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Yacht Charter Croatia – A Sailor’s Paradise

yacht charter Croatia

Croatia offers a stunning sailing experience, from idyllic beaches and ancient ruins to delectable cuisine and vibrant culture. Our Charter Experts can assist in planning a fantastic vacation aboard either a luxurious motor yacht or spacious crewed catamaran – our dream vacation awaits!

Find your private charter yacht in one of Croatia’s many ports along its breathtaking coast. Choose from sailboats, catamarans and motor yachts ideal for island hopping and casual cruising.


Croatia offers year-round yachting adventures. However, depending on where you visit the climate may vary significantly from region to region.

April and May bring warm temperatures, making April-May an excellent time to go sailing in Croatia. Renting a yacht during this season will also be much less costly, plus you won’t encounter as many tourists!

Croatia’s peak season starts in June and lasts through September, when ports and cities can become overcrowded with tourists. Our experienced skippers know exactly where to steer clear to ensure a peaceful cruise experience for you.

Our favorite month of the season is usually August, as weather remains beautiful, water temperatures warm enough for swimming, and prices are often up to 38% lower than high season – making this an excellent time to book a crewed charter in Croatia!


Croatia is an idyllic yacht charter destination where visitors can explore island hopping, discover historic sites, dance to live music and indulge in delicious cuisine – the Mediterranean as it was before; an amalgam of Illyrian, Roman, Venetian and Austrian influences.

Your Charter Expert will design a tailored itinerary based on your desired destinations, activities and cruising timeframe to best meet your needs.

One way charter is available upon request and allows for a shorter yacht trip that allows for greater discovery of Croatia. Furthermore, this type of arrangement enables sailing both during high and low seasons.


Croatia is an idyllic sailing destination. Its shores are scattered with coves and bays and lined with numerous islands; on your yacht charter you’ll come across an extraordinary variety of harbours ranging from traditional fishing villages to those boasting small cities full of history and charm.

An ideal itinerary begins in Split where Diocletian Palace stands as an outstanding example of Roman-influenced architecture, one of Europe’s best preserved structures. Or visit Sibenik to admire Jupiter’s temple and the cathedral. Both cities also house Krka Falls for further sightseeing opportunities.

After leaving Mljet, your gulet sails onward to Lastovo Island with its 46 small isles and reefs; an idyllic destination renowned for its lush vegetation and clear seawater lakes backed by bijou beaches. After stopping off at Mljet for lunch or sunset drinks, your yacht charter in Croatia should include Lastovo as an essential stopover.


Croatia’s Adriatic coast provides yacht charter guests with an unmatched Mediterranean experience, from serene anchorages and majestic national parks to vibrant coastal cities and their captivating culture. Spend your days sailing new lands while experiencing its astonishing cultural fabric; learn Lindo dance moves in Dubrovnik before learning Peka cooking techniques with local chefs or uncovering Diocletian’s Palace mysteries with historians.

Yacht charter costs vary based on boat type, size, season, level of luxury amenities desired and inventory included in its list price (Saturday-to-Saturday charter), VAT (13%). Other extra costs such as fuel, provisions (Advanced Provision Allowance or APA for motor yachts), crew services and insurance may further affect costs.

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