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we decided to upgrade a number of our Catamarans with Water Makers

Water Makers Included!

Unlimited Supply of Fresh Water 


Priority on Comfort and Customer Satisfaction.


Our main goal is to ensure a complete sense of Comfort and Luxury on your catamaran sailing holidays in Croatia

Nothing is more important to us than a satisfied customer. For this reason, we always strive to improve our service, quality, and equipment of our catamaran Fleet.

To stay on top of our game, we decided to upgrade a number of our Catamarans with Water Makers. A Water Maker provides a potable supply of clean water, which can be used for dishes, cooking, and showering. The water can also be used to wash down your boat.

This also means that you can enjoy your sailing adventure with less frequent Marina stops and more flexibility in your sailing routes. 

See below the full list of boats with this special feature.

Lagoon 46 with Water Makers:

Lagoon 46 “Brighter Star”
Lagoon 46 “Sophie”
Lagoon 46 “Constellation”
Lagoon 46 “No Name”


Lagoon 42 with Water Makers:

Lagoon 42 “Barney”
Lagoon 42 “Brighter Star”
Lagoon 42 “Jasmine 1”

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