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Sail Croatia: Discover the best city ports in Croatia by sailing

The best places to anchor when sailing Croatia in your SkipperCity boat rental…

Croatia, situated at the crossroads of many cultures, will provide you with a rich and varied history, stunning scenery, and a dream environment. The ports of Zadar, Split, and Dubrovnik are excellent places to dock when sailing Croatia. The marinas are tidy, new, and convenient, and they all have easy access to the city and nearby islands, allowing you to get the best out of your Croatia boat ride.


Zadar is a port city with direct access to the Adriatic Sea and is part of the Dalmatia district, which covers the southern half of Croatia. The city of Zadar was a fortress until the late 18th century, and the Roman and Venetian ruins of its peninsular Old Town make it an interesting destination to learn about the city’s rich history.

The city now has a wide harbor where you can charter a boat and dock it. This is a fantastic way to see the surrounding islands and get a different perspective on the region. Tours to Pag, Biograd na Moru, and Dugi otok are all conveniently accessible from Zadar.

Zadar’s ports

  • Port of Zadar
  • Old City Port
  • D-Marin Marina
  • Marina Zadar
  • New Passenger Port of Gazenica

Sightseeing in Zadar for your Croatian sailing vacation

A day trip to the National Park of Plitvice, an hour and a half from Zadar and a UNESCO world heritage site, is worthwhile. The park provides spectacular views of the Dinaric Mountains, woodland paths, and tourists can marvel at the 16 interconnected terraced lakes cascading into one another.

The Church of St. Donatus is made up of a number of large church structures. The Cathedral of St. Anastasia, Dalmatia’s largest church, is particularly important. It was founded to commemorate Anastasia of Sirmium, a patron saint and early Christian martyr. The Basilica of St. Donat is located in close proximity to the cathedral. This early Christian church has been exceptionally well preserved. It is regarded as an emblem of Zadar. Saint Donat is now used for a variety of activities, including classical music evenings, thanks to its excellent acoustics.


Make a point of visiting Dubrovnik while sailing Croatia.

Dubrovnik, also known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” is situated in the very south of Croatia. There are many scenic places to visit in the district, and the town also serves as a film and television set for a number of well-known films and TV shows, drawing thousands of tourists.

Lokrum, Lopud, Mljet, and Korcula islands are some of the islands nearest to Dubrovnik. Every has its own breathtaking landscapes, beaches, historical landmarks, and well-known filming locations. Renting a cruise in Dubrovnik is a fantastic way to get to know the city and its environs, allowing you to see the best tourist attractions while both relaxing on the sea and enjoying your Croatia boat ride.

Dubrovnik’s ports

  • Old city harbor Dubrovnik
  • Trading port in the district of Gruz
  • Marina ACI Marina

Sightseeing in Dubrovnik for your Croatian sailing vacation

It was common practice in the Middle Ages to build walls around settlements. The Dubrovnik City Wall is regarded as one of the better preserved Middle Ages defensive walls.

As a result, the Wall has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mainland side of the wall is 4-6m wide, while the sea-side wall is 1.5-3m high. The wall’s tallest point is 25 meters high.

Within the city wall, there are five fortresses, three of which are built into the wall and two of which stand alone. Today, visitors can tour the city walls and enjoy a spectacular view of the city and the Adriatic Sea.

There are many lovely stores, cafes, and restaurants in the old town where you can relax quietly and watch the bustle go by. Many remarkable structures can be found here, including the Dubrovnik Cathedral, which is well worth a visit.


Split is Croatia’s second largest city, and the locals refer to it as the capital of Dalmatia. The port, which is surrounded by mountains and sits directly on the Adriatic Sea, has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers many breathtaking sights to see on your Croatia boat tour.

Split has a number of small islands that are easily accessible by motorboat or sailboat. If you rent a boat in Split when sailing Croatia, you can go on a day trip to Brac, Hvar, olta, or Ciovo, giving you the chance to see less touristy locations. The islands are lush with vegetation and sparsely populated. Beautiful little beaches, some of which are less frequented by other visitors, can be found here. So you may unwind in these little Adriatic paradises away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Split’s Ports

  • The port of Split
  • Sumartin ferry port in Brac
  • Supetar ferry port in Brac
  • Hvar harbor
  • Rogač, main ferry port in Solta
  • Maslinica marina in Solta
  • Stomorska has the oldest port in Šolta and a marina
  • Marina in Ciovo

Sightseeing in Split for your Croatian sailing vacation

The Diocletian’s Palace is a Roman monument that has been well restored. From 284 to 305 AD, Diocletian was the Roman Emperor. The emperor wanted a palace near his birthplace to spend his final years, so the palace was built. Around the same time, the building’s site was conveniently selected because it was built in the heart of the Roman Empire. The palace has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.

Many portions of the palace have been well restored and are open to the public. The Golden Gate, Silver Gate, Bronze Gate, and Iron Gate, as well as the cathedral, mosque, vestibule (an antechamber to the imperial apartments), and cellars, are among these structures.

Another sight not to be overlooked is the Marjan, a wooded, preserved park located west of Split. The zoological and botanical gardens that surround the Marjan offer opportunities for a relaxed picnic or other activities.

Sv. Jere Church, a small church in the park, stands in an idyllic location surrounded by greenery and is well worth a visit. You can also get a great view of Split and the Adriatic Sea from Marjan Nature Park. Climbers who are bold enough to ascend the peak will be greeted with a breathtaking experience.

Croatia is an ideal sailing destination due to its many islands and islets near to the coast. To hire a yacht, sail Croatia, and start your Croatia boat trip right now.

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