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Sailing Holidays in Croatia With a Skipper

Croatia sailing holidays with skipper

Sailing holidays in Croatia make an excellent romantic getaway or honeymoon trip, offering beautiful destinations while creating lasting memories with your beloved partner.

Renting sailboats for a week-long voyage, usually from Saturday to Saturday, is ideal for people without sailing licenses who would rather be guided by a professional skipper.


Experience breathtaking national parks, historic architecture, and delicious culinary works of art on an incredible sailing holiday in Croatia. Amid azure seas dotted with over 1000 islands, gentle cruising or island hopping are both excellent ways to make memories at sea; more advanced sailors may prefer taking part in regattas or taking longer voyages into open ocean waters.

Your local skipper will join you upon embarkation and guide your entire cruise, handling any onboard tasks and suggesting where you should visit. With firsthand knowledge of sailing Croatia, he can customize your itinerary according to his expertise so that you make the most of your time onboard.

On your trip, consider visiting Trogir – an ancient small town with UNESCO-listed Romanesque-Gothic buildings – or Brac, famous for Zlatni Rat Beach and vineyards. Furthermore, Hvar offers picturesque old towns, lavender fields, and stunning beaches; for something different and less touristy try traveling to Solta instead.


Sailing around the Kornati Islands is an unforgettable experience. This tranquil archipelago rarely sees more than a handful of boats at any given time, offering unspoiled beauty with beautiful summer villages and hidden gem restaurants dotted across its islands.

Lojena Beach on Dugi Otok Island should be on any traveler’s bucket list, boasting gorgeous bay covered in silvery sand that is only accessible by boat – offering visitors an idyllic place to unwind and appreciate its sunlit shores and sparkling turquoise waters.

Be sure to visit Croatia’s Kornati Islands when on a sailing vacation for some breathtaking Neolithic history. There you will find stone walls, olive orchards, churches and even sea salt refineries dating back 4,000 years!

Spend an evening in Biograd na Moru for an intimate moonlit stroll and delicious local produce, or continue south along Dugi Otok to reach Sakarun beach – known for its turquoise water and abundance of homegrown olives!


An afternoon cruise aboard a Croatian vessel is an increasingly popular way to discover Croatia. Each afternoon the vessel docks at different coastal towns or islands for you to experience these highlights up close and personal.

An all-inclusive luxury sailing holiday in Croatia can be an ideal experience for couples and groups seeking relaxation and scenic beauty. A professional skipper takes care of all sailing duties so you can simply sit back, unwind and soak up all that the Adriatic coast and islands have to offer!

Trogir, an ancient small town and UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site, is often the starting point for sailing charters around Croatia. From here you can travel to Brac, famed for its Zlatni Rat beach and vineyards, then Vis, an archipelago with many remote beaches as well as traditional konobas serving regional cuisine. If you would like to add additional regions during your yacht charter in Croatia, consider including another week on your itinerary.


Visit Croatia with an experienced skipper at the helm and discover hundreds of islands, secluded pebbled beaches and historic Venetian villages teeming with cobblestone streets for an active sailing vacation experience!

Skippers often possess years of charter experience and are familiar with any type of boat. Additionally, they understand all factors affecting sailing conditions, such as weather forecasts. Should unexpected changes arise while on their cruises, the captain can alter his itinerary accordingly.

Holidays with a skipper are ideal for clients without sailing experience, who feel uncertain of their nautical abilities or don’t feel confident enough in themselves to navigate a yacht on their own. A skipper will handle all aspects of navigational assistance on board; from planning routes and suggesting destinations to anchoring the yacht securely.

Make your skipper take you to Pasjaca beach near Dubrovnik – winner of Europe’s best beach award – which offers some spectacular scenery and views. Accessible only via a narrow path leading through an ancient rock tunnel, Pasjaca boasts some truly breathtaking rocky terrain that makes for unforgettable views.

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