Skippered Catamaran Charter in Croatia

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Skippered Catamaran Charter in Croatia

Skippered Catamaran Charters is one of the best ways to enjoy your sailing vacation in Croatia.

The ideal way to see some of the wonderful sites in this region is by sailing on a catamaran. You can go as far as Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar in Dalmatia, or Pula in Istria. Skippered catamarans are available in many varieties, designs, and capacity. You are sure to get an experience of a lifetime when you choose to sail on a skippered catamaran charter.

Skippered yacht rent is a unique opportunity to take advantage of the Croatian coastline while at the same time experiencing the thrill of sailing on Mediterranean waters. A popular destination for windsurfers and sailors alike, there is no better place to learn to master these two thrilling sports. Experience the thrill of sailing in your own private catamaran as you sail to the best Croatian islands.

It takes a professional yacht charter company to provide you with an expertly trained skippered catamaran captain and crew who can give you personalized service that suits your individual preferences.

Each vessel is equipped with modern equipment including a fully operational set of sails. All catamarans have fully equipped kitchen and cabins with beds, making them a great choice for cruising. The crew on a Croatian sailing yacht charter is fully qualified and experienced in seamanship, cruising skills, water navigation, fire protection, boat operation and much more.

Most companies even offer insurance for their clients, should anything happen to a yacht during a cruise trip. This gives you piece of mind at a very affordable price, especially if you are planning a trip frequently.

Skippered Croatian yacht for sailing holidays are available on a large number of luxurious, lavish boats, many of which are designed for cruising purposes only. These boats include private cabins with luxurious interiors, catering to every yacht owner’s need for luxury at a small fraction of the cost of private charters.

Some of the larger companies even offer full staff support, ensuring that you have a professional crew on board who are always ready to help out in any way they can. Most of the boats are equipped with deluxe cabins, air conditioning, satellite phones, DVDs and cable TV.

To make sure that all of your vacation plans are just as comfortable as home, you can hire a skipper to come along on your trip. Skippered Croatian catamarans generally allow one skipper per boat, but the company will also ask you for an additional skipper, depending upon how big the boat is.

The skipper will be responsible for all docking and boating needs, as well as looking after the general safety and maintenance of the vessel. If you would rather leave things to the experts, you can send us a message and we’ll appoint a skipper to care for your catamaran on your behalf.

As long as you’re taking a small yacht, usually no more than six people, you won’t have much trouble finding an appropriate marina in Croatia. Many marinas in Croatia will cater to smaller crafts such as catamarans and trimarans, as well as more luxurious yachts like powerboats.

For those taking a more economical trip, however, there are plenty of catamarans in Croatian waters to choose from. Croatian marinas are often situated in beautiful secluded coves and bays, making it easy for your skipper to pick up sails and sail off to the next island while you relax in the comfort of your catamaran.

The price of hiring a skippered catamaran charter is usually split between the skipper, the catamaran’s owner, and the rental boat. This is because the marina requires security and liability coverage, as well as regular maintenance and fuel provisions. In most cases, you will pay the bill (including the deposit) for the entire duration of the charter, with the skipper at least 30 days prior to embarkation.

One of the best ways to find a good skippered catamaran charter in Croatia is to read some reviews

We are familiar with several sailing operators who offer these types of charters. You can call or email to inquire about the availability of a catamaran charter in Croatia.