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Sailing Holidays With a Skipper

Explore Europe’s premier sailing playground by embarking on a yacht vacation with a skipper. Join a flotilla expedition or rent your own private charter to uncover Croatia’s stunning coast.

Skippered yachts are ideal for families, friends or travellers who would rather leave navigation up to someone else. Skippers offer local knowledge and passion as well as making suggestions of restaurants or towns they recommend visiting during your voyage.

Kornati Islands

Kornati Island, known for its peaceful bays and quiet coves, offers an idyllic retreat on the Adriatic Sea. Here you can escape from modern life’s buzz and experience a truly restful holiday – these islands are far less densely populated than others found throughout Croatia, giving you plenty of room for exploration!

The Kornati archipelago is a marine paradise stretching over 320 kilometers along the Adriatic Sea, comprising of 89 islands, islets and cliffs and two national parks renowned for their extraordinary natural beauty.

Explore Croatia’s stunning Kornati Islands with your own private skipper and enjoy island hopping and relaxing sailing in Croatia’s crystal clear waters throughout the season. More experienced sailors may wish to test themselves with some fun slalom sailing; plus world class restaurants and charming ports that ooze history will await your discovery.


On a sailing vacation in Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, you will discover an idyllic Mediterranean paradise of quiet islands, charming port towns with deep historical roots, succulent fresh seafood dishes and friendly locals. There are over one thousand islands scattered through its waters with sheltered coves, stunning beaches with either sandy or rocky shores and lush forests for you to discover!

Make your yachting adventure even more fulfilling if this is your first experience, by engaging the services of expert local skippers to assist with route planning and weather adjustment, swimming spot selection, dining recommendations and local sightseeing spots.

Enjoy sailing around Korcula island on your own yacht, exploring its picturesque coastline each day. Discover pristine beaches like Lenga and Raznjic; Korcula Town’s fortified walls; Pupnatska Luka Bay and Zitna; Proizd and Osjak’s rugged shorelines; plus world-renowned wines!


Visit Croatia and experience its beautiful waters, its crystal-clear seas, hidden treasures of islands and charming coastal towns with the assistance of a skipper on board. With more than 1,000 islands and islets, UNESCO sites and historic sights, world-class cuisine, wines and culinary experiences – including fine wines – Croatia is one of the premier sailing holiday destinations in Europe.

Skippered yacht charters provide an ideal vacation solution for those without valid sailing credentials or feeling self-conscious about their nautical capabilities. Relax while leaving all responsibility of sailing to an experienced skipper; these professionals possess years of experience with many types of vessels.

On the day of boarding, your skipper will meet with you and discuss a route suited specifically to your preferences and meet them as close as possible. They may recommend places such as coves with tranquil waters and tasty seafood dishes or island hopping trips where ancient cities await discovery every day.

Makarska Riviera

If you lack sailing credentials or don’t trust your skills, renting a yacht with skipper is the ideal way to experience Croatia. Your skipper will ensure your safety throughout your voyage while providing expert knowledge about each island that comes into view during your voyage.

Most skipper-led tours in Croatia typically last one week from Saturday to Saturday, providing ample opportunity for you to rent a boat with accommodations for the whole duration of the journey, docking in different spots each afternoon as you discover new towns or islands.

Stoke Travel, an established tour company, began offering Croatia sailing trips several years ago and caters to young travellers seeking an enjoyable time among fellow travellers. G Adventures also offers sailing holidays with skipper for people of all ages.

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