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Sailing Holidays With Skipper

Skipper holidays are ideal for travellers without sailing licenses or who lack confidence in their maritime abilities, allowing you to relax and focus on enjoying Croatia’s breathtaking coastline and islands. Skippers take care of all navigational aspects so you can focus on taking in its stunning beauty and sights.

Flotilla holidays offer unimaginably relaxing experiences on peaceful island beaches or traditional fishing villages, while local skippers will recommend destinations based on their personal experience. Itineraries can be tailored according to each guest’s individual needs.

Experienced skipper

Experience Croatia’s stunning coast and islands on a sailing holiday guided by an experienced skipper, leaving all of the executive details such as route planning and boat management to them so you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your time on sea!

Skippers possess first-hand knowledge of the region they cover, so they’re well equipped to recommend itineraries that adapt to weather conditions as needed and recommend restaurants and attractions worth seeing.

First-time sailors looking for their first sailing experience should opt for a skippered charter as it offers them an ideal way to learn the ropes while having a relaxing holiday experience. But keep in mind that both skipper and crew bear responsibility for your safety at sea, making it important to arrive a day or two ahead of when your boat sets sail.

Local knowledge

Your skipper knows all the best spots to discover and visit in Croatian waters, providing invaluable advice about places that suit your interests – be they remote idyllic islands, cozy traditional restaurants or vibrant cosmopolitan clubs and bars.

Your skipper also has an intimate knowledge of the currents, tide movements, and winds affecting sailing in the Adriatic. They can therefore adjust your itinerary in case of inclement weather so you can ensure every moment of your voyage on board is enjoyable. Newcomers to sailing can benefit from his or her expertise too as your skipper is happy to show newcomers around! You are responsible for providing him or her with food and drinks while aboard as well as inviting them along on lunches or dinners at local tavernas while out and about during your cruise!

Safety at sea

Your skipper in Croatia will take great care to ensure the technical aspects of the boat are taken care of, your safety is ensured, and they provide their knowledge of local restaurants, towns, and sights during your sailing holiday.

Local Skippers in Croatia possess an extraordinary depth of passion and knowledge of its 2,000+ islands. They are happy to offer tips on sightseeing tours, island hopping or dining out at top-rated restaurants.

If you are chartering a bareboat in Croatia, your skipper will provide detailed weather forecasts in English as well as instructions on how to read charts. High season sailing takes place between May and September; its Mediterranean climate ensures smooth seas without significant tide differences that might cause discomfort during summer sailing trips.

Customised itineraries

Croatia offers many beautiful islands and beaches that have yet to become overrun with tourists, perfect for exploring. Working together with your skipper, you can create a customized itinerary tailored specifically to you and your group.

Skippers are local experts with extensive knowledge of Croatia, who can advise you on where and when to go depending on your personal preferences; whether that means relaxing in secluded coves or experiencing Croatia’s lively nightlife!

Skippers expect you to supply food and beverages to their yacht before departing on their sailing holiday in Croatia. Although it is customary to include them at meals, if you would rather dine alone you are welcome to do so without incurring extra expenses for doing so. Assuming you leave some tips behind for them as an appreciated gesture. Furthermore, they will take care of mooring/anchoring your vessel along with handling all other practicalities involved with sailing holiday in Croatia.


Assuming you hire a skipper on board, you can relax and explore Croatia’s islands at your own pace. These idyllic destinations are a delight for anyone who appreciates nature and adventure; with beaches to discover and plenty of konobas offering delicious traditional food.

Skippers can assist travellers who wish to learn or hone their sailing skills onboard by giving them responsibility. This allows you to focus on enjoying the holiday experience and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Start your yacht charter adventure in Split, the largest coastal city and historical hub with several UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Diocletian’s Palace. Discover the Kornati Islands with their peaceful bays and sparkling waters before sailing onward to Dubrovnik.

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