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Sailing Holidays With Skipper in Croatia

Croatia sailing holidays with skipper

Sailing holidays with skipper in Croatia offer the ideal way to discover this idyllic European sailing playground. Boasting gorgeous beaches, ancient medieval towns, and UNESCO World Heritage sites; Croatia has something for everyone!

Croatia offers ideal sailing conditions during summer, and June to August is the optimal period for an enjoyable sailing holiday experience.

Local Knowledge

No matter your level of sailing expertise or experience, Croatia offers plenty to make your vacation truly enjoyable. Local skippers know all of the best restaurants, beaches and towns to include on your itinerary to help maximize your time on the water and save valuable time navigating local waters. Furthermore, their knowledge about weather conditions will ensure maximum comfort and safety on board your vessel.

An experience tailored to you A yacht with its own skipper allows for you to fully personalize and explore any destination most important to you, while planning the route itself and providing recommendations of places for food, shopping and relaxation – from island hopping to coastal towns while experiencing authentic Croatian culture!

Croatia offers some of the finest sailing holidays from June to August when weather conditions are both warm and dry, yet you can still find beautiful, uncrowded beaches even during this peak period. Planning ahead is essential since both boats and hotels become limited during this period.

Arrive early so you have enough time to experience Split or Dubrovnik before embarking on your yacht trip, meet its crew members and settle into the cabins before your adventure starts.

Sailing trips in Croatia offer an ideal way to create precious moments with loved ones or create unforgettable memories with family and friends. From crewed yachts to bareboats, a sailing vacation on the sea offers an idyllic way to take in its jaw-dropping landscapes and sparkling waters.

Croatia is one of Europe’s premier sailing vacation destinations, boasting stunning coastlines and sparkling waters that make for perfect sailing trips. Home to more than 1000 islands, its crystal waters provide ample opportunity for exploring hidden coves, quiet beaches, and charming historic villages – offering visitors a glimpse into Mediterranean culture while experiencing sailing holidays firsthand.


Sailing holidays offer more than just fun travel experiences – they also create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. From crossing crystal clear waters to docking into ancient ports, sailing Croatia’s mountainous coastline and Mediterranean chic islands is sure to please.

But while the sea may be beautiful, safety precautions must be taken when sailing it. Most importantly, be sure you and your crew possess proper navigational skills in order to navigate safely while avoiding potential hazards; this includes understanding basic navigational instruments on board as well as local maritime regulations.

Weather awareness is also crucial in order to plan an enjoyable sailing adventure, such as when wind conditions prevent safe sailing conditions from being reached. Furthermore, learning the various languages spoken on-board allows you to communicate efficiently with the rest of your crew members.

Be prepared for the possibility of seasickness on your trip by remaining seated and focused on the horizon line, in order to alleviate discomfort and make your vacation more pleasurable.

Anti-seasickness pills may also prove useful should any discomfort arise, as well as waterproof jackets and light shoes to stay dry onboard. You should also expect limited storage space on-board so only essential items should be brought on board.

Although sailing holidays in Croatia offer an unforgettable experience, it’s essential that you and your family take necessary measures to remain safe during their visit. By following these tips, you can have an enjoyable vacation in one of Europe’s most gorgeous and special spots – why not book yours now?

Customized Itineraries

A skipper takes care in managing all aspects of your journey’s navigational aspects, leaving you to simply enjoy yourself on board. From yacht charters and flotillas to solo sailing excursions along Croatia’s breathtaking coastline – they know which marinas and mooring places provide safe anchorage and will recommend destinations based on your personal tastes and preferences – finding tranquil coves or bustling party islands is no problem with an experienced skipper at your side – let them show you where it all awaits during your sailing holiday in Croatia!

Croatia’s captivating turquoise shores, majestic islands, and historic port cities promise a memorable European adventure that will remain with you forever. Soak in its rich culture at one of its UNESCO World Heritage sites or explore its natural splendor during hikes through stunning national parks; with endless opportunities for relaxation on offer here, a holiday with skipper in Croatia truly provides the ideal escape from everyday life!

Croatia offers ideal weather for tourism between April and November, with July-August being peak season. Here, visitors can expect warm, sunny weather with calm seas ideal for exploring islands and coastline. However, for those seeking peace and serenity during their trip May and September offer fantastic opportunities.

Our Croatia sailing holidays with skipper provide you with a selection of itineraries to help find the ideal holiday. Explore beautiful Dubrovnik and Split, explore Plitvice Lakes or go watersporting off Hvar. Alternatively, treat yourself to Croatia’s legendary cuisine at one of the local konoba (local restaurant).

With our wide range of yachts to choose from, we are confident we have an itinerary to match both your personal tastes and budget. Whether you prefer renting a private yacht or joining an established flotilla, our travel experts are more than willing to work with you in planning the ideal sailing vacation to Croatia for your group – simply tell us what your dream vacation looks like and we will help make it come true!


When selecting a sailing holiday with skipper in Croatia, consider what style of cruise you would prefer. Some companies provide party-focused cruises designed to appeal to young travellers; other cruise lines specialize in relaxing and leisurely experiences perfect for couples, families or groups of friends.

Some tour companies offer packages that cover travel costs, entrance fees to Croatia’s stunning national parks and port fees all in the price, which can make budgeting and planning for your vacation much simpler. It is important to check what exactly is not included as this can vary between companies.

Number of Passengers on Board Each sailboat’s cost depends heavily upon how many people are aboard it, with single cabins generally costing more than double cabins; when travelling solo it would be wiser to book one that offers ensuite facilities if possible.

Though Croatia sailing holidays with skipper tend to take place during high summer, trips can also be organized during spring and autumn if desired, making these occasions ideal times to take advantage of Croatia’s picturesque waters without the crowds.

Booking your Croatia yacht charter early and during peak season can save you money, allowing you to select a boat suitable for your group size, as well as guaranteeing it comes equipped with an experienced skipper at its helm.

Most yachts that charter Croatia’s spectacular Adriatic coast are privately owned and managed by companies offering various sailing tours. These vessels often undergo refurbishments to a high standard, and their crews have been trained to offer exceptional sailing experiences.

Some tour operators specialize in Croatia sailing trips while others provide tours across Europe. Travel Talk provides bus tours throughout the region as well as budget sailing tours with vessels ranging from cozy setups to floating palaces of luxury; their clientele largely comprises Australians looking for fun social atmosphere on their cruise.

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