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Sailing Holidays in Croatia

Croatia’s breathtaking coastline provides the ideal combination of laid-back cruising and island hopping, boasting thousands of unspoiled islands and tranquil inlets as well as charming harbours full of history.

Sailing holidays Croatia offer something to suit travellers of all ages and experience levels; experienced local skippers ensure every visitor can make the most of this stunning natural landscape.

The Adriatic Sea

Azure waters dotted with over 1,000 islands offer gentle cruising and island hopping for beginners, while experienced sailors can take advantage of frequent strong mistral winds – also known as “Lebic” breezes – which provide regular strong mistral winds with gusts known to cause sudden drops in air pressure that make sailing conditions more challenging.

Croatia’s Adriatic Sea offers idyllic beaches, charming old towns steeped in history and delicious seafood to make for an idyllic Mediterranean paradise. Relax aboard a luxurious sailboat or catamaran at one of Croatia’s modern marinas for the ideal yacht charter holiday experience!

On our Sail Croatia itinerary, you will explore Trogir – a UNESCO-listed ancient small town – then sail to Brac with its lovely Zlatni Rat beach and sail onward to Vis and Korcula before arriving at Mljet’s peaceful national park for some peaceful sailing time. Additionally, one of our skippers can take you directly to Pasjaca Beach which can only be accessed through tunneling through cliff faces!

The Croatian Coastline

Croatia’s glittering coastline can best be explored from the sea. Soft sand beaches, protected coves and ancient Roman relics all await along its famed 1000 islands – so get on board and discover Croatia!

An Adriatic sailing holiday will reveal picturesque coastal towns steeped in history, welcoming restaurants and bars, and friendly locals – not to mention its crystal-clear waters, which make sailing such a pleasure.

Sailing holidays in Croatia are an increasingly popular activity throughout the summer season, yet April to May or September offers the optimal conditions for yacht chartering. Prices drop, temperatures remain comfortable yet not unbearably hot, and steady winds create an authentic Croatian sailing experience.

The Croatian Islands

Croatia is blessed with gorgeous turquoise waters, peaceful islands, and historic harbour towns brimming with history – making its coastline one of the most stunning in all of Mediterranean. Over 1,000 inhabited islands offer gentle island hopping for beginners while experienced sailors can take advantage of calm conditions with occasional strong mistral winds that sweep along its coastline.

May is considered pre-season for sailing trips in Croatia and offers great savings in terms of airfare and yacht rates. With warm temperatures and steady winds, May makes an ideal time for experiencing its splendor by sea without crowds being present.

Hvar promises you peaceful coves that won’t require sharing, stylish bars and an exquisite marina. Korcula Town provides an intriguing glimpse into history with its medieval walls and quiet beaches; Cres is the ultimate Croatian island, boasting oaky forests with cliffs rising high over sandy beaches as well as being home to majestic griffons that often fly down for meals!

The Croatian Weather

Croatia has much milder temperatures in its southern half due to the Adriatic Sea’s moderating effect, meaning winters tend to be milder while summers can reach temperatures that would normally be expected from a country with such a continental climate.

April brings sunny, pleasant days with just a hint of warmth as spring flowers blossom and bura winds subside. By late May, however, the season is officially underway with ferries running their summer schedules.

June is an ideal month for exploring the coastline without crowds of people, while July sees some of the hottest temperatures and boasts some of the best swimming conditions, with waters reaching 25 degrees on average.

Autumn (September to November) heralds a gradual decrease in temperatures as the sun recedes below the horizon, while rainy or “kisovito” weather unleashes nature’s drama with showery displays that range from light drizzles to intense downpours.

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