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Sail in Croatia With a Skipper

Sailing Croatia with a professional skipper for an unforgettable experience. Choose from motorboats, sailboats and catamarans.

Croatia offers sailing enthusiasts numerous sailing adventures. With more than 1,000 islands and an idyllic Adriatic coast, Croatia provides plenty of sailing adventures – whether you want to sail through its tranquil coves or island hop to charming coastal towns, a skipper can tailor a sailing itinerary that matches your specific preferences.

Kornati Islands

One of the best ways to explore Croatia’s stunning islands and coastline is by boat. Boasting idyllic turquoise waters, tranquil moorings, picturesque villages and memorable experiences like island hopping – ideal for both experienced sailors and novices – island hopping can provide an incredible adventure. You may wish to sail around Kornati Islands, discover hidden bays or enjoy Croatia’s expansive mainland coastline on one of these skippered yacht charters; all are bound to find something for themselves here.

Kornati Islands, often referred to as the ‘Garden of Adriatic’, are an absolute must-see for sailing enthusiasts. Boasting 89 karstic islands and reefs teeming with marine life – perfect for island hopping, snorkeling or diving – as well as boasting unique vegetation including fig trees and olive groves.

The islands of Croatia boast many tranquil coves and beaches that provide the ideal setting for relaxation and sunbathing. Their rugged cliffs feature sinkholes typical of their karstic terrain, while their crystal-clear waters boast abundant fish.

When renting a private yacht in Croatia, hiring a local skipper to navigate it is absolutely essential. In fact, hiring one is required by law in order to protect against potential damages to both yourself and the charter company, while assuring a safe and enjoyable trip for all crew members onboard.

A skipper will provide guidance in selecting the most efficient routes and anchorages, advising on interesting sailing locations such as colorful island villages. In addition, they’ll ensure all necessary safety requirements are met as well as provide essential navigation equipment as well as provisions such as food and beverage.

Click&Boat offers you an excellent opportunity for an unforgettable sailing experience when renting a boat with a skipper in Kornati. Perfect for those without sailing experience who’d rather have someone guide them through the water, Click&Boat allows you to rent boats with skippers in Kornati so you can experience sailing to Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar without ever needing a license!


Dubrovnik offers many attractions for sailing holidays. From its idyllic beaches to hidden coves, it boasts natural wonders and historical landmarks that provide the ideal atmosphere to sunbathe and swim in complete serenity. Furthermore, Dubrovnik serves as the departure point for many popular sailing destinations including Mljet National Park, Korcula Island, and Kotor Bay – not forgetting its central position as Croatia’s primary naval hub!

With multiple yacht charter options and skippered charter options available to Dubrovnik visitors, there’s plenty of ways to discover its coasts. Experienced sailors may want to rent a sailboat or powerboat without an experienced captain aboard; for an easier experience book one of these experiences instead.

Dubrovnik offers some of the ideal conditions for renting a boat: spring and late summer temperatures are warm yet not intense, while July and August experience peak season, with overcrowded cruise ports and an increased population of tourists. To escape crowds more easily, try renting your vessel between April, May, September or October if that suits better for you.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an experienced sailor, Click&Boat makes sailing Croatia accessible for everyone by offering yacht charter with skipper options. Our expert team can assist in finding the ideal boat and route suited to your skill level while keeping within your budget constraints.

Our extensive fleet of yachts allows us to offer charter options to fit every taste and budget, from luxurious catamaran charters to budget bareboat rentals – and everything in between! Book online, call us, or even hold any available boat for 24 hours without incurring a reservation fee before making a decision on it! With our user-friendly platform, booking a charter can be done in just one click.


Renting a boat in Split is an ideal way to experience the stunning Dalmatian coast and islands. Choose from motorboats, sailboats and catamarans – motorboats make for great day trips while sailboats or catamarans offer island hopping possibilities. Additionally, yacht chartering may provide more luxurious experience. Once you’ve selected your vessel of choice, arrange pick-up details, meet the skipper, and begin sailing!

Split is an historic seaport with a rich naval tradition, popularly known for sailing. There are multiple marinas offering sailing trips. Additionally, its city center features stunning architecture that gives off romantic vibes at night; making Split an excellent choice for relaxing cruises as well as adventurous excursions alike.

Sailing can be an exciting and exhilarating activity for all the family, whether for an afternoon in Split or exploring Croatia’s islands and coastline over several days. Boat rentals with skipper are available throughout Split; from luxurious yachts to basic sailboats.

When choosing a boat, keep your trip type and size of group in mind when selecting an option. For longer journeys, renting a yacht or catamaran with an experienced skipper will provide greater peace of mind and safety.

If you’re looking for an economical charter option, bareboating might be just what’s needed. This form of sailing charter is much cheaper than renting with crew but still provides the same level of service. Additionally, twin sailing offers great flexibility as both families can travel together while maintaining individual privacy on separate vessels.

Split’s best time to rent a boat is from May through October when weather and crowds are favorable. If this time period doesn’t suit, try visiting during tail end high season dates like May, June and September when bookings may still be possible.


Yacht rentals offer the ideal way to discover Croatia. This country offers gorgeous national parks and archipelagos that will delight sailing enthusiasts of any kind; Kornati Islands National Park boasts more than 100 islands and islets, making it perfect for boating trips; Krka National Park features waterfalls that create an impressive natural scene – both provide fantastic experiences!

Renting a boat with a skipper is an ideal solution for people without sailing licenses, or those seeking a stress-free holiday experience. Skippers possess years of experience sailing Croatia’s waters, and will customize the itinerary according to your personal tastes – be it relaxing on a tranquil beach or exploring ancient cities – your skipper can help make sure every moment counts during your holiday!

Zadar’s tourism season reaches its peak between July and August, so beaches and islands will likely be busy. But you can still have a wonderful time by renting a boat in April or May; weather conditions are warm and sunny while prices are much more reasonable compared to July/August.

Boating provides the ideal way to access many beautiful beaches near Zadar. Beach Borik and Beach Kolovare are popular spots for swimming and sunning themselves on sunny beaches like these; their waters are pure while being well protected against strong winds.

Tubber and Borrow a Boat offer yacht charter services in Zadar. Both offer traditional sailing yachts to luxury catamaran charters; their boats can be found at Zadar Marina, Borik Marina, Petrcane Marina, Olive Island Marina and Preko Marina. You can book your charter through these companies online or over the phone; they’ll provide all the paperwork for your trip as well as additional fees or charges that may need to be paid upon booking your charter – they can even help select an ideal type of boat!

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