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Sailing Holidays With Skipper

Skippered charters offer the ideal way to discover Croatia. Boasting breathtaking islands, peaceful moorings, UNESCO World Heritage sites and delectable cuisine, Croatia has something to offer any type of traveller.

Discover sun-kissed beaches, picturesque island villages and fortified epic towns on a Croatia sailing holiday with skipper. This yachting experience provides genuine cruising holiday with full itinerary flexibility.

1. Safety

Sailing holidays with skipper are ideal for families and couples seeking a safe, relaxing, and unique vacation experience. Your skipper will take care of the boat so you can explore Croatia’s spectacular coastal scenery and islands at your own pace – from one-week sailing adventures to longer journeys, NCP & Mare has yachts tailored to each need.

Hiring a skippered yacht charter is ideal for new sailors as its skipper will provide local knowledge and ensure your safety on board. A professional will also be able to navigate your vessel while providing guidance about safe anchorages, quiet ports, and family-run island restaurants where you can sample local seafood dishes.

NCP & Mare offers both one-way and round trip yacht charters on our luxurious private sailboats and catamarans, enabling you to explore particular regions of Croatia in depth or island hop across its entirety. Our yachts are suitable for small as well as large groups, boasting comfortable double cabins that provide ample storage space.

As part of your preparations for a sailing holiday in Croatia, be sure to pack all necessary documents and personal effects, including passport and ID cards, travel insurance policy (to cover any accidents or damages that may occur), charter package paperwork, credit cards and euros in case of emergencies. Also important: sun protection such as hats, sunglasses and sunscreen with high SPF levels as well as light summer clothing like shorts and t-shirts are advised – lightweight footwear like non-slip deck shoes and trainers will help provide comfort on long journeys – also don’t forget snacks for travel if planning time at the beach as well!

2. Local knowledge

Sailing holidays in Croatia offer the ideal way to discover its stunning and magical waters and coastlines, offering breathtaking coastal landscapes and crystal clear turquoise waters amidst its rich cultural history and fascinating nightlife scene. There are thousands of islands scattered along its coastlines as well as charming historic coastal towns offering memorable yacht charter holidays.

No matter if you prefer relaxing on remote beaches or exploring ancient cities, your skipper knows all the best spots for a memorable cruise experience. He will suggest places according to your personal tastes, tailoring the itinerary accordingly for an optimal voyage.

Skippers are local professionals and therefore know the area in which you want to sail. They will ensure all safety onboard and give advice regarding restaurants, beaches, and towns you should visit during your cruise. In addition, they will recommend the optimal course for your journey and help create unforgettable sailing stories in Croatia.

Sailing holidays for couples provide an ideal way to create romantic and memorable time on board a luxurious yacht. Imagine sipping champagne during sunset while sharing thoughts under an open starry sky; enjoying delicious Mediterranean meals in tavernas around the island; walking hand in hand on deserted beaches – sailing holidays are the ideal way to create lifelong memories onboard a luxurious yacht, making for the ideal way to celebrate honeymoon, anniversary or special occasion celebrations!

Couples looking for the ultimate romantic adventure should opt for a yacht charter trip in Croatia with us – either bareboat or crewed, catamaran or monohull options will meet any number of passengers or space requirements in their group. Rent your desired catamaran or monohull catamaran today to begin sailing Croatia’s stunning coast in style and create lifelong memories onboard our sailing vessels with all the comforts of home!

3. Flexibility

Experience Croatia at your own pace on a private sailboat or catamaran with skipper. Perfect for novice or experienced sailors alike, this type of charter provides the opportunity for genuine yachting adventures at affordable rates. Your skipper will provide guidance as you sail the most popular sailing locations, beautiful anchorage spots, and secret bays which offer unique maritime atmospheres – plus they may recommend lovely island restaurants offering delicious meals at reasonable prices.

Your skipper will take care to address all navigational aspects on board, leaving you free to relax and make the most of your Croatia sailing vacations. They will design an itinerary tailored specifically to your wishes while suggesting authentic Croatian attractions that meet your sailing style preferences.

Croatia offers ideal island hopping conditions between May and September when temperatures are warm yet temperate, providing ideal family-friendly conditions with many events and festivals to keep children entertained. However, for an off-season sailing holiday during either half of May or half of October temperatures remain more pleasant as an alternative.

Croatia is an unparalleled European sailing playground, boasting an endlessly indented coastline and thousands of scattered islands. Its picturesque landscapes and charming seaside villages will leave an indelible mark on you; be sure to visit Dubrovnik, Korcula or Mljet National Park; there’s so much more waiting to be discovered and experienced here!

4. Customization

With a yacht charter in Croatia, you’re assured of experiencing a genuine sailing adventure. A skippered yachting vacation provides exclusivity and full itinerary flexibility; you can tailor the route according to your wishes and meet up with charming island villages, beautiful anchoring spots, and undiscovered bays that exude maritime ambience.

Yachting cruises with skipper are ideal for clients without sailing licenses or doubtful navigational abilities who still wish to enjoy an effortless and relaxing holiday on an elegant sailboat. Your skipper will take care of everything, allowing you to just sit back, relax, and take in every moment!

Yachting holidays with a skipper are also an ideal way for couples to discover romantic destinations while making lasting memories together. This is especially true on honeymoon or anniversary celebration cruises in Croatia where you’ll sail away to incredible shorelines while having an incredible adventure together.

Croatia is an idyllic paradise, boasting some of Europe’s clearest waters, stunning beaches and picturesque ancient cities. Sailing along its Adriatic coastline in a private yacht charter is an extraordinary experience that should not be missed; with a professional skipper at your helm you can explore every magnificent corner of this magical region while admiring glimmering sunsets fading into the sea or stars twinkling brightly overhead; yachting holidays in Croatia promise an adventure you won’t soon forget!

5. Privacy

Chartering a yacht with skipper in Croatia offers many advantages for vacationing, such as enjoying your vacation in complete privacy. These holidays can also be great for families seeking a relaxing and rejuvenating break from everyday life – discovering undiscovered beaches, picturesque coastal towns with distinct characters, and taking in fresh ocean air are just a few things you can experience during such journeys.

Sail through picturesque islands and charming harbours where fortified castles, Byzantine palaces, cafe culture and cafe society illustrate Croatia’s vibrant Mediterranean history. Discover an abundance of modern marinas with safe overnight anchorages, reliable afternoon winds that make yachting in Croatia truly enjoyable.

Sailing with an experienced local skipper on your Croatia holiday offers you a wonderful opportunity to learn from someone with extensive sailing knowledge and ensure both your safety and enjoyment are maximized. They’re more than willing to pass on what they know – making this a fantastic opportunity for any budding sailors who are hoping to one day take control of the wheel themselves!

Skipper-led itineraries allow you to customize your cruise based on what’s important to you, enabling you to find exactly the experience you want. If you are new to sailing, your skipper will recommend an itinerary which suits both your abilities and offers enough of an adventure for the adventure seeker in you.

Croatia offers many week-long sailing holidays from either Split or Dubrovnik. Your itinerary allows for port visits on days that suit you best; an upgrade allows you to arrive earlier for even greater exploration before your adventure starts!

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