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Yacht charter Croatia

The Croatian coastline may be among some of the most indented that can be found in the Mediterranean with a coastline expanding to more than 6,000km. Research about this coastline will tell you about the beautiful beaches, the sheer cliffs, secret caves, and its natural bays that are set against the sparkling azure waters.

Croatia has it all when it comes to its waters; you will never lack a beautiful scenery to capture your gaze, and the sailing options are exquisite. The site is about two hours from London and is relatively affordable with proper safety precautions exercised both in and out of the sea. There are even sailing schools that you can go to and learn a thing or two about sailing if you’re interested. There are yachts and motorboats that you can hire if, in any case, you happen to have a skipper with you on your trip to the Croatian coastline. High rollers and the filthy rich have the opportunity to hire luxury yachts that are fully crewed.

The Croatian coastline has over 78 reefs that are coupled with over 1,000 individual islands that you can explore whenever you feel like and have the time of your life. There were discussions to create handy guides for the tourists visiting the Croatian coastline and sea aboard a superyacht.

Visiting Croatia on a superyacht: the climate and its attractions

If you do your research right, you will realize that Croatia is by now not just another cheaper alternative to Italy as before, but the country is building a name for itself and becoming a nautical charter and a tourism destination site in its own right. Yacht charter Croatia has evolved to become one of the most desirable locations in the world for yachts and sun worshipers alike to visit.

While Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, and Dubrovnik still hold the title for the country’s nightlife, eateries, even shopping, you will notice the many other beautiful sceneries that the country has to offer along the coastline. The unique hideouts and secret islands that are waiting for you to explore and escape the crowds. Why not just hide out with the beautiful and scenic landscapes away from all the stresses of life? Be one with nature.

What to see; what to do in Croatia?

Research will also show you that only about 65 of the 1,000 islands on the coastline of Croatia are inhabited continuously. These islands spread across about 3,300sq km. Now that’s a lot of seas to cover on your Croatia yacht charter.


These islands are located at the center of Hvar town on the Venetian charm. During peak seasons, the islands draw over 20,000 tourists daily, the rich and famous included. Hvar is also home to lots of unspoiled sites as well as unhurried towns like Grad, Stari, Jelsa, and Vrboska. These towns offer secluded spots that you will want to explore as a yacht charter in Croatia. Mountain biking is also a yes on this island and hiking. You can even go on sea-kayaking trips in Hvar.


Vis was formally a military spot that was inaccessible to any foreigners until 1989. This was the year yachties discovered the island, and since then, it has become one of the most beautiful islands to visit in Croatia. The island is furthest from the Croatian mainland with beautiful heritage sites, culture, beaches, and tantalizing traditions. If you intend to swim in the sea while on your tour, then the Srebrna Bay is the place for you in Vis.


Rab has over thirty sand beaches. Veli Mel is one of the most popular beaches here, which is always packed sometimes between June and September. Visitors, however, still get to enjoy the beauty that comes with having a yacht when visiting this island to explore the many uncommercialized beaches that line Rab’s Northern shore. You will also see many beautiful medieval stone buildings on the island with four of the most elegant Roman church bell towers.

Digi Otok

The island is less than a mile wide in places, but is still the seventh largest of the Dalmatian collection. Digi Otok is a popular site for families with the picturesque villages, the white sandy beaches that are collided with the rugged terrain, the evergreen hues in the crystal blue water. There is a lot of culture and history on the island, in its buildings let alone the fishing traditions. Most of the tourism and marine businesses are done on the Sali beach on the island which lies on the island’s Northeast coast.

Elaphiti islands (Elaphites)

The island lies in the Dubrovnik region. The Elaphites has a hilly terrain with quaint villages that are peppered everywhere along the islands’ coastline. The chain of this island is known to be pretty easy to explore. So, have a go at it and take out on a yacht charter to the Elaphites.

Lastovo island

The island has about 46 small isles and reefs and is surrounded by the purest, turquoise waters you will ever find in the Mediterranean. The island offers some of the most beautiful spots for diving sports. If you’re a diver, then here is the place to start with while in Croatia. The downside is that there is no Wi-Fi here, but who needs Wi-Fi when you have this picturesque island town to explore with all the history and sites to steal all your interests. There are natural parks on the island where you will find some of the best of secluded Croatia.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

This is the country’s biggest single natural attraction found in the inland of the Croatian mainland. The park as a forest reserve comprised of more than 16-terraced lakes that are linked by a couple of falling waterfalls. These waterfalls cascade over 158m of the park. You will enjoy all the many hiking trails and walks that you can do in the park across all the waterways. You can even take the ferry from lake Kozjak to the upper lakes. In the park, you will notice that the Veliki Slap waterfall is the highest with a height of about 78m. Many organized tour guides and excursions have been put in the park you guide tourists around the park.


