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Split Croatia Boat Rental

Split Croatia boat rental

Discover Split from its stunning beaches, coves and historical havens on an unforgettable boat tour. Take in its vast clear sea from a unique perspective while crafting your own tailored itinerary!

Avoid the headache of applying for a sailing license by renting a vessel with skipper included through a local agency. That way, you’ll enjoy personalized tours led by professionals.

Boat Types

Click&Boat offers a selection of boats perfect for renting in Split Croatia, whether you want to explore Bol and Zlatni Rat beaches or experience traditional villages on Brac. Click&Boat has options for every budget and preference imaginable when it comes to boat rental in Croatia.

Motorboats are easy to navigate and great for those without sailing experience, while catamarans provide comfortable living quarters with onboard bathrooms – plus are faster downwind than monohulls!

If yachting licenses aren’t your cup of tea, consider renting a catamaran with skipper included instead. Delegate the responsibility of navigation to a professional while having more time to enjoy yourself on board. Sail 4 km west from Split town center towards Kasjuni beach’s translucent emerald waters and breathtaking clifftop views or explore Vis island, known as “Little Dubrovnik” due to its medieval heritage and charming atmosphere.

Inflatable Pools

Experience Croatia’s vibrant port city on a private yacht charter from Split. UNESCO-listed cultural and historical gem, home to Diocletian’s Palace and gorgeous beaches; as well as serving as gateway to stunning Dalmatian Islands.

Sailing around the area should be part of any visit, but particularly stunning during spring, summer, and early fall when temperatures are mild and the seas are calm. Also note this timeframe marks high season; expect many other sailing tourists.

Hvar is one of the premier yacht charter destinations from Split, known for its vibrant nightlife and gorgeous beaches; Korcula Town boasts charming medieval heritage; Plitvice Lakes National Park features lush vegetation; while for an adventuresome journey head out to Brac or Vis – both offer natural beauty, hidden coves, and charming villages!

Skipper Service

Hired skippers from local agencies offer travellers looking to explore Croatia by boat an excellent alternative. Not only can this save them the trouble and costs associated with licensing their vessel, but you will be in safe hands during their sailing adventure!

Tour the UNESCO-listed city of Split by embarking on a cruise of Diocletian Palace and Riva promenade, or discover nature’s masterpiece, Blue Cave on a full-day tour featuring its spectacular display of aquamarine light.

Sail island-hopping to discover Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, from idyllic Zlatni Rat Beach in Bol to secluded coves like Drvenik and Solta. For an easier sailing experience, plan a visit toward the end of high season – May or September are good months to consider since prices tend to drop and crowds diminish, giving way to less hectic sailing experiences with calmer waters providing smoother rides.


Discover the natural beauty and historic landmarks of Split, Croatia’s vibrant port city. Walk around its 13th to 15th-century Renaissance and Baroque architecture while visiting Diocletian’s Palace; after which explore its labyrinthine streets. Secluded bays, stunning natural wilderness areas and turquoise waters combine to make boating around Split truly enjoyable experience.

Choose a catamaran or sailboat to rent for the day and experience open sea sailing without worrying about license requirements. Catamarans tend to be more stable and comfortable than sailboats, making them more suitable for travelers prone to seasickness.

Join a guided tour of the islands surrounding Split and skip the license acquisition process altogether by participating in an island excursion. Explore Veli Drvenik Island with its Blue Lagoon, Ciovo Island views and Trogir village before relaxing on sandy beaches or sipping cocktails while watching the sun go down over Adriatic.

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