Tips For Your Yacht Charter to the Croatian Islands

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Tips For Your Yacht Charter to the Croatian Islands

If you have never considered a yacht charter in Croatia then you should consider it. Croatia is one of Europe’s newest member states and is rapidly becoming a popular destination for tourists looking to experience a truly unique vacation. Croatia is a landlocked country located between the Adriatic and Croatian seas. A yacht charter in Croatia gives you access to some of the richest and most unique waters around, as well as an unspoiled wilderness teeming with indigenous animal life.

The Adriatic seaboard of Croatia is home to 1246 islands, making it the world’s best coast for sailing. Many of the islands are easily accessible via ferry, while others are only accessible by sailboat, catamaran, motorboat or by cruise ship. The Dalmatian islands in Croatia are amongst the best known in the Mediterranean area.

Wild, rocky, and hiding a ten thousand year history, the Dalmatian islands offer a wide and varied cruising ground for a Croatia yacht charter vacation. Many people choose to explore the uninhabited islands close to Dubrovnik. This is a good place to go for snorkeling or swimming – there is marine life in this area. On the other side of this is the Kvarner Bay. In the middle you have Split and Sibenik area which are another popular sailing spots.

If you would like to explore more of the Croatia seacoast, then there are numerous Dalmatian islands that you can visit. Most people prefer to go to the islands close to Dubrovnik, Sibenik, Split or Zadar. All these destinations have excellent anchorages and easy access to Dalmatian islands. However, the availability of good sailing conditions may be less in some locations.

For sailing in Croatia, you must comply with all government guidelines. Croatian law requires that all yacht charter operators and their crews take all necessary actions to prevent accidents. Even if you have a well qualified skipper, there is always a possibility of encountering other trappers. So you have to make sure that your skipper is well trained, experienced and has a certificate from the Croatia Sailing Agency.

In spite of the restrictions, sailing in Croatia is a wonderful experience. There are several charter bases along the coastline where you can choose from large luxurious yachts and small economical boats. Most of the boats available in this region are available with us.

You must still comply with all government guidelines. You should always check in with your local office to check the latest rule or regulation regarding sailing in Croatia. Even though the regulations and rules are strictly followed, it would be a good idea to check in with the local office in case something comes up.

When traveling to such a destination, you may want to consider hiring a car to get around. It will be easier to navigate the roads in Croatia than in many other European countries. If you prefer sailing, you should also check the waters before you set out. Croatian waters are known for their excellent fishing and sailing. Even if you plan on staying on one of the Croatian islands, you may still want to experience the coastal town of Dubrovnik and Split.

The majority of these islands are well suited for sailing and fishing. If you plan on staying on one of the catamarans or sailboats in Croatia, it will be nice to have a crewed yacht that can take care of the needs of your party as well as the needs of the cook. Many bareboat yacht charters in the area have an option for crewed vessels. This is important if you want to maximize your vacation and avoid feeling like you are stranded on a desert island.

If you are looking for a place to go diving, there are several resorts on the islands of Dubrovnik and Hvar. These resorts are perfect for families and groups planning on going on a family trip. In addition, Dubrovnik and Hvar are close enough to the islands for good snorkeling. The local guides can help you get a good view of the marine life and teach you how to dive.

The last thing you want to see while in the Croatian waters is a clear Croatian blue sea. However, if you are up for a swim, the beaches are safe enough for swimming, and you should consider going to the Dalmatian Coast. The best way to get to this part of the Croatian islands is to rent a catamaran or a sailboat. The catamaran will take you to some of the most beautiful and serene beaches on the Croatian Dalmatian Coast. If you have never been to the Dalmatian Coast before, you should make sure to do so soon!