This is a beautiful Croatian fishing port that has a picturesque skyline. Rovinj boasts to be the star attraction of the Istria region. The hilltop church of the St Euphemia is the landmark that defines the old town. You will see many beautifully colored houses in Rovinj that are tumbling down to the seafront. Even so, you will realize the numerous cobbled streets that are waiting for you to explore with 14 more islands that are lying just off the mainland.

Visiting Croatia aboard a yacht

The best time that you will want to be visiting Croatia on a yacht charter will be during the European summer period. This is the time when the peak cruising window will go for over six months. The Croatian coastline stretches over 6,000km which enables the country to be split into three different climatic regions where the coastline experiences more of a typical Mediterranean climate.

Between April and September, the summer months, the sailors in the region will experience low humidity, warm sunshine and high temperatures of between 26 and 30°C along the coastal line. During the winter period, you will realize temperature drops of between 5 and 10°C.

During the winter period, you will notice more apparent differences in temperature between the northern and southern regions of the country. The average temperature for the summer period will be 26°C and just a month later; this will fall to about 18°C. The southern region will, however, have a steady 22°C temperature during this time.

How do you find a yacht?

If you plan on taking a tour in Croatia, then it would be best to book in advance a skippered yacht. Who knows, you may even learn a few yachting skills during this time. But the main purpose of booking a skippered yacht charter is for you to have enough time on your hands to take in the beautiful sceneries and landscapes of the Croatian coastline.

Your yacht skipper will be your guide throughout the whole trip on the yacht. The skipper will guide you to the most beautiful places, hidden sceneries, and even warn of the different weather patterns in the coastline. If you plan to be free to enjoy your holiday, then you may even consider hiring a host or hostess to deal with all the cleaning and cooking.

What to expect on-board A Croatia Yacht Charter?

As a tourist, you need to know that not all yachts will have the same operations, features, and services. They will all vary in pretty much everything. Most yacht companies will try to include all the levels of comfort in the yacht. You need to ensure that you have explored all the different yachts that are available for booking and go for the one you think will best suit your needs during your trip.

Choosing your boat

As a traveler, you will need to do sufficient research before you head out to choose the boat that you will book. There are a lot of factors that will determine the type of boat that you book. Factors like your budget, preferred sailing style, and group size will all determine the type of boat that you will book. The boats usually range from the basic sailboats to luxury motor yachts. They can also be chartered with fully-staffed crew members of independently.

You need to ensure you inquire about the age of the boat you are about to book. Many boats tend to start getting worn out after about five years at sea. You will have more space and comfort with newer boats while older boats also cost less. So, the boat type that you will go for will depend on a lot of things.

Sailboat ($2,000-$5,000/week)

Sailboats can hold between 2-8 people at a time. It is the most common boat that is booked and is good for couples and active travelers. These types of boats offer the best sailing experience and usually vary in size from 30 to 50 feet.

Available sailboats for charter in Croatia.

Catamaran Charter ($5,000-$12,000/week)

Catamarans also hold between 2-8 people. The boat is relatively stable and offers smooth-sailing compared to a conventional sailboat. These types of boat size between 38 and 62 feet and average about $8,000/week.

Available catamarans for charter in Croatia.

Gullet ($5,000-$20,000/week)

Gulets can hold between 8 and 20 people at a time. They are the best for larger groups, and most of them have six cabins with four crew members on board. The length varies between 60 and 100 feet.

Available gulets for charter in Croatia.

Motor yacht ($5,000-$20,000/week)

6-8 people can fit in motoryachts at a time. The motor yacht is built you to have a luxurious experience. These boats have four cabins, but this usually depends on the lengths of the boat which ranges between 30 and 50 feet. The most expensive prices of these boats are luxury yachts and can go up to between $100,000 and $300,000/week.

Available motor yachts for charter in Croatia.

Available luxury yachts for charter in Croatia.

Additional fees

Besides the price that you will have for the boat charter, you will also have to include these prices; the skipper fees, fuel, security deposit, docking fees, crew, and boat cleaning.

Day activities

Some of the day activities you can try out when on your trip include sea kayaking along the island coves, wine tasting tours, paddle boarding, culture tours, and mountain biking.


Sleeping and meals

You will need a place to sleep after all the exploring. Most people prefer to sleep on the boats. Here is where you will need to have an experienced skipper to find the best docking coves for the boat to rest after a long day’s work.

When to go

Busy season (June-September)

This is usually the main sailing season period when the water is warm, and you have high temperatures. During this time, temperatures can go up to 40°C.

Shoulder season (during April, May, and October)

Usually, the official sailing season runs from April to October. The weather may not be as hot as the busy season, but it is ideal enough for a good time and experience on the coastline of Croatia.

Day trips

You can also try out the day sailing trips in Croatia where you can visit nearby islands and visit historic towns.

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