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Sail Croatia 2024 – Luxury Yacht Charters in Croatia

Sail to Croatia’s majestic coastline in style on a luxury yachting voyage and discover stunning island vistas and historic port towns on an exciting voyage. Choose from various itineraries for an unparalleled marine luxury experience – complete with comfortable cabins featuring private en suite bathrooms and sun decks for relaxation.

Yachting trips during April-June and September provide ideal temperatures and consistent winds to provide authentic sailing experiences. At peak season prices can increase significantly and crowds become larger;

Discover the Dalmatian Coast

Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast — stretching along the Adriatic Sea — boasts striking natural beauty. Glistening azure waters lap pristine beaches, dense pine forests, limestone cliffs, epic mountains in the north, while also boasting rich culture and traditions through charming old towns, intricate medieval churches, delectable cuisine and tasty traditions.

Early May yachting trips provide ideal conditions, enabling visitors to avoid high season crowds and experience Croatia in all its glory. September and October sailing trips also make an ideal option, providing shorter days, cooler water temperatures, and steady winds for an authentic sailing adventure experience.

Join one of our small group cruises with expert bilingual guides and luxury catamarans for a more immersive experience! Visit Dubrovnik, enjoy local wines, explore Korcula Island, and more in just 8 to 22 days – you’ll leave with unforgettable memories and new friendships!

Experience Croatia’s rich culture and traditions

Croatia is an upstanding nation with an abundant culture that demonstrates this pride of identity through its colorful culture. Drawing influence from Mediterranean traditions as well as Eastern and Central European ones, its heritage offers a vibrant melting pot of traditions. These influences combine into an intriguing culture with vibrant historic towns – visit Dubrovnik’s 16th century walls for example or wander among the medieval remains at Split’s Diocletian Palace for example!

An unforgettable way to discover Croatia is with a cruise tour. A cruise can help you explore stunning coastline, historic towns and participate in activities like hiking or snorkeling.

Stoke Travel’s Croatia sailing trips are offered aboard our state-of-the-art MS Katarina ship, designed specifically to accommodate up to 36 privileged guests on every sailing excursion. Fully equipped with cutting edge marine technology and boasting luxurious cabins featuring private en suites – this sophisticated yacht-like vessel was specially crafted for Croatia cruising season 2024!

Indulge in unparalleled marine luxury

Motor Yacht Casablanca, Croatia’s finest mini cruiser, can accommodate a maximum of 36 charter guests at once. Onboard accommodations feature 19 beautifully furnished twin or double cabins complete with en suite bathrooms, air conditioning and TV; tasty onboard food service options (such as the fully inclusive beer and sangria bar which saves end of trip bill stress), tasty cocktails at our beer and sangria bar as well as on deck parties all ensure an amazing trip experience.

Stoke Travel provides the ultimate luxurious sailing experience in Croatia. Set sail and discover jaw-dropping natural wonders, charming villages, and cultures both ancient and modern!

SailWeek Croatia offers high seas hilarity like no other destination on your bucket list! Celebrate life at sea while dancing on boat rafts, tugging ropes and trading sides; this all forms part of its legendary atmosphere – perfect for anyone wanting a break from daily work life and making new friends while exploring hidden coves, sipping coffee in 15th century towers and sipping sunset cocktails at UNESCO-protected islands.

Discover the new MS Katarina

Built in 2019, the elegant MV Katarina makes for an unforgettable small group cruise in Croatia. She can accommodate 38 passengers comfortably in modern cabins featuring double or twin beds with private facilities, portholes or windows for ventilation, air conditioning, LCD television screens and air conditioning systems.

Katarina will join Sail Croatia’s fleet this summer and serve both our Explorer and VIP Navigator itineraries, giving guests access to secluded bays, historic towns, and island-hopping.

Explore Croatia on a deluxe yacht cruise this summer and experience its splendor on an affordable sailing holiday. Swim through crystal-clear waters, discover picturesque islands, and learn about Croatia’s rich culture and traditions! With our 2024 programme now live at prices starting from just PS719 per week-long cruise, make your sailing dreams come true and book today to reserve your place.

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