Sailing Croatia Charter

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Sailing Croatia Charter

Sailing is very common in Croatia because it helps you to take advantage of the gorgeous weather when exploring the Adriatic coast.

The stunning scenery along the Adriatic coast offers a wide range of vacation options, including the opportunity to discover the wonders of the crystal sea, sandy and pebble beaches, hidden bays, picturesque ports, and numerous seaside resorts. With all of your senses, you will be able to appreciate its unspoiled and incredible natural beauty.

Sailing in Croatia allows you to relax and enjoy good food and wine during your vacation. You can choose from a wide range of yachts, ranging from small sailing boats to luxury yachts.

Chartering comes in a variety of forms. Choose a bareboat charter without a skipper if you believe you meet the requirements for independent sailing. Crewed charter is recommended for those who want a skipper to manage the yacht or a crew to handle navigation and provisioning.

The cost of a boat is determined by the length of the charter, the duration of the charter, the year of manufacture, the quality and quantity of the equipment, and sometimes the location of the base.