking to escape crowds and experience Croatia’s picturesque scenery in peace. Warm waters allow for relaxing swims while pleasant temperatures permit gentle cruising and island hopping.

Sail Croatia recently welcomed Katarina, a luxury yacht built to showcase the best of Croatia. Equipped with 36 seats and featuring amenities such as jacuzzis, modern decor and terrace lounge/bar areas – Katarina allows passengers to fully appreciate a day at sea.

Discover Croatia’s stunning beauty this month on a Sail Croatia private flotilla vacation and make lifelong friendships while sailing with like-minded people on one of our flotilla itineraries, encompassing its stunning islands and UNESCO World Heritage sites, partying in caves, castles and 15th century turrets with your fellow sailers or exploring its rich history through medieval cities with astonishing architecture – this idyllic Mediterranean country offers something for all travel styles and budgets! Our itineraries provide sightseeing activities combined with leisurely sailing that cater to all travel styles and budgets alike.

July – August

July is peak sailing season, which can mean higher yacht and airfare costs but also offers smaller crowds at ports and islands, warm temperatures for swimming in the sea and winds that tend to be light to moderate for an authentic sailing experience.

October marks the beginning of post-season yacht charters, offering cooler temperatures and lower prices than during their prime months. Enjoy sailing as well as sightseeing to discover fortified towns, pristine beaches, and stunning island vistas!

Sailing Croatia is the ideal way to experience this European paradise, offering up the chance to discover UNESCO World Heritage sites, sample delectable wines, dine in historic port cities and experience its history, culture and cuisine on one of our cruise packages or yacht charters! For an adventure fit for family fun, romance or adrenaline rush – Croatia has everything. Amongst its blue waters of the Adriatic Sea lies an oasis full of natural wonders, vibrant culture and intriguing history waiting to be uncovered – you won’t want to miss it all!

September – November

Discover Croatia’s idyllic coastline on a yacht charter and uncover its forested shorelines, beautiful beaches and rich maritime heritage. Learn about its cuisine and culture while traveling through fortified port cities and medieval villages with Stoke Afloat. Sip coffee while admiring Venetian-era palaces while uncovering Croatia’s picturesque coastal landscapes and islands!

September and October remain warm from summer temperatures with wonderful steady winds for authentic sailing adventures in Dalmatian islands. Plus, prices drop significantly so this makes an excellent time for mature travellers looking for an authentic sailing vacation in Croatia without crowds!

An adventure awaits aboard either your own private yacht or joining fellow travellers on a flotilla: Croatia offers sailing holidays with skippered sailing excursions that will fulfill all your holiday fantasies. Sip cocktails by picturesque waterfronts, explore ancient villages and gain insight into its rich culture from your expert skipper!

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