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Sailing Holidays in Croatia

Croatia offers stunning coastlines and charming towns for an idyllic sailing holiday experience, suitable for beginners as well as experienced sailors alike. No matter what type of sailing experience or interests you possess, Croatia has something special in store to meet any sailor’s needs and tastes.

As first-time sailors, we recommend selecting a trip led by an experienced local skipper who can recommend routes and adjust according to changing weather conditions.


Croatia’s coastal paradise is made for sailing. Boasting thousands of unspoilt islands and tranquil inlets surrounded by calm waters, its idyllic coast makes an idyllic sailing paradise that allows sailors to experience gentle island-hopping or more thrilling excursions.

Croatia offers the ideal conditions for sailing between May and late September. Weather and water conditions remain comfortable during this period. Alternatively, sailing in early November could also be possible depending on your temperature preferences.

Based on your preferences, you have two charter options to consider when booking a yacht: skippered yacht charter or bareboat. Both options offer their own distinct advantages, though for novice sailors it may be beneficial to opt for an excursion led by an experienced local skipper; this will enable them to learn about the region while building sailing skills while being advised of any changes due to weather fluctuations and route recommendations from your skipper.

Croatia offers many itineraries for sailing holidays, but one thing is for certain – expect to spend plenty of time exploring its islands and coastal towns. Expect ancient historic cities like Dubrovnik and Pula as well as natural splendor such as Krka National Park; discover hidden bays while sampling delectable seafood cuisine!

Croatia has quickly become a top choice for luxury sailing holidays in recent years, providing travelers with an ideal combination of relaxation and adventure through swimming, snorkelling, hiking and other activities – perfect for those wanting a break from everyday life!

Sailing holiday companies typically provide early boarding* services for passengers arriving at the departure point early, giving you plenty of time to explore your surroundings and sample local cuisine before your voyage begins.

Sailing holidays in Croatia offer something to fit all ages and budgets. Stoke Travel, known for their party tours, offers sailing holidays that feature itineraries around the Adriatic coast that provide fun experiences with other young travellers. These itineraries can also help people with limited sailing experience have an enjoyable trip!

Boat type

Sailing holidays in Croatia offer an incredible way to explore its beautiful islands and coastline. From gentle island-hopping excursions to exhilarating mistral winds, Croatia’s sailing experience will enthrall any traveller – and there are various boat types available when planning one in Croatia, including skippered and bareboat charters.

First time sailors should generally book a sailing adventure with an experienced local skipper to ensure a safe and enjoyable sailing experience as they learn their sailing skills. Skippers can recommend routes as weather changes dictate them; in addition, they’re adept at providing information on top swimming spots, attractions, restaurants and islands worth visiting. Experienced sailors may prefer booking a bareboat charter; this option requires at least an ICC (International Certificate of Competence) certification prior to charter.

When selecting a boat type for sailing holidays in Croatia, it’s important to keep in mind the number of people travelling as well as your desired space and comfort needs. When travelling with larger groups, catamaran or motor yacht is often best as this provides spacious yet comfortable accommodation with enough room for everyone to relax and unwind comfortably. For smaller groups however, monohull sailboats offer performance as well as the true feeling of sailing but it is important to remember this type of vessel may tip more often than its catamaran counterparts.

If you are sailing Croatia with friends or family, it’s essential that you decide between private yacht chartering and cabin charter. Cabin charters offer more economical solutions that enable travellers to share costs more evenly.

In high season, sailboat rentals in Croatia typically last one week from Saturday to Saturday; however, some charter companies also provide two-week rentals at a slightly higher cost.


No matter your level of experience, skippered yacht charter is an excellent way to discover Croatia. Your skipper will take care of the technicalities associated with your charter while providing safe sailing in Croatian Adriatic Sea waters. Plus, they’ll recommend islands suitable to you and show where the best food and dining venues are in Croatia!

Private yacht cruises allow visitors to Croatia’s islands at their own leisurely pace, and easily hop between islands – a relaxing way to discover Croatian beaches and historical sights at once!

Our local skippers offer an array of sailing holidays in Croatia, from bareboat yacht charters to flotilla holidays. A skippered charter gives you the flexibility of exploring various routes along Croatia’s stunning coastline while enjoying freedom and independence with your own experienced crew helming the vessel. Our skippers are friendly and sociable sailors with extensive knowledge of Croatia’s coastline as well as an enthusiasm for sailing!

On a flotilla holiday, you will join other Mediterranean explorers and sail with a professional skipper in the company of an expert guide. This trip provides a fantastic way to discover Croatian islands while meeting new people while making memories to last a lifetime. Our flotilla holidays are designed for people of all ages and experience levels; while learning to navigate your yacht alongside a group of like-minded individuals.

Skippered charters offer the easiest and most flexible way to explore Croatian islands. Your skipper will be by your side during every moment of your voyage, looking out for everyone’s safety while suggesting islands most suited to your preferences and suggesting secluded coves where you can enjoy your privacy or great beaches for snorkeling and diving. They may even give first-hand recommendations of great restaurants from local people!


Sailing holidays Croatia offer travellers an incredible opportunity to independently navigate across sky-blue seas. These unforgettable holiday experiences are ideal for both experienced sailors and beginners, offering a chance to hone existing abilities or learn for the first time. Flotilla adventures provide groups, friends or families with an incredible adventure while making lasting friendships along the way.

With thousands of idyllic islands and tranquil inlets tucked beneath calm, crystal-clear waters, the Adriatic Sea was made for sailing. Island-hopping offers visitors a gentle way to discover Croatia’s historical treasures and cultural delights as they feast upon gourmet cuisine and stunning sunset views each day. Undiscovered treasures can include lesser visited islands like Solta that remain free from mass tourism; our skippers provide their insider knowledge while integrating travellers into crew responsibilities so as to ensure a relaxing vacation experience.

Our crewed yacht charters in Croatia are fully staffed with qualified and professional sailors who will ensure you can relax during your sailing holiday in Croatia. From safety, docking, cleaning and cooking services to enjoying spectacular Adriatic Sea scenery; these crewed yachts are the ideal choice if you don’t yet possess your own sailing license or are just new to sailing!

Croatia is blessed with stunning coastlines filled with ancient towns, idyllic bays, and stunning natural destinations that will enthrall visitors of all kinds. Each coastal town and village reflects their long history of influence from various empires through architecture, cuisine, culture and more. Or spend your days discovering one of Croatia’s national parks!

Summer sailing holidays in Croatia are extremely popular, with peak times occurring between July and August. May and September offer more temperate waters ideal for relaxing getaways in the sun.

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