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What to Consider Before You Book a Boat Rental in Croatia

Croatia is renowned as an idyllic sailing destination in Europe with breathtaking coastline and islands to sail around. Additionally, this special region features numerous lakes and historic cities that make for an incredible sailing adventure!

Sibenik, Zadar and Dubrovnik offer motorboat, catamaran or yacht rental with optional skipper for customized experience. Prices include food, restaurant money, beverages, fuel for the week as well as mooring fees.

Bareboat charters

Bareboat charters offer you an incredible yachting experience, giving you complete freedom to discover Croatia’s gorgeous islands and coastal areas at your own pace and according to your own preferences. However, prior to embarking on this bareboat voyage it’s essential that your sailing qualifications and certifications are up-to-date – this can be accomplished through national governing bodies or through checking with RYA (the most widely recognised qualifications franchise).

Bareboat yachts can be chartered from early April through September, but the peak season for renting them is July and August due to warm, dry summers with calm seas that provide ideal sailing conditions for bareboat holidays. There are also various events and festivals happening during this time; so book early so as not to lose out on dates you want.

When selecting a boat for bareboat chartering, it’s essential to carefully consider its size and type as well as your budget and any special needs or requests you have such as catering options or inflatable liferafts in case of emergency.

If you’re new to yacht chartering, hiring a skipper for your yacht charter may save time and effort while letting you enjoy your experience more fully. A professional skipper knows not only the area they’re sailing through but will also show you all of its hidden treasures that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Cost of yacht charter in Croatia will depend on its length and location of your trip, with additional fees such as transit log and tourist tax to consider in addition to rental fee of boat (typically between 150 to 350 euros). Also consider food, restaurant money (optional), beverages, fuel for week and mooring fees when planning.

Private sailing itineraries for bareboat charter in Croatia typically start on Saturdays, providing you with the ideal blend of sightseeing and relaxation during your cruise vacation in Croatia. An optimal itinerary length would be seven days to give you maximum sightseeing opportunity while remaining relaxing enough for relaxation purposes.

High season

If you’re planning to rent a yacht in Croatia, there are various options available to you. Choose between hiring a skipper or hiring a full crew, who will handle all aspects of travel arrangements such as excursions and meals onboard the vessel – or opt for multi-day cruises that allow you to experience more of Croatia and its islands!

Prices of boat rentals in Croatia depend on the type of vessel and when you book. Motorboat rentals cost anywhere between $150 to $400 per day while sailboats and catamarans tend to cost more. In addition, fuel expenses will add up quickly.

Be mindful when booking a boat in Croatia of all the costs involved and weather conditions before making your decision. High season generally runs from July to August when temperatures reach their hottest points and most visitors visit. But for an economical vacation option, the months outside the high season like May, June, and September offer better deals and can help avoid crowds altogether.

Croatia is famed for its stunning scenery as well as its mouthwatering cuisine and vibrant nightlife, from Venetian palaces and designer boutiques on Hvar to Dubrovnik’s UNESCO-listed walled city – offering something special to every traveller in this incredible country.

One of the best ways to experience Croatia is to rent a yacht for a week. There are so many incredible destinations on offer in the Adriatic Sea – from charming fishing villages and national parks, to idyllic islands with white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters – you could spend days sailing from island to island exploring this fascinating coastline.

Croatia offers an abundance of boats for visitors to choose from, such as sailing catamaran and motor catamarans. A sailing catamaran is an excellent choice for families with young children as its large deck space allows plenty of room to sunbathe or relax – plus fast speeds and cozy interiors complete this package!

Price for yacht charter in Croatia can depend on several factors, including type and size of vessel, number of passengers and whether or not there will be a skipper on board. A sailing yacht typically costs $2,000 per week while motorboat or catamaran charters begin around $1,900; additional expenses should include fuel, food and beverages.

Passenger limit

If you are planning on renting a yacht in Croatia, make sure to have enough passengers. Yachts carrying more than 12 guests cannot legally navigate European waters without first receiving an appropriate certificate or license. In addition, it’s essential that you choose an appropriate vessel depending on time of year, number of guests, desired experience type etc. For example, luxury yachts offer up to six cabins that feature either doubles or twin beds. Some also feature Pullman beds which serve well for children’s sleepovers.

Croatia offers some of the finest yachting opportunities in Europe during its high season from June to August, when temperatures are warmest and vibrant atmosphere is at its height. But be mindful that summer months can become quite busy; for a more leisurely and laidback experience consider renting your yacht between May or September during their shoulder seasons instead.

Croatia can be reached in many different ways, from train lines from Italy and Austria through Germany into internal lines connecting hundreds of islands and mainland towns. Once in Croatia, visitors can explore its coves and beaches while sampling local wines and foods at Konobas or relaxing at one of Zrce Beach clubs – giving this destination its nickname of a Croatian Ibiza!

Renting a bareboat yacht rental in Croatia is an ideal way to discover its breathtaking coast. Click&Boat offers an assortment of vessels so that you can select one to meet your exact specifications – sailing yacht, motorboat or RIB; click&Boat has something suitable. Prices depend upon type and size of yacht as well as number of passengers aboard as well as whether or not a skipper will accompany the rental.


Boat rentals in Croatia provide the ideal way to explore secluded coves, visit charming coastal towns, and indulge in water sports and activities. A wide range of boats is available – motorboats, sailboats and catamarans can be hired; motorboats tend to be best for day trips while sailboats and catamarans provide island hopping capabilities and longer charters – motorboats being most suitable for day trips while catamarans offer longer charter options and crewed yacht rentals offer ultimate luxury experiences!

Price for renting a boat in Croatia depends on time of year, vessel size and passenger capacity. Sail yacht or catamaran rentals tend to cost more than motorboat or RIB rentals and should also take into consideration whether a skipper will be necessary.

Croatia is an idyllic sailing destination, boasting stunning coastlines and crystal-clear waters. Its rugged shorelines are covered in pebble beaches and are considered some of the least polluted seas in Europe. Croatia boasts 1,777 km long as-the-crow-flies coastline with more than 1000 islands and archipelagos to call its own.

Sailing is an exciting yet relaxing activity that is enjoyed by people of all ages. If you’re planning a visit to Croatia, it is wise to secure your charter boat early through an online reservation system in order to guarantee availability and find one that meets your specifications. Furthermore, free holds on boats for 24 hours allow you to get acquainted with it prior to making a formal reservation.

Before embarking on any trip, always check the weather forecast to help plan and avoid unpleasant surprises along the way. Furthermore, ensure that you have all of the equipment and supplies necessary for an enjoyable sailing adventure.

Late spring is the best time for sailing, when days are long and winds are stable, providing ideal sailing conditions. Weather should also remain mild yet comfortable – perfect conditions to explore Croatia’s unique coast characterized by rugged mountains and picturesque islands, numerous marinas with restaurants, shops, and shower facilities nearby, and picturesque islands such as Hvar and Korcula.

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