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Sailing Holidays With Skipper

Sailing holidays with skipper are an excellent way to experience Croatia. Your skipper will tailor an itinerary based on your desires – be it a comfortable catamaran with en suite cabins or an extravagant top-class yacht.

Skippers are local professionals who can advise you on the best islands to visit as well as restaurants, towns and attractions along your itinerary. In addition, they will assist in developing your sailing skills if desired.


An option that caters to those without sailing licenses or preferring someone else to do the navigating is skippered yacht charter in Croatia. Skippers possess years, sometimes decades, of experience and have knowledge about virtually all boat types; their expertise can ensure maximum safety while you relax during your holiday experience.

Skippers tend to rise early and settle down before everyone else on board so that they can make breakfast and lunch for you and the crew onboard. Furthermore, their vast knowledge of Croatian waters allows them to suggest delightful anchorages where swimming and relaxing await you.

Skippers typically charge between 150 – 180 EUR per day. Before embarking, it is also customary to stock the yacht with food and beverages before departure, and to tip the skipper at the end of each week. For any further assistance or questions related to skipper selection please reach out to one of GlobeSailor’s advisers who will assist in finding an appropriate skipper for your cruise experience.


Over recent years, Croatia has made significant strides toward increasing sailing safety. This includes alcohol tests for boaters as well as measures designed to ensure boats remain secure.

There are many ways to experience Croatia’s stunning coastline, but few experiences can compare with sailing through its shimmering waters on a private yacht. Cruising around Croatia allows guests to discover its shimmering beaches, lush forests and vibrant towns with ease.

Yacht cruises offer more leisurely travel experiences than hotel stays or taxi rides, since no reservations need to be made or traffic jams navigated. Your skipper can recommend local restaurants with cuisine you might find interesting on your route as well as weather conditions that are best suited for you and chart an itinerary tailored just to you; their expertise will turn any sailing vacation into an enjoyable vacation – from clearing customs, arranging transport, booking accommodations etc.


Navigating Croatia more safely will be more relaxing and pleasurable with a skipper on board, who can suggest itineraries that meet both your preferences and weather conditions. Furthermore, they can assist in finding routes leading directly to an island you want to discover.

Croatia offers stunning indented coastlines and more than 1,000 islands to discover, making for many diverse itineraries to choose from. One popular route begins in Dubrovnik before sailing towards Pakleni Islands or Korcula; alternatively visit Solta/Mljet for some tranquil relaxation, or the towering cliffs of Dugi Otok for dramatic scenery.

Joining a flotilla offers another exciting option, allowing you to sail with a group of yachts under your own captain. This trip is great for families, couples and friends looking for an easy vacation that creates beautiful memories over its week-long cruise through different ports while visiting beaches and historical towns.


Sailing holidays with skipper are an ideal solution for those looking to enjoy the experience of sailing without needing to navigate all the details themselves. They are also ideal for larger groups who would like to travel together while maintaining individual vessels’ privacy and freedom of movement.

Skippers who have long navigated the Adriatic know its conditions and best routes intimately, providing advice for a customized itinerary according to your personal interests. From quiet coves to lively nightlife spots, their expertise will lead you in the direction of finding what you seek.

Croatia sailing holidays provide the ideal honeymoon for couples, allowing them to discover its breathtaking islands and tavernas while admiring open space and starry skies. They can spend quality time together relaxing on deserted beaches while swimming or snorkelling in clear Adriatic Sea waters; making new friends as part of a local crew; as well as sharing experiences.

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